Milton in the News – 1827

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | December 6, 2018

The Federal government established some new Post Road routes between post offices by an act of Congress in early 1827.

The Vermont Republican and American Journal newspaper published as news, in April 1827, the Congressional act that established a Maine route that took in Milton Mills, NH. It ran from Alfred, ME, to Shapleigh, ME, East Parish, to Shapleigh, ME, Emery’s Mills, to Shapleigh, ME, West Parish, to Milton Mills, NH, and finally terminated in Lebanon, ME.

Having established the route, the Federal government would next have put it out to bid. The low bidder would have won a contract to transport the mail to the post offices along the designated route and then return along that same route to the start. This was not a daily affair, but more likely a weekly run at this time. The contracts had generally a two-year term.

(Publick No. 22.) An Act to establish sundry Post Roads. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post roads:

[Extracted from a lengthy list of Post Road routes]

IN MAINE. From Bangor, by Dutton, Kirkland, and Blakesburg, to Boyleston Mills; from Freeman, by New Vineyard, to Farmington; from Dixfield to Weld; from Belfast, by Knox, Freedom, and Hussey’s Mills, to Albion from Guilford, by Abbot, and Monson, to Hashelltown; from Winthrop, by Readfield and Bellegrade, to Waterville; from Alfred, by Shapleigh East Parish, Emery’s Mills, Shapleigh West Parish, and Milton Mills, to Lebanon, in place or the present route from Alfred to Lebanon; from Bethel, by Greenwood, to Norway; from East Machias to Cooper; from Augusta by Waterville back meeting-house, and Schowheaganfalls, to Norridgewock (Vermont Republican and American Journal, April 7, 1827).

John Nutter held the office of Milton Mills postmaster at this time.

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Author: Muriel Bristol

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