Milton Mills’ Dr. Harry E. Anderson (1887-1936)

By Muriel Bristol | February 14, 2021

Harry Edward Anderson was born in Limington, ME, April 1, 1887, son of Edward A. and Nettie S. (Purinton) Anderson.

He was born April 1, 1887, at Limington, Me., and is the only child born to Edward A. and Nettie S. (Purinton) Anderson. The mother of Dr. Anderson died at Limington, Me., in 1896. She was a daughter of Stephen Purinton, who formerly was a county commissioner of York county, Me. (Scales, 1914).

Nettie B. (Purinton) Anderson died in Limington, ME, April 21, 1896. Edward A. Anderson married (2nd) in Alfred, ME, May 6, 1899, Julia T. Walker, both of Alfred. He was a widowed jailer, aged thirty-four years, and she was a music teacher, aged twenty-six years. She was born in Kennebunkport, ME, October 18, 1872, daughter of Melville H. and Abigail (Tripp) Walker.

Edward A. Anderson, a jailer, aged thirty-five years (b. ME), headed an Alfred, ME, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His “household” was the York County Jail and included thirty-nine prisoners (one of them female). The jail was a rented farm.

Edward A. Anderson’s own household was next door. The census record bore an explanatory marginal notation:

This family live in a house separated from the jail by a wall and Mr. Anderson is the only officer connected with the jail.

It included his wife (of one year), Julia T. Anderson, aged twenty-six years (b. ME), his son Harry E. Anderson, at school, aged fourteen years (b. ME), and his servant, Ema J. Roberts, a servant, aged forty-nine years (b. ME). Julia T. Roberts was the mother of one child, of whom none was still living.

The father of Dr. Anderson was sheriff of York county for six years. He died at Alfred, Me., in March 1911 [1912]. H.E. Anderson was eleven years old when his parents moved from Limington to Alfred, Me., where he continued his schooling. Later he attended the Lewiston High school for two years, after which he returned to Limington and completed his academic studies there (Scales, 1914).

Edward A. Anderson, a farmer, aged forty-eight years (b. ME), headed a Limington, ME, household at the time of the Thirteenth (1910) Federal Census. His household included his [2nd] wife (of eleven years), Julia T. Anderson, aged thirty-seven years (b. ME), and his children, Harry E. Anderson, a medical school student, aged twenty-two years (b. ME), Justin S. Anderson, aged eight years (b. ME), Clara A. Anderson, aged four years (b. ME), and Helen A. Anderson, aged one year (b. ME). Edward A. Anderson owned their farm, free-and-clear. Julia T. Anderson was the mother of four children, of whom three were still living.

Subsequently he had medical college advantages at Boston, Brunswick and Portland, and after receiving his degree [1910] he located at Acton (Milton Mills) and has remained here, becoming a leading citizen and physician in whom great confidence is placed. He is town physician of Acton, chairman of the board of health, superintendent of schools and town clerk of the west end of the southern part of the town of Acton (Scales, 1914). 

Harry E. Anderson married in Limington, ME, August 21, 1912, Abbie Eliot Small. She was born in Limington, ME, June 4, 1889, daughter of W. Scott and Catherine (Mitchell) Small.

Dr. Anderson married Miss Abbie Small, who is a daughter of W.S. and Kate Small of Limington, Me. Mrs. Anderson is a highly educated and talented lady and devotes much time to music, having pupils at Acton and Milton Mills. She belongs to the Sisters of Rebecca and also to the Eastern Star. Dr. Anderson and wife take a prominent part in the social activities of Acton (Scales, 1914).

Anderson, HE - 1912Harry E. Anderson appeared in the Milton business directory of 1912, as a Milton Mills physician, on Main street, at its corner with Church street.

H.E. ANDERSON, M.D., physician and surgeon with office and residence at Acton, Me., and Milton Mills, N.H., inclusive, enjoys a substantial practice that covers a wide extent of country (Scales, 1914).

His area of practice covers Union, Middleton, Acton (Milton Mills), Lebanon and Shapleigh and, as may be judged, his time is very fully occupied. He is affiliated with the Republican party and belongs to the leading fraternal organizations, being a member of Springvale Lodge, No. 192, A.F. & A.M.; Miltonia Lodge No. 52, I.O.O.F.; Rebecca Lodge No. 79, and is identified also with the Milton Grange (Scales, 1914).

Dr. Harry E. Anderson, Bowdoin Medical, 1910, of Acton, Me., and Milton Mills, N.H., was elected to membership in the Maine Medical Society, in 1916 (ME Medical Society, 1916).

As an Odd Fellows District Deputy Grand Master (D.D.G.M.), Harry E. Anderson of Milton Mills installed officers at the Woodbine Lodge, I.O.O.F., in Farmington, NH, in 1916, with his suite of Milton Mills officers.

