Wakefield Pro-Division Renunciation – November 1820

By Muriel Bristol | May 22, 2022

Here one may find a supplementary Wakefield pro-division renunciation, dated November 1, 1820. These petitioners regretted their signing an earlier petition in favor of dividing the southern part of Wakefield and northern part of Milton and combining them as a new town.

We the subscribers, Inhabitants of Wakefield and legal voters, having unadvisedly signed a petition to disannex the southerly part of Wakefield from Said Town, and to annex the same to the northerly part of Milton to be incorporated into a Separate Town, on a reflection and decidedly of an opinion that such a division would not be of benefit of those inhabiting the new contemplated town and would materially injure the town of Wakefield and would be a damage to our property.

Therefore we beg the Honorable Legislature to consider us as opposed to said division.

Wakefield, Novr 1, 1820.

[Column 1:] Daniel Smith 3d, John Brooks, Zachariah Knox, John Knox, Benjamin Bideford, James Shepard, John Dore, Benjamin Dore, John Campnell, David Campernell, Spencer Wentworth,

[Column 2:] Jacob Welch, Simeon Philbrick, Daniel Young, John Roberts, Joseph Welch, Thomas Cook, Charles Bickford, Jeremiah Wiggin, Samuel Anies, Daniel M.D. Smith, Joseph Nason, Simeon Hanson, Israel Wiggin, Abner S. Ellice, John Thompson, James Thompson.

(See also Milton Militia Dispute – 1820 and Wakefield Anti-Division Remonstrances – June 1820).


NH Department of State. (n.d.). New Hampshire, Government Petitions, 1700-1826: Box 47: 1819-1820

Author: Muriel Bristol

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