Milton and Frolic Haven – 1925-37

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 25, 2019

Dance pavilions became a popular attraction from the mid-1920’s. The Bay View pavilion at Alton Bay in Alton, NH, opened in 1924, the Pineland Park (later Frolic Haven) pavilion in Milton, opened in or around 1925, Rand’s pavilion at Meaderboro Corner in Rochester, NH, opened in 1929, the York Beach Casino, the Riverside pavilion in Portland, ME, and there were likely others too.

These dance pavilions were seasonal affairs, open usually between May and October. (Stephen Lynch of the Lynch Brothers’ Bay View pavilion did run a series of winter dances in the Farmington Town Hall over the winter of 1931-32).

Bay View Pavilion
The original Bay View Pavilion, at Alton Bay, NH. prior to the fire of March 1930

Alton’s Bay View Pavilion was a two-story building whose footprint measured 100 feet by 75 feet. It had a dance hall, a soda grill, and scores of booths. It also had a moving picture playhouse, with three projectors. This edifice burned to the ground on Sunday, March 2, 1930, which likely resulted in an increase of customers for Frolic Haven, at least until Bay View’s one-story replacement was erected.

Milton’s Pineland Park Pavilion would seem to have begun with the 1925 season, as the first printed notices of 1926 mention the prior season as having been a quiet one and that a new owner and manager had taken over the pavilion. It was originally called the Pineland Park pavilion, but took on the name Frolic Haven, or Frolic Haven at Pineland Park, in a naming contest of June 1927.

Dances mentioned included the Black Bottom, the Charleston, the Monkey Dance, foxtrots, and waltzes. One supposes also the Lindy Hop, especially after a Lindbergh Night, but it was not specifically mentioned.

Named orchestras were Carl Broggi and His Palm Beach Orchestra (of Sanford, ME), Joe Carlo’s Royal Serenaders, Alfred L. “Al” Colby’s Orchestra (of Rochester, NH), Orin M. Edney’s Star Orchestra (of Rochester, NH), Everett E. “Vick” Firth and His Orchestra (of Sanford, ME), the Foss Singing Orchestra (of Dover, NH), Billy French and His Orchestra (of Rochester, NH), Al Hodgdon’s Orchestra, Kent Jackson’s Orchestra, Kent Jackson and His Hot Travelers, Loretta LaBonte and the Ten Nevadans Orchestra, McEnnelly’s Orchestra, Ed McQuillan’s Orchestra, the Melody Boys (of Sanford, ME), the Metronome Orchestra, the Midnight Revelers (of Farmington, NH), Ted Pierce, Roane’s Pennsylvanians, Paul Ross’ Orchestra, Ross and His Gang, Val Reno’s Orchestra, and Bobby Williams and His Broadway Troubadors.

Guy H. Chamberlin – 1926

PINELAND PARK PAVILION MILTON. The opening of Pineland Park at Milton Three Ponds, under the new management of Guy H. Chamberlin, was a big success, after its quiet season last year. The Charleston contest prize for the gentlemen was carried away by Mr. Hurd of East Rochester, son of Garfield Hurd, the reporter. Mr. Hurd has some fine stunts in his dance and is a very good imitator of the southern Charleston. The ladies contest was a big whiz and the money was in Miss Katherine Trafton’s hand at the end of the dance. Miss Bertha Beaudoin of Sanford, Me., was second and challenged Miss Trafton to a return contest next Saturday, June 26, at Pineland Pavilion (Farmington New, June 25, 1926).

PINELAND PARK PAVILION. Guy H. Chamberlin, who recently purchased Pineland Park Pavilion, is creating a sensation with his dances at this well known resort on the shore of the ponds at Milton His weekly program of dances has been changed to Wednesday and Friday nights and on every date some novelty feature will be produced. This Friday evening, July 2, a real live baby with light hair and blue eyes will be given to the holder of the lucky ticket. Orrin Edney’s Star orchestra will furnish music (Farmington News, July 2, 1926).

[Orchestra leader] Orin M. Edney, a woolen mill spinner, aged thirty-six years (b. CO), headed a Rochester, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of eleven years), Helen M. [(Mills)] Edney, aged thirty-two years (b. ME). Orin M. Edney owned their house at 19 Green Street, which was valued at $2,000. They had a radio set.

PINELAND PARK PAVILLION SOLD. Pineland Park Pavilion, the well-known dance resort on the shore of Town House pond in Milton, has been sold to the Lynch Brothers, owners and manager of Bay View Pavilion at Alton Bay. Transfer of the property to this reliable source is a guarantee of success for another season for whatever disposition the Lynch Brothers make of their acquisition, the public may rely on the grade of entertainment it will furnish, as anything undertaken by the well-known management of Bay View Pavilion is guaranteed as thoroughly reliable and of the highest order. Between now and next Spring quite extensive improvements are likely to be made at Pineland. However, it is assured that a general cleaning up will take place on the premises and throughout the lovely grove so that absolute sanitation will be observed (Farmington News, November 12, 1926).

Stephen P. Lynch, a grocery store proprietor, aged forty-one years (b. NH), headed an Alton, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of two years), Helen F. Lynch, aged thirty-five years (b. MA), his brothers, Martin A. Lynch, a grocery store proprietor, aged thirty-eight years (b. NH), and Daniel J. Lynch, a grocery store clerk, aged forty-eight years (b. NH), and his boarder, Mary J. Willette, a tea shop proprietor, aged thirty-four years (b. Austria). Stephen P. Lynch owned their house, which was valued at $3,500. They had a radio set. Mary J. Willette was an alien, who had immigrated in 1911.

Clark H. Morrell – 1927-28

On Saturday, June 4, 1927, the existing dance pavilion at Pineland Park in Milton opened under new management, that of C.H. Morrell of Fall River, MA.

PINELAND PARK. C.H. Morrell, owner and manager of Pineland Park and its beautiful grove property at Milton, announces a gala dance and costume party at the pavilion on Saturday evening, June 4. Every kind of character is expected to be represented and valuable prizes will be awarded for the best and funniest costumes. Saturday evening, June 11, the management is featuring “Gift Night,” which will be a novel sensation on the New England dance circuit. The pavilion opened last Saturday night with a big swing of popularity and a large patronage. Carnival novelties and noise-makers added much to the gaiety of the occasion and the balloon elimination dance for which season tickets were awarded to the winning couple, was a big hit. The new name contest also elicited much interest and over 50 names were submitted. The announcement of the new name for Pineland will be made next Saturday. Improvements to the property and novel ideas that will appear in the programs will offer patrons something entirely new every week (Farmington News, June 3, 1927).