LOCAL. Installation of officers from Woodbine Lodge, I.O.O.F., took place at the close of the regular meeting last Thursday evening. The installing officer was D.D.G.M. Harry E. Anderson of Milton Mills, assisted by his suite. The work was performed in a competent and impressive manner, the officers to receive promotion being as follows: John P. Hurd, N.G.; Warren B. Russell, V.G.; Ira W. Glidden, secretary; Vivian A. Libbey, F.S.; Arthur R. Jones, treasurer; George F. Davis, warden; Herbert D. Browne, conductor; Chester Russell, chaplain; James B. Hayes, R.S.N.G.; Ralph C. Trask, L.S.N.G.; Frank I. Gilman, R.S.S.; Chester Bodwell, L.S.S.; Fred W. Browne, R.S.V.G.; Alonzo I. Davis, L.S.V.G.; James Smith, I.G.; Harry Hanscom, O.G. At the conclusion of work, remarks were heard from visiting grand officers and members. A delegation of 17 members from Rochester was present. An oyster supper was served at the conclusion (Farmington News, January 21, 1916).

Farmington IOOF Hall
I.O.O.F. Hall, Upstairs on Main Street in Farmington, NH

LOCAL. The officers elect of the Woodbine Lodge, I.O.O.F., were installed at the regular meeting last Thursday evening, the work being performed in a very capable manner by D.D.G.M. Harry E. Anderson and suite of Milton Mills. The presence of grand officers and a delegation of visitors from Rochester lent auspiciousness to the occasion. Officers to receive promotion were as follows: N.G., Warren B. Russell; V.G., Chester C. Russell; R.S., Ira W. Glidden; F.S., Vivian A. Libbey; treasurer, Arthur R. Jones; warden, Ralph Card; conductor, Herbert Browne; R.S.N.G., James Hayes; L.S.N.G., Ralph Trask; R.S.V.G., Fred Browne; L.S.V.G., Henry Davis; R.S., Frank Oilman; L.S.S., Wilbur Jones; I.G., Frank Davis; O.G., Harry Hanscom; chaplain, Edwin Tripp. At the close of ceremonies interesting remarks were made by grand officers and visitors. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served in the banquet hall (Farmington News, July 16, 1916).

Harry E. Anderson appeared in the Milton business directory of 1917, as a Milton Mills physician, on the Springvale road. Mrs. H.E. Anderson appeared also as a Milton Mills music teacher.

Harry Edward Anderson of Acton, ME, aged thirty years, registered for the WW I military draft in Acton, ME, June 5, 1917. He had been born in Limington, ME, April 1, 1887. He was married. He was employed as a physician and a York County deputy sheriff. He claimed an exemption for his position as a deputy sheriff. He was tall, with a stout build, grey eyes, and brown hair.

Many New Englanders Commissioned, War Department Announces. Special Dispatch to the Globe. WASHINGTON, July 31 – The following appointments were announced today by the War Department: First Lieutenant, Ordnance Reserve Spurgeon W. Howatt, 762 Broadway, Everett. First Lieutenant. Medical Reserve Harry E. Anderson, Milton Mills, N.H.; Frank G. Wheatley, 174 Adams st. North Abington. [Remainder of lengthy list omitted] (August 1, 1918).

Harry E. Anderson reported to Fort Oglethorpe, GA, August 22, 1918, where he was a 1st Lieutenant in the Medical Department. He was discharged December 21, 1918, “for the conv. [convenience?] of Government.”

SANBORNVILLE. The Sanbornville baseball team defeated the Wolfeboro team at Brookfield recently by a score of 6 to 4. Batteries were Brackett and French H. Horne, Haines and Dr. Anderson (Farmington News, September 17, 1926).

Dr. H.E. Anderson appeared in the Milton directory of 1927, as a Milton Mills physician. Harry E. Anderson, M.D., appeared in the Maine Register of 1929, as being Health Officer at Milton Mills, NH.

Harry E. Anderson, a medical doctor, aged forty-three years (b. ME), headed a Somersworth, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of eighteen years), Abbie S. Anderson, aged forty years (b. ME). Harry E. Anderson rented their house at 105 High Street, for $50 per month. They had a radio set.

SOMERSWORTH NAMES FOUR OF CITY OFFICIALS. Four of the city officials have been elected by the Somersworth city council and the other offices will be filled on April 18. The officers named are: Tax collector, Michael O’Malley, City treasurer, Haven Doe, City solicitor, Thomas J. McGreal, City physician, Dr. Harry E. Anderson (Portsmouth Herald, April 14, 1933).

Mrs. H.E. Anderson performed the song “Sometime We’ll Understand” at the Somersworth, NH, funeral of Warren E. Leighton, May 2, 1933. Leighton had been a member of the Woodbine Lodge, I.O.O.F., of Farmington (Farmington News, May 19, 1933).

MILTON MILLS. Many in our town were sorry to learn of the passing of Mrs. Janet Pillsbury last Wednesday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Harry Anderson in Somersworth. Mrs. Pillsbury was well known here, as she made her home with Dr. and Mrs. Anderson while he was practicing in town. When she left to work elsewhere, she often came here to see friends. She was a bright, sunny woman and will be missed by many friends. Many from this town attended the funeral services (Farmington News, 1934).

MILTON MILLS. Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Anderson of Somersworth were visitors in town last Thursday (Farmington News, May 17, 1935).

Harry E. Anderson died in 1936, aged forty-nine years.

Abbie S. Anderson appeared in the Somersworth, NH, directory of 1962, as the widow of Harry E., with her house at 173 N. Main street.

Abbie E. (Small) Anderson died in Limington, ME, March 17, 1967, aged seventy-seven years.


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