Milton Businesses in 1881

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 1, 2018

Here is extracted the Milton (including Milton Mills) entry from the New Hampshire Register, State Year-book and Legislative Manual, for 1881.

It may be interesting to note the unexpected continuance of the Milton Classical Institute (whose article will thus require some revision).

Also, the apparent first inclusion of an ice merchant – the Granite State Ice Company – which had incorporated itself in 1878.

MILTON, STRAFFORD – Pop 1,516. N.E. fr. C., 40. N.W. fr. Dover, 20. R.R.S. [Railroad Station], Milton, on Ports. Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.; for Milton Mills, Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage. 

OFFICERS – Clerk, C.H. Looney; Treas., Ira Miller; Selectmen, H.B. Scates, D. Wallingford, Elbridge W. Fox; Supts. J.U. Simes, H.P. Pitcher. 

PostmastersC.H. Looney; West, T.F. Canney. 

Justices [of the Peace]Luther Hayes, С.H. Looney, E.W. Fox, M.V.B. Cook, B.F. Avery, С.C. Hayes, Staff; J.U. Sims, Joseph Plummer, В.В. Plummer, J.S. Hersey, Ira Miller, Geo. Lyman, J.F. Hart

Churches – Chris., D.B. Goodwin; Cong., ___ ___; F. Bap, C.L. Plumer.

Exp. & Tel. Ag’tDaniel Cockery PhysicianH.F. Pitcher

Hotels & Livery StablesRiverside House, С.H. Downs; Glendale House, H.G. Wentworth.

Literary InstitutionMilton Classical Institute, A.E. Cowell.

Manufacturers – boots and shoes, Wilson A. Morgan; excelsior, J.H. Avery & Co.; shoe boxes, Chas. H. Hayes; shoe knives, J.H. Duntley; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates & Lyman, Wentworth & Plummer, H.V. Wentworth & Son; L. Plummer, p.o. ad. Union. 

Mechanics – blacksmiths, H. Duntly & Son, N.B. Varney; carpenters, Joseph Mathes, E.H. Hersom, I.W. Jones, D.R. Fall, G.A. Swasey; hair dresser, ___ Watson; masons, Clark Foss, Wm. F. Wentworth, G.P. Otis; painter, G.F. Hodgdon, Timothy Remick; printer, J.Q.A. Soppin; shoemaker, George Tasker; wheelwrights, Joseph Mathes, Daniel Jenness. 

MerchantsJ.F. Hart, Dan. Cockery, J.D. Willey, Looney & Downes; fancy goods, Mrs. Ira S. Knox, Mrs. J.F. Hart; ice, Granite State Ice Company; millinery, Mrs. C.M. Roberts.

Milton MillsPostmaster & Ex. AgentE.W. Fox.

Churches – Adv., C.S. Shattuck, Joseph Spinney; Cong., C.F. Goldsmith; F. Bap., H.P. Mansur; Meth., W.C. Bartlett

Hotel & Livery Stables – Central House, C. Remick; Centennial House, J.W. Prescott.

Lawyer & Ins. Ag’t – E.F. Cloutman. 

Manufacturers – carriages and wheelwrights, John Brackett, A.O. Prescott; clothing, Asa Jewett; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g Co.; felt cloth, piano and table covers, D.H. Buffum & Co.; picture frames, E.A. Hargraves; plows, W.F. Cutts; saddle housings, L.B. Roberts; soap, E.G. Chamberlain; rubber linings, table and piano covers, Townsend & Co.; washing powder, E.J. Brierley. 

Mechanics – blacksmiths, Ebenezer Osgood, Nathaniel Rines, S.F. Rines, S.R. Runnells, John W. Brierley; carpenters, J.F. Titcomb, E.S. Simes, A.A. Fox, S. Hooper, A.B. Shaw, H. Wentworth, O. Wentworth, G.E. Simes, O.T. Fox; dress makers, Cora Lord, Mrs. Jewett; dyer, J.H. Whiteside; hair dresser, E.A. Hargrave; hair worker, Mrs. E.W. Balentine; harness makers, A. Sanborn & Son; jeweler, Wm. H. Jones; masons, J.G. Rines, Wm. Miller; (stone) E. Richards; painters, E.C. Abbott, C.E. Drew, J.R. Butler; photographer, F.R. Baker; plummer and roofer, J.D. Villars; printer, E.T. Libby; shoemakers, G.W. Merrill, W. Otterway, J.H. Charnley, John W. Hanson; tailor, B.F. Albee; undertaker, J Brackett. 

MerchantsAsa Fox & Son, A.A. Fox & Co., J.U. Simes, Ira Miller; carriages, J.F. & G.E. Hart; clothing, A. Jewett & Co.; confectionery, A.E. Hargraves, W.F. Hargraves; coffins and caskets, J. Brackett; dry goods, G.S. Lovering, F. Roberts; drugs and medicines, A.W. Low; fancy goods, Miss M.A. Berry, fish, J.F. Archibald, E. Trefethen; groceries, F.H. Lowd, J. Lewis, E.J. Brierley; jewelry, E.T. Libbey; millinery, Augusta Berry; millinery and fancy goods, Mrs. J.W. Prescott; periodicals, E.W. Fox, E.A. Hargraves; provisions, C.S. Lowd, J.E. Hayes; stoves and tin ware, Murray Bros. 

Miscellaneous – conveyancer, claim and collection agent, E.W. Fox; nurseryman, John Copp.

PhysiciansJ.С. Buck, C.W. Gross, M.K. Cowell, W.E. Pillsbury; dentist, E.G. Reynolds.

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Claremont Stationary Company. (1881). The New Hampshire Register, Farmer’s Almanac and Business Directory, for 1881. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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