Charles Tanner of Milton won $10 in a naming contest for his entry of “Frolic Haven.”

Frolic Haven - FN270610.pngNEW FROLIC HAVEN PINELAND PARK. By the announcement of the winner of the new name contest and the award of a new $10 gold piece to Charles Tanner of Milton, last Saturday night, Pineland Park succeeded to the new title of “Frolic Haven,” under which banner every indication points to success under the administration of its new owner, C.H. Morrell of Fall River, Mass. Despite bad weather, last Saturday night furnished a large crowd. Music was excellent and everyone indulged in a good time. Costumes did much to enliven the occasion and prizes were awarded for the prettiest and most ridiculous. Next Saturday evening patrons may be assured of some surprise features. Go to Frolic Haven for the best of associations and a good time (Farmington News, [Friday,] June 10, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN. Saturday evening, June 25, will be “Lindbergh Night” at Frolic Haven and a big novelty program of dancing will be in order. Come and match your dancing with the cleverness and speed of the national hero and the “Spirit of St. Louis.” Those who patronize Frolic Haven may be assured of some special novelty feature every Saturday evening and from time to time complete surprises will be sprung that are guaranteed to furnish some of the cleanest and most wholesome amusement to be found. Lucky number dances last Saturday night went to Norman Trafton of Union and Miss Gladys Moore of Farmington (Farmington News, June 17, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven at Pineland Park in Milton has everything ready for Lindbergh night. The Spirit of St. Louis and Lindbergh will be in the air and this night in their honor is calling you to join in merrymaking. Frolic Haven will start the summer schedule Wednesday evening, June 29, after which date the public will be entertained with special frolic nights every Wednesday and Friday. Next Wednesday, Al Hodgdon’s orchestra will furnish music for dancing and there is no end to the good time planned. The Fourth of July will be ushered in with a celebration that will start at 12 p.m. midnight. There will be peppy music and a peppy time for a peppy crowd. Let nothing keep you away from Frolic Haven for the big frolic (Farmington News, June 24, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN, PINELAND PARK. Frolic Haven will provide its patrons with a big thrill on Friday evening, July 1, with another of its regular dance programs and peppy music by Al Hodgdon’s orchestra. A special holiday frolic will start at 12.15 a.m., July 4th, and continue until daybreak. All the patriots will join this dance. Dancing every Wednesday and Friday evening during the summer. Ladies week will be observed with the events of Wednesday, July 6, and Friday, July 8. On these dates all lady patrons will be admitted free. Plenty of partners are guaranteed (Farmington News, July 1, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven features for Saturday evening, August 13, are old-fashioned and rotary dancing with good music by Foss Singing orchestra of Dover. This program will provide a fun fest for old and young and no lover of music and dancing should miss it (Farmington News, August 12, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN. At the popular dance at Frolic Haven Friday evening, September 2, one of the features will be a black-bottom exhibition by Alice Demers. Saturday, February [September] 3, will provide a dance that will attract young and old. Modern and old-time dances will be accompanied by a confetti battle and there will be a generally gala time. Labor day will be ushered in by a midnight dance that will open with a confetti jubilee, with all the fixings, at 12.05 a.m. and continue until 4 a.m. Not often do we have a week-end holiday and this occasion will be a big time for Milton Three Ponds and vicinity (Farmington News, September 2, 1927).

FROLIC HAVEN. This popular dance and camp resort at Milton Three Ponds, which enjoyed such a successful season under the management of C.H. Morrell last year, will open this Friday evening, June 29, with a big welcome dance, to be followed Saturday, June 30, with another dance date, both of which should recall all the old patrons and bring some new ones. Many improvements have been made at the pavilion and the Metronome orchestra has been secured to furnish music for the season. July 4 will be a big date at Frolic Haven. Double header dance from 8 p.m. till daylight July 3 and 4. The summer schedule dates are every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening. Do not miss the fun at Frolic Haven (Farmington News, June 29, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN, MILTON 3 PONDS. SERIES BEAUTY CONTEST. STARTING FRIDAY JULY 13TH. Seven Nights, Seven Queens, Seven Towns. Concluding with Carnival Celebration. See the First One, New and Old Dances, Every Saturday Night. Two Ladies Admitted on One Ladies’ Ticket Wednesday Nights. General Admission 50¢. C.H. Morrell, Proprietor (Farmington News, July 13, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. The grand beauty contest being conducted under the auspices of this popular resort was ushered in last Friday evening with “Rochester Night,” and a large crowd of dance fans witnessed the rivalry of several candidates for the election of :Miss Rochester.” The honor was won by Miss Mildred Emerson, 152 Charles street of that city, who not only carried off the title, but the valuable prizes contributed by 17 Rochester merchants. The opening of the contest was a big hit and dancing was of the peppiest order imaginable. This Friday evening, July 20, will be “Sanford Night,” and already merchants of Sanford and Springvale are enrolling for the contribution of prizes, and patrons of Frolic Haven are boosting their favorites. The campaigns for the selection of beauty queens have spread to the towns of Milton, Sanbornville, Dover, Somersworth and Farmington, all of which will be successfully represented in this big contest Friday evening, August 31, the contest will culminate with the selection of “Miss Frolic Haven,” who will be chosen from among the ensemble of seven beauty queens (Farmington News, July 20, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. Advertising is out announcing Farmington night at Frolic Haven, Milton Three Ponds, Friday, July 27. On this date Miss Farmington will be chosen to compete with the seven other beauty queens in the grand carnival contest for the title of Miss Frolic Haven on August 31. Merchants of this town have come to the fore and offered several valuable prizes that will be awarded in addition to the title of Miss Farmington, and it is up to Farmington people to turn out on this date and boost their favorites. These contest are proving the hit of the pavilion season and Frolic Haven is miles ahead of all others in this particular. Friday night should be the big local date of the season and dance fans should register in full numbers. Good music and other features will be down on a program calculated to give all patrons a good time (Farmington News, July 27, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. On Farmington night at Frolic Haven, Milton Three Ponds, last Friday night, Miss Diane Fisher was awarded the honor of beauty queen and drew the title of “Miss Farmington,” together with the valuable prizes offered by Farmington merchants. Despite the bad weather, this dance resort that has come tremendously to the fore with its series of unique beauty contests, was packed and several local candidates were on the floor. The trick balloon feature was one of the big hits of the evening. Already three queens have been selected in the series of seven Friday night contests. This Friday night will be Sanbornville night. On Friday night, August 31, the grand finale of the contest will be staged with an elaborate carnival ball and from among the seven beauty queens, “Miss Frolic Haven” will be chosen and awarded a beautifully engraved loving cup (Farmington News, August 3, 1928).

