Celestial Seasonings – August 2022

By Heather Durham | July 30, 2022

Greetings from Heather and welcome to the August 2022 issue!CS-August 22-1

August is the primary month for the Perseid Meteor Showers as you may or may not remember.  This shower is as colorful as it is prolific!

There will also be the fourth and final Supermoon of this year 2022. This month’s Moon is commonly referred to as the Sturgeon Moon.  

CS-August 22-2I have included several very interesting and informative YouTube videos for you to see, including one specifically for the Perseid Shower. The others tend to go into more depth than I usually do that are just as intriguing as anything I could have written. I do hope that they add to your monthly view of astronomical events. As well, I have added some photos of the shower. (Photos by D.F. Ford).

August 5. The new moon will be at first quarter.

August 11. This will be the fourth Supermoon of 2022, named the Sturgeon Moon. Saturn and the Moon will rise towards the right.

August 12. The Moon and Saturn will appear close to one another.

CS-August 22-3August 13. This month’s major event is the Perseid meteor shower will perform at its peak today, but may be visible before and after this date. The meteors might be colorful. Coming from the Constellation Perseus, the display will happen all through the night.

August 14. Saturn, from the Constellation Capricornus will lie opposite to the Sun. This planetary position is commonly known as opposition.

August 15. The Moon and Jupiter will rise towards the right and will appear close to each other.

Mercury will ascend to its highest altitude in the night sky.

August 19. The Moon and Mars will ascend to the right and appear close to each other. Today will bring the last quarter of the Moon.

August 27. Mercury will have traveled to its furthest point away from the Sun.

August 29. Only half of Mercury will be visible this evening.


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