No Thru-Trucking Hearings Scheduled

By S.D. Plissken | November 30, 2018

The Milton Board of Selectmen (BOS) will hold Public Hearings, on the Proposed Public Ordinance in regards to ‘No Through-Trucking’ signage at the Emma Ramsey Center on Monday, December 3rd, and Monday, December 17th, at 7:00 PM.

The signs are to be placed on Governors Road, Hare Road, and Nute Road. They are intended to prevent tandem logging trucks from traveling on those roads on their way “through” to Middleton Lumber.

Imagine those tandem logging trucks turning around on NH Routes 75, 125, and 153, in order to comply. Other heavy trucks, belonging to residents of those roads, will continue to pass there.

On the advice of Chief Krauss, the original $1,000 fine has been adapted to a graduated sequence of $250, $500, and then $1,000. The Chief did not believe a judge would impose a $1,000 penalty for a first offence. He has mentioned also that enforcement will be difficult.

Who, what, where, and when. And now, the why.

This is a pretty much a done deal. Chairman Thibeault has expressed misgivings, but Selectman Lucier is bound and determined and split BOS votes are exceedingly rare. The purpose of these hearings is merely to satisfy a State requirement that there Shall be Two Public Hearings prior to passage of any Ordinance.

Do not expect to be heard at the “hearing” in the word’s plain sense that the BOS will actually pay much attention to opposing arguments. One might speak against it, but whatever is said will fall on deaf ears.


Town of Milton. (n.d.). Notice of Public Hearing. Retrieved from


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