This same page had also an advertisement for an August 15 afternoon appearance at the Dover Opera House by Lt. Commander John Phillip Sousa and His Band. Tickets were $1.50, $1.00, and, for the second balcony, 75¢.

FROLIC HAVEN. Last Friday night featured another big success in the Frolic Haven beauty contest. The date was Sanbornvllle night and the title of “Miss Sanbornville” went to Miss Olida Dyer of that town, who is the popular waitress at the Central House in Farmington. Next Friday will be Milton night. Beauty queens already chosen and their followers will be present and may be identified by silk sashes. The campaign is on for the selection of “Miss Frolic Haven” and each town is anxious that its candidate should be elected, to this honor (Farmington News, August 10, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. This Friday evening, August 17, at Frolic Haven will be Milton night and in the selection of a beauty queen to represent this locality, Milton Mills and West Lebanon will be included. Interest in the contest is growing as the final event of the season. “Frolic Haven night” on August 31, approaches. At that time “Miss Frolic Haven” will be chosen from among the seven beauty queens and will be presented with a beautiful loving cup. In addition to the attraction of the beauty contest this Friday, a large number of balloons will be liberated during the dancing. Some of these balloons will contain dollar bills and there will be a mad scramble in order that everyone may secure a balloon The management will not be stingy in preparing the balloons, so it is assured that several patrons will secure a prize. As usual, good music and a good time will be guaranteed (Farmington News, August 17, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven at Milton Three Ponds has become a great social center and every engagement calls larger numbers of dance fans and those who enjoy the features that the management presents. On Wednesday night balloons and other novelties contributed to a Novelty night that was rich in color and gaiety. This Friday night features the seventh night in the series of beauty contests and on this occasion the queen of Dover will be chosen. Dover night will be the last contest before the grand finale, Carnival night on August 31, when “Miss Frolic Haven” will be named from among the seven queens already carrying the honors for their towns (Farmington News, August 24, 1928).

FROLIC HAVEN. This Friday evening Frolic Haven chooses its title queen for the season 1928. Carnival novelties will be among the features Friday night. August 31 will be the biggest resort feature date in southern New Hampshire. Don’t miss it. The 1928 carnival frolic will be held on the holiday beginning at five minutes after midnight and continuing until 4 o’clock Monday morning with a big dance and a greased pig contest. Join the big parade, all roads will lead to Frolic Haven on that date. Frolic Haven will remain open for Saturday evening dances and possible feature dates until further notice (Farmington News, August 31, 1928).

Clark Hibbard Morrell was born in Rochester, NH, July 2, 1891. son of Charles H. and Minnie E. (Hibbard) Morrell.

Clark H. Morrell, a Navy Yard machinist, aged twenty-eight years (b. NH), headed a Kittery, ME, household at the time of the Fourteenth (1920) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Gladys H. [(Durgin)] Morrell, aged twenty-five years (b. ME), and his daughter, Dorothy E. Morrell, aged five years (b. ME). They resided in a rented house on Whipple Road.

Clark H. Morrell (with his wife Gladys H.) appeared in the Fitchburg, MA, city directory of 1925, as a teacher at the State Normal School, with a house at 531 North street.

Clark H. Morrell died in Bradenton, FL, September 28, 1974.

THREATENING FIRE AT ALTON BAY. Departments Of Four Cities Towns Called To Fight Blaze. Alton, March 3. – The Bayview Pavilion, a dance hall overlooking Alton Bay, a mile from here, was destroyed by flames last evening in a fire of unknown origin. The postoffice, a hotel and residence of Martin and Stephen Lynch, owners of the dancing resort, were threatened but escaped the flames as the combined efforts of Laconia, Alton, Rochester and Farmington firemen directed efforts to saving these buildings, located in the vicinity of the doomed pavilion. The structure, 100 by 75 feet, was erected seven years ago and was considered one of the most up-to-date in the Lake Winnipesaukee region. A moving picture playhouse, a dance hall, a soda grill and scores of booths formed part of the building. There were three moving picture machines in the pavilion at the time. The first alarm was rung in at 9.30 o’clock and when Alton firemen reached the scene, another alarm was sent in and telephone calls were sent to Rochester, Laconia and Farmington for help. The building was beyond salvation when the firemen arrived. A strong breeze fanned the flames and ignited the home of the Lynch brothers, located in the immediate vicinity of pavilion. Firemen succeeded in saving this house from utter destruction, but estimated damage to it was close to $1000 while a loss of $25,000 was suffered by the pavilion’s destruction. The building was a roaring furnace by the time the out-of-town help arrived and it was impossible to save the structure (Portsmouth Herald, March 3, 1930).

The Guay Brothers – 1930-31

FROLIC HAVEN. MILTON THREE PONDS. Frolic Haven is open under the old name and new management at Milton Three Ponds. This is good news to the dance fans of this vicinity. This week’s event will take place on Friday evening, August 8, with a grand dance fest, waltz contest, fireworks and music by Al Colby’s orchestra. The best couple will be chosen by William McDermott of the State Ballroom, Boston, and a valuable trophy will be awarded to the winners. Saturday, August 9, will be a special date at Frolic Haven with Joe Carlo’s Royal Serenaders as the musical performers. This is the first appearance of this famous orchestra in this section. Frolic Haven is the coolest ballroom for miles around and is featuring bigger and better novelty dance programs every week (Farmington News, August 8, 1930).

Carrie J. [(Goodwin)] Colby, aged sixty-one years (b. NH), headed a Rochester, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. Her household included her husband, Joseph R. Colby, aged sixty-one years (b. NH), and her children, Alfred L. Colby, a musician (own orchestra), aged thirty-seven years (b. NH), and Louis R. Colby, a band & orchestra musician, aged thirty-five years (b. NH), her daughter-in-law, Veronica Colby, aged thirty years (b. N. Ire.), and her grandson, Alfred L. Colby, aged ten years (b. NH). Carrie R. Colby owned their house at 17 Mill Street, which was valued at $2,000. They had a radio set.

