Article #24: A Safety Guide Rail

By S.D. Plissken | March 9, 2020

If one takes the kiddies down to the Hilltop Fun Center (“Seacoast’s Largest Attraction Center!”) in Somersworth, they might drive a Go-Kart on one of the four Go-Kart Tracks. Of course, for safety’s sake, the child must have reached certain heights for this Go-Kart or that Go-Kart, the minimum being that they must be able to reach the pedals.

And beyond those minimum age and size requirements, the tracks themselves are equipped with a “Complete rail system” that runs down the center of the trackway. The Go-Karts have their left-side wheels on one side of this center guide rail and their right-side wheels on the other side. This rail system is intended to keep the Go-Karts on the track, regardless of where its inexperienced driver might steer. (The more advanced Go-Kart tracks are bounded by rubber barriers on either side of the trackway). It would cease to be “Fun” if the Go-Karts crashed into each other, ran off the track, or even flipped over.

In the matter of Milton’s Town taxation, our officials ran off the track and into a ditch quite some time ago. And they have shown little inclination to get back on the right track, a sustainable one.

Fortunately, the Milton Taxpayers’ Association (MTA) has devised a “rail system” to keep our officials on the track. Officials will no doubt continue to veer wildly back and forth, but will be less able to flip the Go-Kart, run into a ditch, or even cross onto other tracks where they might crash into our homes and livelihoods.

The MTA gathered and filed sufficient signatures to put their safety “rail system” – a Tax Cap – on the ballot.

Article 24: Adoption of a Tax Cap (Submitted by Petition)

Shall we adopt the provisions of RSA 32:5-b, and implement a tax cap whereby the governing body (or budget committee) shall not submit a recommended budget that increases the amount to be raised by local taxes, based on the prior fiscal year’s actual amount of local taxes raised, by more than the lesser amount of (a) 2%; or (b) the percentage by which the U.S. Consumer Price Index – All Urban Consumers for the Northeast, published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (“the index”) as of the month of January of each year, increased, if any, over the index for the month of January of the immediately-preceding year (3/5 Majority Vote Required).

Not recommended by the Board of Selectmen (0,3,0).

Such measures are in place already in most New Hampshire cities. Milton is not a city, but its Town government seems strangely to have urban aspirations, especially as regards increasing itself beyond all reason, and in perpetually increasing taxes to sustain that aggrandized government.

The Milton Board of Selectmen, in unanimously not recommending this measure have, in effect, given it the very highest recommendation possible.


Hilltop Fun Center. (2020). 4 Go-Kart Tracks. Retrieved from

Author: S.D. Plissken

I thought he'd be taller.

One thought on “Article #24: A Safety Guide Rail”

  1. I like how you cited a reference for the Hiltop Fun Center’s Rookie Racers, just in case anyone fact-checked you on that.


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