Milton Businesses in 1922

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | September 6, 2020

The Milton entries only from the New England Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1922 are extracted below.

Many businesses have multiple entries, due to having multiple product lines or lines of business listed in different categories.

New England Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1922

Milton, Strafford Co., town on B&M R.R., 20 m. N.W. of Dover – pop 1428 – Post offices Milton, Milton Mills

Milton Mills, Strafford Co., p.o. in town of Milton, stage to Union 3 m.


Drew, S.E., Milton

Automobile Garages

Banfill, W.L., Milton
Burke, C.L., Milton
Knight, W.C., Milton
Moore, G.C., Milton
Stevens, F.D., Milton Mills


Burke, C.L., Milton
Page, Robert, Milton Mills

Bee Keepers

Fall, G.G., Milton

Billiard & Pool Rooms

Banfill, A.L., Milton
Burke, C.L., Milton
Page, R., Milton Mills

Blacksmiths (See Horse Shoers)

Burrows, Hiram (Acton, Me.), Milton Mills

Butchers (See Provision Dealers)

Horne, C.A., Milton
Hurlburt, C., Milton
Pike, R.S., Milton Mills


Thurston, J.F. (B.), Milton
Taylor, J.E. (M.E.), Milton Mills
Whitcomb, H.E. (B.), Milton Mills
Bennett, G.A. (Cong.), W. Milton

Clothing Dealers (See Tailors)

Horne, J.E., Milton Mills

Coal Dealers (See Wood Dealers)

Beede, R.R., Milton
Plummer, H., Milton
Fox, E.F., Milton Mills


Willey, J.H., Milton
Emerson, E.W., Milton Mills

Dry Goods (See General Stores; also Fancy Goods)

Avery & Roberts, Milton
Horne, J.E., Milton Mills

Electric Contractors

Reynolds, W.L., Milton

Engineers. Civil

Spencer, Frank F., Milton Mills


Jones, C.A., Milton
Willey, J.D., Milton
Chamberlin, M.G., Milton Mills

Fiber Goods

Kennebunk Mfg. Co., Milton
Spaulding, J. & Son Co. Inc., North Rochester

General Stores

Willey, J.D., Milton
Langley, C.A. & Son, Milton Mills

Grain Dealers (See Flour & Feed)

Drew, S.E., Milton
Buck, Herman L. (Acton, Me.), Milton Mills

Grocers (See General Stores)

Horne, C.A., Milton
Knight, W.C., Milton
Whitehouse, H.F. Estate, Milton


Hodgdon: E.A. Hodgdon, Milton
Lake View: Hattie Hurlburt, Milton
Central: Fred Rowe, Milton Mills

Hotels (Summer)

Dorr, H.W. Mrs., Milton
Nutter, Belle Mrs., Milton
Wallingford, M.B. Mrs., Milton
Lowd, J., Milton Mills
Willey, J.D., Milton Mills

Ice Dealers

Beede, R.R. (retail), Milton
Boston Ice Co. (whol.), Milton
Metropolitan Ice Co. (whol.), Milton
Porter-Milton Ice Co. (whol.), Milton

[Metropolitan Ice Co. and Porter-Milton Ice Co. appeared also at The Weirs]

Insurance Agents

Finegan, H.F. (fire), Milton
Marsh, F.L. (fire), Milton Mills


Milton Steam Laundry, Milton

Lawyers (Notaries are designated by a *)

*Marsh, F.L., Milton Mills

Leather Board Mfrs

Leather Board Co., Milton


Nute Free Library, Milton
Milton Free Public Library, Milton Mills

Lumber Dealers (See Lumber Mfrs; also Saw Mills)

Avery & Roberts, Milton
Chamberlin & Miller, Milton Mills
Laskey, A.J., Milton Mills

Masons (See Plasterers)

Hayes, G.L., Milton

Milk Dealers

Drew, S.E., Milton
Lockhart, H., Milton
Buck, H.L., Milton Mills
Hobbs, Lester N. (Acton, Me.), Milton Mills

Painters. House

Carillis, Geo., Milton
Carpenter, J.H., Milton
Pinkham, J.H., Milton
Connolly, T., Milton Mills
Libby, A.D., Milton Mills


Cate, A.J., Milton


Hart, M.A.H., Milton
Weeks, F.S., Milton Mills

Provision Dealers (See Butchers)

Downs, A.F., Milton
Pike, P.G., Milton Mills

Sash, Door & Blind Mfrs (See Sawing & Planing Mills)

Edgcomb, C.R., Milton Mills

Shoe Dealers (See Shoe Mfrs)

McIntosh, R.A., Milton
Horne, J.R., Milton Mills


Huse, E.S. (high), Milton

Teachers of Music

Jones, E.C. Mrs. (piano), Milton
Whitehouse, Edith M. (piano), Milton

Telephone & Telegraph Companies

N.E. Tel. & Tel. Co., Milton
Western Union Tel Co., Milton

Textile Mfrs. Woolen & Worsted Goods & Shoddy

Townsend, J.E. Est. (blankets), Milton Mills


Beede, R.R., Milton
Columbus, A.N., Milton

Variety Stores (See General Stores; also Five and Ten Cent Stores)

Lord, H.A., Milton

Wood Dealers (See Coal Dealers)

Hurlburt, C., Milton

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Sampson & Murdock Company. (1922). New England Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1922. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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