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Rose night, this Thursday, August 21, promises a novel and highly entertaining event at Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds. Music will be furnished by Al Pare and his nine-piece band, the sensation of York Beach. Among the features of this team of musician is a singing trio that is in a class alone. This Friday, August 22, Frolic Haven will draw a big crowd with its blonde contest and Al Colby and his orchestra furnishing music. Each week features alluring specials at this famous ballroom and the crowds grow bigger and bigger (Farmington News, August 22, 1930).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. This Friday evening, August 29, will be a big night at Frolic Haven, and all the fans will be there. One of the attractions will be a prize waltz and it is expected that the contest will be a beautiful spectacle of graceful motion. On this date, “Miss Rochester” is to be named from among the young ladies present from that city. The judges for this event will be the young ladies recently named “Miss West Lebanon” and “Miss Frolic Haven.” Music will be furnished by Al Colby’s orchestra. Directly after midnight, September 1, from 12.05 to 4 a.m., Frolic Haven will entertain a pajama party and prizes will be awarded for the best suit and the worst suit. The Melody Boys’ orchestra of seven pieces will be the musical team. From 8 to 12 on the evening of Monday, September 1, Al Colby and his orchestra will return for “Santa Claus” night. Everyone will received a souvenir of this occasion (Farmington News, August 29, 1930).

FROLIC HAVEN. This Friday night at Frolic Haven will draw a big crowd to witness the selection of Miss Somersworth. Al Colby’s orchestra will furnish music for dancing. On Wednesday evening September 17 Frolic Haven will be the scene of an outing of the Chamber of Commerce. This will be a novelty night and among the features of entertainment will be gifts presented to the holders of lucky numbers. The Melody Boys of Sanford, Me., will be the musicians. Everyone is enthusiastic over the good times at Frolic Haven this season (Farmington News, September 12, 1930).

FROLIC HAVEN. This Friday, September 19, will be “Dover Night” at Frolic Haven, Milton’s popular dance hall. The contest for “Miss Dover” is open to all Dover girls and the winner will be presented with a silver loving cup. The keen competition for the coveted honor is sure to result in a big turn-out and a gala time for all patrons. Besides the crowning of Dover’s beauty queen, a prize will be awarded to the holder of the lucky ticket. Colby’s band will furnish music for dancing (Farmington News, September 19, 1930).

“FARMINGTON NIGHT” AT FROLIC HAVEN. “Farmington Night” will be observed at Frolic Haven, Milton’s popular dance hall, Friday evening, September 26. The battle of music between Ross and His Gang and Al Colby’s orchestra will be the big musical sensation of the season in this locality. Farmington’s most beautiful girl will be chosen and awarded a silver loving cup on this occasion. Gifts to everyone from the big gift box, lucky numbers, and novelties will round out a full evening of attractions that will induce the patronage of one of the largest and most vivacious assemblies of dance fans ever gathered in this section. Friday evening, October 3, will be Milton, Milton Mills, Union and Lebanon night (Farmington News, September 26, 1930).

