Celestial Seasonings – March 2022

By Heather Durham | February 28, 2022

Hi there one and all! The month of March has much to offer skywatchers. We have the first day of spring occurring on the 20th. Meteorologists declare March 1st to be the first day of spring, but the day of the equinox brings approximately 12 hours of daylight and nighttime.

The 28th will have the most activity with three planets in view and moving around until they form somewhat of a linear line in the night sky.

Last month, I wrote about Artemis One which had to be postponed and rescheduled for the 20th of this month. Let’s hope this time it will be successful.

The YouTube videos speak of additional activity sometimes referring to astrophotography. There are astronomical phenomena, referred to in the videos that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but that are depicted visually therein.

Let’s now delve into the month ahead.

March 10. Our Moon will be at first quarter.

March 12. Venus and Mars will rise to the right during which time Venus will be passing Mars.

March 15. Venus and Mars will be close to one another and pass each other as well.

March 18. The Worm Moon will be full. It is named as the earth worms begin their activity.

March 20. This is the first day of spring also known as the March equinox. Venus will travel to its farthest distance from our Sun.

March 21. Venus may be seen at its half phase.

March 25. Our Moon will reach its final quarter.

March 27. The Moon and Mars will rise right and travel as close as they ever get.

March 28. The Moon and Mars will travel close to one another again. The Moon and Venus will rise and closely approach one another. The Moon and Saturn will do the same. Our Moon with Venus and Saturn will travel together and pass one another. Our Moon and Saturn will closely approach one another too as well as Venus and Saturn.

March 29. Venus and Saturn will rise and travel closely to each other.


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