Rochester’s Pink Cadillac Diner Closes

By S.D. Plissken | May 17, 2018

The Pink Cadillac Diner (at 17 Farmington Road (Exit 15)) in Rochester closed Monday, May 14, after 17 years (it opened in December 2001).

The owner posted a farewell to the diner’s Facebook page on the afternoon of May 14:

It is with a heavy heart that we must confirm the closing of the Pink Cadillac Diner.

To our dedicated and exceptional staff that stood by us every day, we cant express enough sorrow or gratitude for every day, every ounce you had, every laugh and every milestone we got to be apart of. Thank you for giving us more than we ever could have asked for. We are here for whatever you may need, please reach out.

To our customers, past, present, near & far, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to serve you over the last 17 years. You have all become friends and family; you have been there for us and we have had the ultimate privilege of being there for you.

We are saddened to have to make this decision but please know, we are dealing with the loss as well. If you care to reach out, we will do our best to accommodate in any way we can.

Again, thank you all for everything. We love you, thank you.

The owner gave no reasons for the closure, which appears to have been rather sudden. He had been advertising for additional help as late as March 22. The closure was announced in the late afternoon. Most (but not all) of the staff were informed by telephone. The diner did not open the following morning.

The Pink Cadillac is the third Rochester restaurant to close recently. Mel Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Café (at 50 North Main Street) closed back in January, and Gary’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge (at 38 Milton Street (Route 125)) will close on Friday, May 25, both due to their owners’ respective health issues.

It worth noting that, in several respects, the Pink Cadillac Diner at Exit 15 in Rochester was exactly what is always being put forward as a panacea for Exit 17 in Milton.


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