Milton’s NHES Community Profile – 2018

By Muriel Bristol | December 17, 2018

New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) produced an update to its Milton statistics in its NH Community Profiles in March 2018. Most of its figures were updated to June 2017, while some were based still upon figures from the prior profile.

It included US Census Bureau figures, which estimated Milton’s population at 4,591 inhabitants as of 2016. This would be an decline of 0.3% from the 4,606 inhabitants estimated in 2015.

Milton’s net population has not increased significantly since the 2010 census, when it had 4,598 inhabitants.

238 (5.2%) of Milton’s 4,591 inhabitants were aged under 5 years of age, 866 (18.9%) were aged 5-19 years of age, 830 (18.1%) were aged 20-34, 1,157 (25.2%) were aged 34-54 years of age, 929 (20.2%) were aged 55-64 years of age, and 571 (12.4%) were aged 65 years of age or over. There were 2,279 males (49.6%) and 2,312 (50.4%) females. The median age was 43.6 years (an increase of 1.2% over that stated in the prior year).

Milton had 2,040 housing units in 2016, a decline of 0.9%. Single-Family Units, Detached or Attached accounted for 1,557 (76.3%) of them, Mobile Homes (and Other Housing Units) accounted for 304 (14.9%), 2-4 Unit Multi-family Structures, i.e., apartment buildings, accounted for 61 (3.0%), and 5-or-more Unit Multi-family Structures accounted for 118 (5.8%) housing units.

This represented a slight decline in both number and proportion of Single Family Units and a slight increase in both number and proportion of Mobile Homes and Multi-Family Structures.

By computation, the average Milton housing unit sheltered 2.3 inhabitants, an increase of 0.1 inhabitants.

Milton’s single largest employer by far was the Milton town government, whose 247 employees (132 Municipal Services and 115 Education) made up 11.0% of the 2,250 employed inhabitants. Next largest was Index Packaging with 157 employees, Eastern Boats with 38 employees, Iron Mountain with 20 employees, and ProLine with 13 employees. (Note: none of these employer figures appear to have been updated from 2017, except the number of employed inhabitants).

Most of Milton’s Working Residents (88.0%) commuted to employment out of town, an increase of 0.5%. Most of them (77.9%) commuted to another NH community, while some (10.1%) commuted to employment out of state. The mean travel time increased to 32.1 minutes. Only 12.0% worked in Milton.

Some 124 inhabitants (5.4%) were unemployed in 2015. This had declined to 73 inhabitants (3.1%) by 2016.

The Per Capita income was $28,403 in 2016 (a decrease of 15.2% over the previous year’s $33,495). The Median Family income was $72,226 and the Median Household income was $65,679. Individuals below the poverty level were 6.7% of the population, a decrease of 2.1%.

See also Milton’s NH Employment Security (NHES) Community Profile – 2017


New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES). (2018, March). New Hampshire Community Profiles. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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