FROLIC HAVEN. Happy days are coming again with a grand carnival frolic and barn dance to be held at Frolic Haven, Milton Three Ponds, this Friday evening, October 3. Everybody will wear costumes and compete for the best make-up prize. Music by Al Colby’s orchestra guarantees the whoopee and everybody is assured a good time. Frolic Haven is all ready to stage a new mystery feature on Friday evening at the barn dance. “Around the Corner – Follow Me.” The most popular girl in the park – Ann Howe. For the luva Pete – don’t muff this one! (Farmington News, October 3, 1930).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. MILTON THREE PONDS. ACTIVITIES OF SEASON OF 1930. July 25 marked the grand opening of Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds under new management: the Guay Brothers. That occasion drew the largest attendance from suburban towns and cities of any similar resort with a radius of 80 miles. George Fuller of the Ethel Barrymore company, with Miss Eleanor O. Weeks, Dr. William McDermott and Mr. McHugh, director of the show, were hosts of the evening. A large and colorful display of fireworks was a feature of the event. On August first, a prize waltz was the attraction and Miss Helen Pierce of Rochester and Leo Gagnon of Somersworth were the silver cup winners. Friday evening, August 8, offered a beauty contest and a gold-piece was given to Miss Muriel Hagerman of West Lebanon, Me., as the most beautiful girl present. Silver cup winners were Miss Lillian Miomi of Dover and Mr. Van, manager of Central Park ballroom at Central Park. The following evening, August 9, opened with a large display of fireworks which heralded a dance conducted by members of a Montreal hotel. A purse of $45 was given to the tallest man in the hall. Music was furnished by the hotel members. On August 15, another prize waltz was announced and in this event Dan Buckley of Dover received a gold-piece, while a modern compact went to Miss Mary Parsons of Milton. Miss Beatrice Hermon of Dover was chosen as “Miss Frolic Haven” for 1930, and Eddie Pay of Somersworth also won a prize. On August 21, a large crowd of insurance men were in attendance, and music was by Al Pare of Quincy, Mass. August 22 featured a blond contest and a silver cup was given to Miss Virginia Sewall of East Lebanon, Me., a natural blond of rare beauty. August 29 was Rochester night and Miss Priscilla Lemire, as “Miss Rochester” for 1930, won a silver cup. Miss Lemire is a beautiful brunette and was selected from a large number of beauties. August 31, a midnight dance, with a pajama contest and the selection of “Miss Sanford,” filled the ballroom to its capacity. Three prizes were awarded for best costumes. The first prize, a beautiful three-piece pajama set, went to Miss Eleanor Weeks of Portsmouth; second prize, a three-piece pajama set, was awarded to Miss Tibbetts of Philadelphia; third prize, a green gold compact, went to Miss Gladys Walsteadt of Lynn, Mass. The three male partners of these ladies were awarded fountain pens. September 1 was another big time, Santa Claus night. Santa Clause was sent out from the Boston Novelty company to give away 600 gifts in the hall. Waltz and fox-trot prizes were offered and awarded as follows: Miss Dorothy Torr of Farmington; Frank York of Newmarket, cigarette lighter; Miss Ruth Hartford of Union, green gold compact; Harold Smith of Sanbornville, cigarette lighter; Miss Alice Ward of Center Ossipee, white gold compact; John Varney of Center Ossipee, cigarette lighter; Miss Talmadge Grey of Alton Bay, silver cup; Al Quinn of Alton Bay, fountain pen; Mrs. Salvage of Milton Mills, silver cup; J. Salvage of Miami, Fla., pen and pencil set; Miss Ruth Young of Milton, silver cup; Edgar Poore of Milton, pencil set. Music was by Al Colby’s band. On September 5, prizes were given for the best dressed couples, as follows: Miss Estella Guyer of South Berwick, Me., with Norman Strafton of North Rochester, first prize of $10 gold-piece, Mr. and Mrs. John Silver of Portsmouth, second, $5 gold-piece. September 12 was Somersworth night, with fireworks. Miss Lillian Roberge was chosen “Miss Somersworth,” and received a large silver cup. Mr. King of Somersworth received a smoking set. September 17 was the date of an outing of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, with a big dance. Paper hats, novelties, confetti, and prizes added to the joy of the event. September 19 drew a large crowd from Dover who were interested to see who would be “Miss Dover.” The lucky lady was Miss Marguerite Conway of Dover and she received a silver cup. Music was furnished by Kent Jackson and his band. September 24 presented an old-fashioned dance. An unusually large crowd enjoyed this dance, with music by the Lynn boys. September 26 was Farmington night and a large crowd came to see who was to be “Miss Farmington.” Miss Rubie Chase was chosen and awarded a beautiful silver cup. Also on this night there was a battle of music between Ross and His Gang and Al Colby’s orchestra. Santa Claus night was repeated on this date, everyone in the hall received a gift. Valuable merchandise, from pins to Fords, was found in the packages. On October 3, a big barn dance, like no one ever saw before, was held. It was a real time on the farm. “Aunt Rosie” was there with her niece “Rosie.” Among the animals were ducks, geese, chickens, hens, roosters, turkeys, Parisian pigeons, carrier pigeons, cats and a pig. This dance was such a success that another one was called for. October 10 presented an old-fashioned dance and prizes were given for best and worst dressed, as follows: Miss Columbus of Milton received first, a rooster went to a girl who said she had no name, a goose was given to a Rochester girl, another rooster was won by a Rochester girl, a turkey went to Miss Folloner. Many others took home with them, squashes and pumpkins. Corn on the cob was served at this time of year. The corn was grown on Plummer’s Ridge, Milton. On this date, Miss Audrey Hagerman was named “Miss Milton Mills,” her partner was Willis Waterhouse of Sanford. Miss Dorothy M. Lyons was chosen “Miss Union,” with Kimball Hayes of Danvers, Mass. Miss Muriel Hagerman was “Miss West Lebanon,” with Frank Thibault of Milton. Miss Ruth Leeman was “Miss Milton,” with H. St. Hillaire of Somersworth. Each lady received a silver cup and the men were given fountain pens. October 17, Frolic Haven came to a grand closing out, with dancing from 8 to 2 a.m., with something doing every hour of the night. One of the largest crowds ever seen here before made a big success of it. There was fun, laughter and screaming that will ring for many months in the ears of all present. Miss Alice Grenier of East Rochester received a silver tea set for having 58,000 votes as “the most popular lady.” Miss Frolic Haven for 1931 is Miss Muriel Hagerman of West Lebanon, Me. A balloon shower took place just before intermission and many lucky ones got prizes of valuable merchandise. Prizes of $150 were give to lucky ones. No prize amounted to less than $5. Gifts were passed to everyone in the hall. There also were five prizes for the best looking men. Between 12 and 2 a.m., paper hats, confetti, noise-makers, hundreds of horns, novelties, fireworks, etc., made it like the big world war. It was a real farewell dance, and nothing more could have been done. The Guay Brothers, manager and proprietor of Frolic Haven, are planning a grand opening for the next season to show their appreciation for the great success of the past summer. Something entirely different will be staged for the many patrons and anticipation will be keen until the 1931 activities are revealed (Farmington News, October 31, 1930).

GRAND OPENING AT FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds is going to be one of the high spots of amusement during the coming season. It has announced its grand opening to take place on Friday evening, May 8. Everything about the place is being remodeled and the old patrons will hardly know the place with its recent changes. The only feature that remains unchanged is the management who became so popular last season with the big crowds who flocked to Frolic Haven. Al Colby and his orchestra are featured for the season and the dance lovers know what that means. Beginning Friday evening, May 8, Frolic Haven will be open for the season and no effort will be to great for the management to undertake for the pleasure of the patrons (Farmington News, May 1, 1931).

CEDAR CHEST GIVEN AWAY AT FROLIC HAVEN OPENING. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds holds its grand opening of the season this Friday evening, May 8, and the well=known management will greet its friends amid surroundings that have been renovated and remodeled until the interior seems like a new place. All the old patrons will be on hand to renew associations with the management and many friends who have been separated temporarily during the suspension of dances through the winter. Al Colby and his orchestra have been engaged to open the season of gaiety at Frolic Haven. and as an added feature someone will be presented with a genuine Tennessee cedar chest as a souvenir of the opening date (Farmington News, May 8, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Milton Three Ponds has become one of the attractive spots in this vicinity since Frolic Haven Ballroom made it famous. Every Friday night finds a large crowd there and Al Colby’s orchestra is furnishing just the kind of dance music that keeps them coming. The management is doing everything possible to please the patrons and has stimulated interest with the presentation of some choice gifts. This Friday evening the holder of the lucky ticket will be rewarded with the gift of a 16-jewel wristwatch. There is dancing and a jolly good time every night at Frolic Haven (Farmington News, May 15, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. There is going to be a big powwow at Frolic Haven ballroom, Milton Three Ponds, this Friday evening, May 22. Kent Jackson and his Hot Travelers will warm the trail for the dancers, and chocolates and souvenirs will be distributed for good measure. There is dancing every Friday night at Frolic Haven and the features that the management is advertising every week certainly are novel and there is something to entertain every individual preference (Farmington News, May 22, 1931).

