Celestial Seasonings – July 2022

By Heather Durham | June 30, 2022

Hi folks! Welcome to another edition of monthly celestial events! This July there we will have our second Supermoon of the year along with three meteor showers on the last two days of this month.

We are now passed the summer solstice with the Sun goes down at about 8:30 pm until after July 2 when we start losing the total amount of Sun each day.

This month’s Buck Supermoon is also known as the Thunder Moon for it’s the month associated with the most thunderstorms.

Until August, have a great holiday this month and continue to enjoy all the treasures that this month has to offer!

July 4. The Earth will be as far away from the Sun as it gets during the Earth’s annual orbit.

July 6. The Moon will be at first quarter.

July 13. Today, is the full Super Buck Moon.

July 15. Both the Moon and Saturn will rise towards the right and appear close to one other.

July 18. The Moon and Jupiter will rise as they appear close to one another.

July 20. Our Buck Supermoon will be in its final quarter.

July 21. The Moon and Mars will travel close to each other as they rise towards the right.

July 28. Jupiter will appear to travel in reverse.

July 29. The Piscis Austrinid meteor shower will peak today.

July 30. Today we have two meteor showers at their peak … the Southern δ-Aquariid [delta-Aquariid] and the α-Capricornid [alpha-Capricornid]. The first one comes from the Constellation Aquarius and the latter from Capricorn.


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