Milton’s Arithmetic Textbooks of 1878

By Muriel Bristol | October 31, 2018

An advertisement from the New-England Journal of Education issue of July 4, 1878, mentions the mathematics textbooks adopted for use in the Milton public district schools, or “common” schools. (Milton is included in the list of “Adopted For” towns (bolding added)).

The Milton School Superintendents of 1876 were M.V.B. Cook, J.N. Lowell, Freeman H. Lowd.

In 1880, Martin V.B. Cook was a farmer, aged forty-one years, John N. Lowell was a [Congregational] clergyman, aged thirty-three years, and Freeman H. Lowd was a bookkeeper, aged thirty-two years. (When they were superintendents, in 1876, they would have been aged 37, 29, and 28 years, respectively).

In 1880, Milton had about 260 inhabitants who had “attended school within the last year.”


Graded School Series Uniting Mental and Written Arithmetic in a Natural System of Instruction.

BY E.E. WHITE, A.M., Pres’t of Purdue University


  1. Special Exchange Price – For supplies for first introduction into schools in exchange for the corresponding old books of other series in use in the schools.
  2. Special Introduction Price – for supplies for first introduction into schools where not already in use.
  3. Regular Program – For supplies, not for first introduction, sent by express or freight on receipt of price by mall. If by mail, one-sixth must be added to cover postage.

Single Sample Copies to Teachers and School Officers will sent be post-paid, on receipt of Introduction price, with express understanding that they are for examination with a view to first introduction.

  • White’s Primary Arithmetic, $0.13 [Exchange], $0.17 [Introduction], $0.22 [Regular]
  • White’s Intermediate Arithmetic, $0.21 [Exchange], $0.28 [Introduction], $0.35 [Regular]
  • White’s Complete Arithmetic, $0.40 [Exchange], $0.52 [Introduction], $0.65 [Regular]

The Intermediate and Complete are published WITH and WITHOUT Answers, same price.


  • White’s Primary Arithmetic, $0.18 [Exchange], $0.25 [Introduction], $0.30 [Regular]
  • White’s Intermediate Arithmetic, $0.25 [Exchange], $0.35 [Introduction], $0.45 [Regular]
  • White’s Complete Arithmetic, $0.45 [Exchange], $0.60 [Introduction], $0.75 [Regular]. The Edition in Cloth is WITH Answers.
  • White’s Manual of Arithmetic, Key to Intermediate and Complete, $0.75 [Introduction], $0.75 [Regular]

Superior in the following Important particulars:

  • Superior Mental and Written Arithmetic combined in a philosophical manner.
  • White’s Arithmetic faithfully embody the Inductive Method.
  • Carefully graded, and no space wasted by useless repetitions.
  • Problems sufficiently numerous, varied, progressive, and practical.
  • Adapted to the present position of science, education, and business.
  • Useless and obsolete subjects omitted.
  • Best treatment of Common and Decimal Fractions.
  • Most extensive treatment of business transactions.
  • New and interesting matter in the applications of Percentage.
  • Remarkably simple methods for Equations of Accounts. – approved and used by business men.
  • Attractive typography and Illustrations.
  • Economy of time, labor, and money by use of White’s Arithmetics


Springfield, Mass., Bangor, Me., Augusta, Me., Calais, Me., Amesbury, Mass., W. Medway, Mass., Wareham, Mass., Peabody, Mass., Blackstone, Mass., Searsport, Me., Wolfboro, N.H., Laconia, N.H., Cumberland, R.I., Walpole, Mass., East Machias, Me., Gloucester, Mass., Lawrence, Mass., Waterville, Me., Hampton, N.H., Newmarket, N.H., Richmond, Me., Wellfleet, Mass., Pittsfield, N.H., Leominster, Mass., North Adams, Mass., Rockport, Mass., Groveton, N.H., Natick, Mass., Newmarket, N.H., Hiram, Me., Newport, N.H., Lewiston, Me., Newton, Mass., Hancock, N.H., Northboro, Mass., Great Falls, N.H., Ayer, Mass., Easton, Mass., Hopkinton, Mass., Brookfield, Mass., Stoughton, Mass., Milltown, Me., Rochester, N.H., Milford, N.H., Orange, Mass., Salmon Falls, N.H., Milbury, Mass., Auburn, Me., Marblehead, Mass., Nantucket, Mass., Grantville, Mass., Reading, Mass., Littleton, N.H., Marlboro, N.H., Gonic, N.H., London, N.H., Lisbon, N.H., Foxboro, Mass., Greenfield, Mass., South Paris, Me., Milton, N.H., Westerly, R.I., W. Brookfield, Mass.,

New York City, Memphis, Des Moines, La Fayette, Ind., Iowa City, Sioux City, New Albany, Ind., South Bend, Ind., Chilichoothe, O., Richmond, Va., Akron, O., Fond du Lac, Omaha, Little Rock, Wooster, O., Ottumwa, Tiffin, 0., Carbondale, Ill., Houston, Tex., Appleton, Wis., Jefferson City, Terre Haute, Ottawa, Kn, Seymour, Ind., Owensboro, Ky., Warren, O., Oberlin, O., Columbus, O., Bloomington, Ill., Logansport, Denver, Toledo, Burlington, Ia., Paris, Ky., Youngstown, O., Springfield, O.,

And Five Hundred Other Cities and Towns.

White’s Arithmetics are favorites in the Normal Schools; they are used in the following, among other important State and City Normals:

Maine State Normal, Farmington; Michigan State Normal; Nebraska Sate Normal; Pennsylvania State Normal, Edinboro; Kansas State Normal, Emporia; Minnesota State Normal, St. Cloud; North Missouri State Normal, Indiana State Normal, Terre Haute; Northern Illinois Normal University; Ohio Central Normal School; Western Ohio Normal, Euphemia; Denver Norm. and Clas. School; Normal Dept. Howard University; Rhode Island State Normal; New York State Normal, Albany; Maryland State Normal; Penn’a State Normal, Shippensburg; Minnesota State Normal, Wissun; Wisconsin State Normal, Platteville; South Missouri State Normal; North Indiana Normal, Valparaiso; Northwestern Ohio Normal; National Normal, Lebanon, O.; Galipelle (Ohio) Normal School; Helena (Ark.) Normal Academy; Moravia (town) Normal School;

And Private Schools and Academies generally.

VAN ANTWERP, BRAGG & Co., Publishers, Cincinnati and New York


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