ALL NIGHT DANCE AT FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. The end of this week promises a big time at Frolic Haven The fun will start Friday evening with the usual dance date and will continue all night [with] Jackson’s Racketeers, a seven-piece team of snappy musicians, will furnish music, and added attractions will be a large chest of chocolates and ten other free prizes. Saturday night at eight o’clock, the K.J. seven-piece orchestra will take charge of the festivities and will furnish good music until midnight. The next big date at Frolic Haven will be Friday evening, June 5, when Al Colby, just returned from the beaches, will bring his orchestra to Milton Three Ponds A big surprise awaits the lucky ticket holder on this occasion (Farmington News, May 29, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Al Colby’s orchestra, just returned from the beaches, will be at Frolic Haven ballroom this Friday evening, June 5, and preparations are being made for a record attendance. Frolic Haven was crowded at its last week-end dances and it is expected that many of the new friends acquired over the holiday will be on hand for the regular Friday date. The lucky ticket holder will receive a surprise. The special features the management has been offering have been very alluring and no doubt the “surprise” will be a delightful souvenir for the lucky one. Frolic Haven, in the pines of Milton Three Ponds, is one of the gay amusement spots of the locality and the crowds grow bigger and bigger (Farmington News, June 5, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. The Frolic Haven forecast for this week, Friday, June 12, indicates a grand frolic at this noted ballroom on the shores of Milton Three Ponds. Every Friday night the crowds flock to the delightful Pineland Park and enjoy the fun provided by the management and the excellent dance music furnished by Al Colby’s orchestra. Some lucky one this Friday will receive a cedar chest containing a souvenir  which is to be a secret until the chest is opened by the winner. The weekly dance dates find at Frolic Haven a colorful ensemble of gay dancers, blazing lights and alluring music (Farmington News, June 12, 1931).

French, Billy - PH291223BATTLE OF MUSIC AT FROLIC HAVEN. A volunteer army of dancers is expected to engage in action at Frolic Haven this Friday evening, June 19, when the Midnight Revelers of Farmington and Billy French and his orchestra of Rochester will wage a battle of music. The dancing will start at 8 o’clock and will be continuous until midnight. These orchestras have a large following and it is expected that Friday night will find an overflow delegation from all quarters. Frolic Haven in the pines at Milton Three Ponds is the ideal place to meet your old friends and make new ones and thoroughly enjoy yourself every Friday evening (Farmington News, June 19, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven, Milton’s popular summer ballroom, announces the opening of its regular Monday night dances on June 28. Kent Jackson’s orchestra will be the musical attraction and will give the fans their money’s worth with a music fest that will put everybody on tiptoe. Two prizes will be given, for first admission and for the lucky ticket, and you may be one of the winners. Try your luck on the best dance floor and with the best crowds that congregate at any pavilion in this vicinity. Watch for announcements for the night before the Fourth (Farmington News, June 26, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds is all set to celebrate the week-end in true holiday style. Friday evening, July 3, Vick Firth and his orchestra will furnish music for dancing which will start at 8 o’clock and continue until 4 a.m. There will not be a monotonous moment in the whole eight hours, for the occasion will be enlivened with a ballroom shower, gold pieces to lucky ones, and ten other prizes. Dancing will be suspended during the daylight hours of the Fourth, but will start with a bang on Saturday night at 8 o’clock, when a big display of fireworks will herald the appearance of Al Colby and his orchestra. This will be a gift night and dancers at Frolic Haven will be glad to receive these souvenirs of an event that promises the best of fun. On Monday evening, July 6, Kent Jackson’s orchestra will be the attraction, and some lucky person will receive a candle lamp as a prize. There is dancing at Frolic Haven every Monday and Friday night (Farmington News, July 3, 1931).

Firth, Vic - PH320623Joseph E. Firth, a plush mill finisher, aged sixty-two years, headed a Sanford, ME, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his [second] wife (of sixteen years), Mary E. [(O’Hearn)] Firth, aged thirty-seven years, his adopted daughter, Gertrude M. Firth, aged thirteen years (b. ME), his son, Everett E. [“Vic”] Firth, an orchestra musician, aged thirty-six years (b. ME), and his daughter-in-law, Rosemary [(Scandura)] Firth, aged twenty-seven years (b. Italy). Joseph E. Firth owned their house at 8 Tibbetts Avenue, which was valued at $1,800. They did not have a radio set.

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. There are not many open-air pavilions where you can dance with such entire enjoyment as you find at Frolic Haven ballroom. The beautiful Pineland park, aired with breezes off Milton Three Ponds, is an ideal spot for this popular summer pastime. Monday and Friday of every week are big nights at Frolic Haven. Al Colby and his orchestra furnish music on regular dates and the crowds are satisfied with this part of ‘the entertainment. Many other features are added to create new Interest and to express the appreciation of the management for the tremendous patronage (Farmington News, July 10, 1931).

MILTON AMERICAN LEGION ANNUAL DANCE. On Wednesday, evening, July 29, Oscar O. Morehouse Post, American Legion, of Milton, will bold its annual dance at Frolic Haven ballroom, and as a special attraction will hold a beauty contest. The girl or woman adjudged the best looking will enter the state bathing beauty contest at Hampton Beach, August 8. What town has the prettiest girl? This will be one of the biggest attractions ever attempted in a little town, with a big reputation for a famous dance pavilion. The nights will be bright, the music by the Pirate’s orchestra of Portsmouth will be of the best, and the butterflies will be there (Farmington News, July 24, 1931).

FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven in the pines at Milton Three Ponds has completed a very successful year under the present management and will celebrate its first anniversary date with a huge birthday party on Saturday evening, July 25. Frolic Haven will forget every idea of financial profit on this occasion and will join with a merry crowd of patrons in a rousing good time. Gifts valued at $200 will be distributed, among which will be a $20 gold-piece for the lucky balloon captured among a flock of them floated over the grounds; a china tea set for the second balloon prize, and a $2.50 gold piece for the third. Every person who enters the hall will receive a gift, and special carnival features will include confetti, noisemakers, paper hats, horns, novelties, souvenirs and other attractions. Over all a grand display of fireworks will cast a colorful illumination. The Leader shoe organization will be present in full force. A pirate group will hold the center of the scene and will furnish music for dancing. If you do not know the Pirate orchestra, take advantage of this occasion to get acquainted (Farmington News, July 24, 1931).

