Milton Hotels in 1860

By Muriel Bristol | January 10, 2019

Milton’s 1860 census enumerator, Elias S. Cook, made marginal notes next to Milton’s two hotel entries. They may or may not have been the actual hotel names, as opposed to a description of their location.

“Milton Hotel”

William Howard “Howard” Huntress (1822-1873) may have run his Milton hotel as early as September 1855 (and up until until his death in January 1873).

William H. Huntress was born in Milton, January 17, 1822, a son of William and Lydia A. (Hatch) Huntress. His mother died in Milton, December 19, 1830; and his father remarried there, July 1, 1832, Dorcas Dore.

William H. Huntress, left town for some years in the 1840s. He was a shoemaker, aged twenty-eight years, residing in the Natick, MA, household of his elder brother, Thomas H. Huntress, also a shoemaker, aged thirty-two years, at the time of the Seventh (1850) Federal Census.

He married, circa 1852-53, Sarah C. Tuttle. She was born in Barrington, NH, August 1, 1832, daughter of John and Esther C. (Moulton) Tuttle. They settled in Milton, where their first two children were born in 1854 and 1859.

William H. Huntress, a shoemaker, aged thirty-seven years, headed a Milton household at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census. His household included Sarah C. Huntress, aged twenty-seven years, Charles A. Huntress, aged six years, and John W. Huntress, aged one year.

Huntress’ household appeared next to that of his brother-in-law, Darwin Morse, a farmer, aged forty-seven years. (His father, stepmother, sister Phebe A. Morse, and nephew resided in the Morse household). They lived near School House No. 12 on what is now Silver Street, approaching its intersection with what is now Winding Road.

Joseph Jenness (1823-1892) lived in the hotel, which he apparently ran on Huntress’s behalf. It stood in the Milton downtown, in close proximity, and likely right next door, to the home of Dr. Stephen Drew (another marginal note: “Practicing Physician in Milton 40 years”).

Joseph Jenness was born in Somersworth, in 1823, son of Joseph and Hannah Jenness. He married November 16, 1845, Reliance C. Witherell. She was born in Monmouth, ME, January 30, 1829, daughter of Rufus and Sarah T. (White) Witherell. They resided in the Somersworth household of his parents in 1850.

Joseph Jenness, a landlord (“Milton Hotel”), aged thirty-six years, headed a Milton household at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census. His household included Reliance C. Jenness, aged thirty-one years. He had no real estate (and Huntress would be taxed for the licenses).

C. Crosby, a hired man, aged twenty-four years, resided there, with Emeline Crosby, aged twenty-one years, Lydia M. Crosby, aged thirty-one years, and Charles G. Crosby, aged seven years.

Nine men were listed as “boarders”: B.F. Rankin, aged twenty-five years, Charles Neal, aged twenty-two years, David Wentworth, aged twenty-three years, Charles Peckham, aged twenty-seven years, Charles Nudd, Esq., aged twenty-seven years, D. Palmer, aged twenty-five years, J.C. Robinson, aged thirty-two years, C.C. Smith, aged forty years, and James Miller, aged twenty-six years.

There were three female guests: Mrs. C. Lane, a teacher of music, aged thirty-one years, [sister-in-law] Pamelia C. Weatherell, aged twenty-nine years, and S.C. Goodrich, a dressmaker, aged twenty-two years.

Also staying in the hotel were three male guests: John R. Palmer, postmaster, aged twenty-four years, Dr. Jackson, a physician, aged forty-two years, and George Hattan, an “Indian Doctor,” aged fifty-five years.

The US Class II military draft list of June 1863 included both William H. Huntress, a hotel keeper, aged thirty-seven years, and Joseph Jenness, a stabler, aged thirty-nine years. Although exempt, due to being a married man of a certain age, Huntress had already enlisted in Company A of the Tenth NH Infantry Regiment, August 20, 1862. He mustered out of the Army at Richmond, VA, June 21, 1865.

The Federal government assessed Huntress for his 8th-class hotel, liquor license, and livery stable in the US Excise Tax of May 1864.

The Federal government again assessed Huntress for his hotel, liquor license, and livery stable in the US Excise Tax of May 1866. He appeared as proprietor of the “Milton” hotel in 1869-70.

William H. Huntress died in Milton, January 16, 1873. His widow died in Dover, NH, July 25, 1880. Landlord Joseph Jenness died in Dover, January 5, 1892. His widow died in Revere, MA, September 2, 1901.

“Milton Mills Hotel”

Lewis D. Reed (c1825-1870) was born in Dover, circa 1825. He married, circa 1843-44, Annette W. Randall. She was born in Lebanon, ME, circa 1827.

Lewis D. Reed, a painter, aged twenty-five years (born ME), headed a Somersworth household at the time of the Seventh (1850) Federal Census. His household included Annette W. Reed, aged twenty-three years (born ME), and Georgiana Reed, aged five years (born NH).

L.D. Reed, a landlord (“Milton Mills Hotel”), aged thirty-one years, headed a Milton (Milton Mills P.O.) household at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census. His household included Annetta Reed, aged thirty-three years, and Georgiana W. Reed, aged fourteen years. The census enumerator wrote “Milton Mills Hotel” in the margin next to the hotel entry. That may or may not have been its actual name, as opposed to a description.

Reed’s seven guests included W.B. Reynolds, a physician, aged thirty-two years, George Moulton, an expressman, aged forty-five years, C. Parker, a pedlar, aged fifty-five years, John Colby, a pedlar, aged thirty years, Ed. D. Colby, a pedlar, aged fifty-one years, H. Livingston, a pedlar, aged forty-three years, and Thomas Christie, a bread pedlar, aged thirty-nine years.

E. Osgood appeared next to L.D. Reed’s hotel in the 1860 enumeration, i.e., they lived in close proximity to each other. (Ebenezer Osgood’s residence appeared on later maps on Main Street, between Water Street and the Post Office).

Hotel guest William Buzzell Reynolds (1828-1877), a physician, aged thirty-three years, enlisted at Milton as a sergeant in the US Army, October 4, 1861. He was in Company F of the 2nd US Sharpshooter Regiment, as of November 26, 1861, promoted to Assistant Surgeon, December 5, 1861, and Surgeon, August 12, 1863. He mustered out January 12, 1865.

The US Class II military draft list of June 1863 included Lewis D. Reed, aged thirty-eight years, hotel keeper, of Milton.

The Federal government would assess L.D. Reed for his 7th-class hotel, liquor license, and livery stable in its US Excise Tax of May 1864. It again assessed Reed for his hotel, liquor license, and livery stable in the US Excise Tax of May 1866.

Lewis D. Reed died in Milton, March 31, 1870.

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