Skies Over Milton, February Edition

By Peter Forrester | February 3, 2019

Here are your skywatching events for the month of February. Happy viewing! I hope you will take advantage of a few warm days we have coming up to get out there and look at the stars.


Friday, February 1: Moon near Venus (morning).

Saturday, February 2: Moon near Saturn (morning).


Monday, February 4: New Moon at 4:04 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Tuesday, February 5: Moon at farthest from Earth, 4:00 PM.

Sunday, February 10: Moon near Mars at 5 PM.

Tuesday, February 12: First Quarter Moon at 5:26 PM.

Wednesday, February 13: Moon near the Pleiades star cluster, 6:00 AM.

Monday, February 18: Venus near Saturn, 8:00 AM.

Tuesday, February 19: Moon at closest to Earth, 3:51 AM. Also Full Moon at 10:54 AM.

Tuesday, February 26: Last Quarter Moon at 6:28 AM. Also Mercury furthest from the Sun in the sky, 8:00 PM. Note that this planet can only be seen with the naked eye for a brief period during morning or evening twilight, as it never gets far from the Sun. On this occasion it is only 18 degrees away from the Sun.

Wednesday, February 27: Moon near Jupiter, 11:00 AM.

Not all of these events will be visible in Milton, depending on when the daylight occurs. For more information, and additional events, see the Skymaps link below.

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Author: Peter Forrester

I have been interested in astronomy and stargazing for many years, and now delight to offer some of my learning to others through my weekly blog posts.

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