SECOND ANNUAL BARN DANCE, FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds s all ready for its second annual barn dance, which will be held this Friday night, September 25. The hall is all dressed up for the event and Joe Sands and his popular broadcasting orchestra will furnish dance music. The musicians include some of the world’s famous artists, who played last week to 30,000 people. This barn dance will have a few old-fashioned dances along with the modern numbers, and nearly all of the dancers will be in rural costumes. Live prizes will he given for the best and funniest costumes. Every Friday night there is dancing at Frolic Haven from 8 to 1 o’clock. A big midnight dance will be held here October 12 (Farmington News, September 25, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN. There is mystery in the air concerning the dance at Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds this Friday evening, October 2. The only thing the public really knows Is that it will be a good time for everyone, but it is assured that the friends of this famous ballroom will be curious enough to be there and find out for themselves just what new thing the management has planned for this date. The announcement for October 12 is very definite, with a grand midnight dance starting at 12.05 and continuing until 6 a.m. on Monday, October 12. Among the many prizes for this occasion will be a $20 gold-piece for the lucky balloon captured on the grounds, a china tea set, second prize, a $2.50 gold-piece, third prize. One hundred dollars’ worth of prizes will be distributed among the patrons in the hall. Confetti, noisemakers, hat, horns, novelties, souvenirs, etc., will add to the thrills of the event (Farmington News, October 2, 1931).

FROLIC HAVEN. Great preparations have been made for the midnight dance to be held at Frolic Haven ballroom to usher in Columbus day. Beginning at five minutes after midnight and continuing until 6 a.m. Monday, October 12, there will be a gay time at this famous ballroom on the lake shore at Milton Three Ponds. A colorful feature will be the release of countless balloons over the grounds, and one of these balloons will be lucky for someone, as it will bring $20 to the one who captures it. A second prize will be a china tea set, and third prize, a $2.50 gold-piece. One hundred dollars’ worth of other prizes will be distributed in the hall. Everyone gets a souvenir. Confetti, noisemakers, hats, etc., will make up a grand ensemble of jolly amusements and excellent dance music is promised (Farmington News, October 9, 1931).

LAST DANCE OF THE SEASON AT FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds will close a very successful season with a grand flourish next Thursday evening, October 15. The events planned for this closing date will give the patrons something to keep Frolic Haven in happy memory until the famous pavilion opens another season. There will be a marvelous exhibition of dancing and singing, and prizes – there are quantities of them. Twenty lucky tickets will be found in the balloon showers. There will be a prize waltz and fox trot, six prizes for the best dressed ladies and gentlemen, and lucky admission tickets. This will be a big gift night for all, and chocolates will be among the distributions. Novelties, confetti, horns, noisemakers, hats, etc., will be some of the features that will keep in motion a continuous round of gaiety. Everyone will be there to enjoy to the last minute the fun promised at the farewell dance at Frolic Haven (Farmington News, October 16, 1931).

McQuillan, Ed, and His Orchestra - Manchester Historic AssociationFROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. MILTON THREE PONDS. Another season at Frolic Haven Ballroom at Milton Three Ponds will open this Friday evening, May 13, and the gayest, newest craze from gay Paree is announced for the date. Eddie McQuillan and his famous broadcasting orchestra, who have been engaged all winter in South Carolina, will furnish music for dancing from eight o’clock to 1 a.m., and what a time is promised! Gifts will be awarded to lucky ones and everyone will receive a novelty souvenir. A special treat is announced for the girls. A large following of regular friends of Frolic Haven will welcome the news of this opening. This famous resort, just off the White Mountain boulevard, is ideally located for the entertainment of dancing parties and never fails to draw big crowds. The management is returning – full of ideas for a grand season (Farmington News, May 13, 1932).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Frolic Haven at Milton Three Ponds opened the season last Friday night with a good attendance and such a jolly time was enjoyed that a big crowd is looking forward to the event for this Friday, May 20. Ed McQuillan and his famous artists have been engaged to furnish dance music every Friday night during the season. Very soon, there also will be dances on Monday and Wednesday nights, and for special occasion announces a Monkey Night dance for an early date. At the dance this Friday night a banjo electric clock will be given away. You always have a good time at Frolic Haven, and usually bring home some attractive souvenir (Farmington News, May 20, 1932).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. This Friday evening, June 10, Ed McQuillan and his artist orchestra will entertain again at Frolic Haven ballroom, Milton Three Ponds and the date is announced as a spot dance. From 8 to 1 o’clock the dancing will be attended with many unusual pleasures, and over all will hover a fascinating “spot.” This is just one of the attractive features the management has arranged for this season – there are many more in the bag. Everyone is wondering about the “monkey dance” which is announced for an early date. Every Friday night big crowds at the famous Frolic Haven for the weekly dance program (Farmington News, June 10, 1932).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. This Friday, June 17, evening is the regular dance date at Frolic Haven ballroom in the pines at Milton Three Ponds. Beginning June 20 there will be three dances a week at Frolic Haven, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Next Monday, the music will be furnished by the Ten Nevadians, featuring Loretta LaBonte, and dancing will be enjoyed from 8 to 1 o’clock. On Wednesday evening, June 22, Tony’s Rhythm Boys, an eleven-piece broadcasting orchestra, will furnish music, and an added attraction will be Ted Pierce, soloist, with his latest hits. Keep in mind the monkey dance, which soon will be here (Farmington News, June 17, 1932).

Peter Labonte, a washing machine salesman, aged fifty-six years (b. Canada (Fr.)), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of twenty-six years), Victoria Labonte, aged fifty-four years (b. Canada (Fr.)), and his children, Frederick Labonte, an automobile salesman, aged twenty-one years (b. NH), and Loretta Labonte, aged eighteen years (b. NH).Peter Labonte owned their house at 27 Hill Street, which was valued at $3,000. They did not have a radio set.

Loretta Labonte sang on daytime-only radio station WHEB (740-AM) in Portsmouth, NH, at 3:00 PM, November 4, 1932 (Portsmouth Herald, November 4, 1932). Loretta Labonte appeared in the Dover directories of 1935, as a musician, resident n her parent’s home at 27 Hill street.

