Celestial Seasonings – April 2023

By Heather Durham | March 30, 2023

Greetings one and all!  Spring is the season for renewal.

April is an exciting month for astronomy enthusiasts as it presents several opportunities to observe various celestial events. One of the most anticipated events in April is the Lyrid meteor shower, which typically occurs around April 22-23. With the Lyrids, viewers can expect bright, fast-moving meteors that leave persistent trains, making it a stunning spectacle to witness.

Another exciting event to look out for in April is the conjunction of the Moon and the planet Mars. This conjunction will take place on April 25, and it will be visible in the eastern sky just before sunrise. Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, is known for its distinctive reddish hue, and it will appear as a bright, reddish point of light next to the Moon.

In conclusion, April is a month that offers several exciting opportunities to observe the wonders of the universe. Whether it is the Lyrid meteor shower or the conjunction of the Moon and Mars, astronomy enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled with what the night sky has to offer. With clear skies and a little bit of patience, viewers can experience these celestial events firsthand and marvel at the beauty of the cosmos!

April 6: Get ready for the Full Pink Moon.

April 8: Look out for Mercury as it reaches its half-phase, also known as dichotomy.

April 11: Mercury will be at its highest point in the night sky and will be at its furthest point to the east from the Sun, also known as its greatest elongation east.

April 13: The Last Quarter Moon will be visible.

April 15: The Moon and Saturn will appear very close to each other in the sky, a phenomenon known as a conjunction.

April 16: The Moon and Saturn will make their closest approach.

April 23: Keep an eye out for the Lyrid meteor shower, which will be visible just before sunrise from the Constellation Hercules. The Moon and Venus will also be visible and will appear to be close together.

April 25: The Moon and Mars will be in conjunction, followed by a close approach of the two celestial bodies.

April 27: The Moon will be at its first quarter.


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