NH SB 154 Amended

By S.D. Plissken | April 26, 2019

A legislative correspondent informs us that New Hampshire Senate Bill 154 (2019), which is principally concerned with creating a tax credit for workforce housing, has had an unrelated section inserted into it:

4. Town of Milton; Authorization to Sell Property. Notwithstanding RSA 41:14-a, II(c), the town of Milton is hereby authorized to sell property located at 460 White Mountain Highway, known as “the old fire station,” which has been listed for sale with a real estate broker in order to satisfy the requirements of the division of charitable trusts, department of justice.

The relevant part of RSA 41:14-a to be notwithstood:

RSA 41:14-a,

II. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the sale of and the selectmen shall have no authority to sell:

(c) Any real estate that has been given, devised, or bequeathed to the town for charitable or community purposes except as provided in RSA 498:4-a or RSA 547:3-d.


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Author: S.D. Plissken

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