FROLIC HAVEN AT MILTON THREE PONDS. Frolic Haven, the dance pavilion of unmistakable choice for those who seek a good time, comes forward with announcement for a full week of Big Time entertainment. Watch the everchanging program of amusements at Frolic Haven. Dancing 8 until 1 a.m., Friday evening, June 24th, Ed McQuillan’s Orchestra; Monday evening, June 27, Loretta’s ten-piece orchestra bringing its inimitable program; Wednesday, June 29th, Tony with his eleven-piece orchestra. On Monday evening, July 1st, just before the holiday, Girls, Oh Girls, the monkey dance. Come and see what it’s all about. Meet your friends by appointment at Frolic Haven. If you haven’t an appointment, you will find them here (Farmington News, June 24, 1932).

FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds will start its season of 1933 with a grand opening this Friday evening, May 26, and music will be furnished by Bobby Williams and his night club band, the Broadway Troubadours. The ballroom has been put in first-class condition and this event is expected to introduce an entertainment that will assure the friends of this favorite dance pavilion of a season of attractions second to none. From now on there will be dancing every Friday night. A big all-night dance is announced for next week, beginning at 9 o’clock, May 29, the eve of the holiday, and continuing until 3 a.m. All the fans will welcome the opportunity to renew friendships at Frolic Haven (Farmington News, May 26, 1933).

DANCE. TONIGHT = FRIDAY & EVERY FRIDAY. FROLIC HAVEN. MILTON THREE PONDS. TONIGHT: CARL BROGGI and His Palm Beach Orchestra. Admission 35¢ (Farmington News, June 16, 1933).


McENNELLY AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Tomorrow Nite. FROLIC HAVEN, MILTON THREE PONDS (Portsmouth Herald, July 27, 1933).

TONIGHT. FRIDAY, AUGUST 4. ROANES PENNSYLVANIANS. FROLIC HAVEN. MILTON THREE PONDS. Always a great time, Always a big crowd. Admission 50c (Farmington News, August 4, 1933).

Frolic Haven - FN330901.pngPrize Waltz Tonight, Friday, August 11. FROLIC HAVEN. MILTON THREE PONDS. ROSS and His Gang. Admission 40¢ (Farmington News, August 11, 1933).

Frolic Haven, MILTON THREE PONDS. DANCING EVERY FRI. EVENING. FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 18. ROSS and HIS GANG. The favorite dance orchestra at a nominal price, Admission 40¢ (Farmington News, August 18, 1933).

Frolic Haven, MILTON THREE PONDS. TONIGHT! FRI., AUG. 25. RETURN ENGAGEMENT, ROANE’S Sensational PENNSYLVANIANS. Admission 50¢ (Farmington News, August 25, 1933).

PRIZE WALTZ and Costume Party Tonight, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, FROLIC HAVEN BALLROOM, MILTON THREE PONDS. Prizes for the Best and Worst Costumes. Admission 40¢. Big Time for Everyone. Music: Ross And His Gang. | Midnite Dance, SUNDAY MIDNITE, SEPT. 3 till 4 a.m. Admission 40¢, Prize Waltz, Follow the crowds (Farmington News, September 1, 1933).

DANCE Tonight. FRIDAY, SEPT. 15. Frolic Haven. MILTON 3 PONDS. Excellent Music, Admission 40¢ (Farmington News, September 15, 1933).

FROLIC HAVEN. From July 13 to October 12, Val Reno’s orchestra will furnish music for dancing every Friday evening at Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds from 8.30 to 1 AM, eastern standard time. This Friday will feature a prize waltz. There will be something new on every dance date and all may be assured of meeting their friends and making new ones at this attractive resort in the place near one of these famous ponds (Farmington News, July 13, 1934).

FROLIC HAVEN GIVES BENEFIT TO CHURCHES. Tickets are being sold for the benefit of St. Peter’s church of Farmington and the Sacred Heart church of Milton, of which Rev. Robert Bellefeuille is pastor. The tickets are being sold in advance of the dance program, which will be held at Frolic Haven ballroom, Milton Three Ponds, Monday evening August 27. The holder of the lucky ticket will be awarded $25 worth of groceries. These tickets will give all holders a chance on the 100-piece dinner set, valued at $50, to be given away at the Labor day night program, September 3. The appeal of these tickets obviously is one of the most worthy, since their sale will assist the work of the Catholic churches of this locality. They are being sponsored by Rev. Fr. Bellefeuille (Farmington News, August 24, 1934).

Hank Lawson – 1935

FROLIC HAVEN OPENING. Like renewing acquaintance with an old friend, comes announcement that Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds will be reopened, commencing Saturday evening, May 25. This resort will be managed for the season by the well known “Hank” Lawson, a former Milton resident, and the season will be ushered in by Paul Ross and his orchestra. Frolic Haven has been put in the best possible condition and convenience to patrons and announcement of special programs will  be released as soon as bookings are made (Farmington News, May 24, 1935).

UNION. A picnic for the church and Sunday School is being arranged for Saturday. It will be held at Frolic Haven, Milton, and its hoped that a large number of the older people, as well as the children, will attend (Farmington News, July 19, 1935).

UNION. A picnic at Frolic Haven, Milton, was enjoyed last Saturday by the church and Sunday School attendants. Cars carried grownups, while most of the children went in David Burroughs’ truck. Bathing was indulged in by those that cared for it, games were played and everyone enjoyed the day (Farmington News, July 26, 1935).

Jack Howard – 1937

BEANO AT FROLIC HAVEN. Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds will be the mecca of attraction this Thursday evening, June 24 The event will be the biggest beano party ever attempted in this locality. The main drawing prize will be a barrel of dishes, 100-piece set that will be awarded at 10 p.m. The winner must be in the hall. Nearly fifty other prizes are offered. No admission will be charged and everybody is invited to join in the fun. This jollification is sponsored by the well known Tanner brothers of Milton (Farmington News, June 25, 1937).

LOCAL. Raymond Abbott and Myrtie Derby of this [Farmington] town captured the prize waltz for the championship of Strafford county at the dance which concluded the season at Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton Three Ponds last Saturday night. They were awarded a silver loving-cup as the trophy offered to the championship couple by Manager Jack Howard (Farmington News, September 10, 1937).

JACK HOWARD TO CONTINUE DANCES AT FROLIC HAVEN. In connection with an item published in this column last week concerning the award of the championship trophy in the prize waltz contest at Frolic Haven ballroom at Milton, it was stated in error that Manager Jack Howard closed the season at this resort with the holiday week-end programs. However, dances will be continued regularly every Saturday night until further [notice] (Farmington News, September 17, 1937).


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