Celestial Seasonings – September 2022

By Heather Durham | August 31, 2022

Hi there, folks!

Welcome to the eventful astronomical month of September 2022!

Along with the season of astronomical autumn north of the equator, we have three meteor showers and … if all goes as planned, the Artemis 1 liftoff, scheduled for September 2, will lift off. Unfortunately, the launch, scheduled for August 29 had engine issues and more…

This month’s equinox on the 22nd of the month, brings approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness to the whole planet. It also marks the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, otherwise known as D.A.R.T. will occur on the 26th of this month. This will be the first test of NASA slamming an object the size of a dishwasher into an asteroid, directing it away from Earth. The success of this mission will prevent future asteroids from making contact with Earth and destroying humanity as it did with the dinosaurs.

On September 29, Spacex Crew 5 will send four people to the International Space Station. A few days later, the space crew that has been on the space station will return to Earth. The new crew will perform scientific experiments without gravity.

Wow!!! Now, let’s get into specific event dates …

September 1. Aurigid meteor shower will peak today. Your best chance of seeing any will be close to dawn.

September 3. The Moon will be at first quarter.

September 8. The Moon and Saturn will rise towards the right and will appear close to one another.

September 9. The September ε-Perseid meteor shower event occurs today with ideal viewing before dawn or after dusk today.

September 10. The full Harvest Moon should shine brightly this evening.

September 11. The Moon and Jupiter will rise to the right and appear close to each other.

September 16. The Moon and Mars will travel close to each other and will appear to rise to the right.

September 17. Our Harvest Moon will be in its final quarter.

September 22. Today is the first day of astronomical autumn.

September 26. Jupiter will be opposite of the Sun and should be visible all evening.

September 27. The Daytime Sextantid meteor shower will display this evening with prime viewing near dawn.


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