Celestial Seasonings – April 2022

By Heather Durham | March 31, 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome to our April 2022 edition including the first meteor shower of the year, two occurrences of the black Moon, a partial eclipse that will not be visible to us along with Aprils Pink Moon which is said to have been named after the colors of flowers that bloom this time of year.

There are also two videos that enhance the events of this month including those that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The videos do contain interesting graphic depictions of a variety of events for your viewing pleasure.

Now let us look down this page to read about this month’s astronomical events!

April 1. New or black Moon.

April 4. Mars and Saturn will rise and come close to one another.

April 9. The new Moon will be at first quarter.

April 16. The full Pink Moon will be on display tonight.

April 22. Today, we will have the Lyrid Meteor Shower from the Constellation Hercules. This will be visible beginning just past 10:00 pm until a few minutes after 5:00 am during which time you may see around 17 meteors per hour. However, the last quarter of the Moon may interfere with early morning viewing.

April 23. The Moon will be in its final quarter.

April 24. The Moon and Saturn will rise closely together and towards the right.

April 26. The Moon and Venus will travel in close proximity to each other.

April 27. The Moon and Venus will rise to the right together. The Moon and Jupiter will rise closely to the right.

April 28. Mercury will travel to its highest point in the evening sky.

April 29. Mercury will be located at its furthest point from the Sun.

April 30. Venus and Jupiter will rise to the right together. There will also be a partial eclipse of the Sun but it will only be visible from South America or Antarctica. There will also be another black moon tonight.


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