Celestial Seasonings – June 2021

By Heather Durham | May 31, 2021

Hello there everyone!  Welcome to the month of June during which time we celebrate the summer solstice.  There’s plenty of excitement this month including two meteor showers along with a phenomenon commonly referred to as retrograde and the full strawberry moon.  This Moon is the most colorful one of the year.

Below is a meteor shower graphic along with three YouTube videos that pertain to the astronomical events this month along with a bit of last month’s activity.  I hope to add more references and graphics, photos and videos in future issues.  There’s also a link to a graphic description of the eclipse that will give you an idea of how it will appear.

So come along as we begin our adventure into the night skies of June 2021!

June 1. The Moon and Jupiter will rise closely to one another.

June 2. The Moon will be at its last quarter.

June 10. The Moon will pass the sun providing a 74% eclipse visible from Dover, NH The link below will give you a visual view of what this should look like. The Daytime Arietid meteor shower will peak today with the best viewing be after 2:40 am, but before sunrise.  This is one of the brightest daytime meteor showers there is.

Daytime Arietids - Per F.C. Cain
Daytime Arietids (Per F.C. Cain).

June 17. The Moon will be at first quarter.

June 20. Jupiter may be seen moving west to east.  This is called Retrograde. Today is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. It may be referred to as midsummer.

June 24. The full Strawberry Moon will be full.

June 27. The Moon and Saturn will rise closely to one another. The June Bootid meteor shower will be at its peak today with the best viewing at twilight. The meteors are slow and are known to be unpredictable.

June 28. The Moon and Jupiter will rise closely to one another.


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