Milton in the Sixth (1840) Federal Census

by Muriel Bristol | January 12, 2019

Milton made its fourth appearance as its own town in the Sixth Federal Census (1840). (It had separated from Rochester in 1802). It had 1,380 residents on Monday, June 1, 1840: 699 males (50.7%) and 681 females (49.3%).

Milton had 250 households with an average 5.5 inhabitants per household. Only 18 households (7.2%) were headed by a female.

Milton had 428 Scholars attending at 17 Academies & Grammar Schools. There were 12 White Persons Over 20 Years of Age Who Cannot Read and Write. There were 2 persons who were Blind, 1 who was Insane or Idiotic at Private Charge, and 2 who were Insane or Idiotic at Public Charge.

The surnames represented as heads of household (all other inhabitants were identified as counts only by age and sex) were: Adams, Applebee, Archibald, Bansfield, Berry, Blaisdell, Brackett, Bragdon, Burleigh, Burnham, Butler, Chamberlain, Clark, Clement, Cook, Courson, Dearborn, Dore, Dow, Downs, Drew, Dunnell, Duntley, Edgerly, Elaskey, Ellis, Emerson, Farnham, Fernald, Foss, Fox, Gerrish, Goodwin, Guptill, Hanson, Hart, Hartford, Hayes, Henderson, Hill, Hodgdon, Horne, How, Huntress, Hussey, Jenkins, Jewett, Jones, Knowles, Leighton, Looney, Lord, Lyman, McMillan, Main, Matthes, Matthews, Merrill, Merrow, Meserve, Miller, Mills, Moulton, Nason, Nute, Nutter, Osgood, Pager, Pinkham, Place, Plumer, Quimby, Remick, Ricker, Rines, Roberts, Robinson, Rundle, Sanborn, Scates, Searles, Shores, Simes, Stevens, Swasey, Swinerton, Tasker, Tibbetts, Tuttle, Twombly, Varney, Wakeham, Walker, Wallingford, Warren, Wentworth, Wiggin, Willey, Witham, Worcester, Worster, and Young.

Thomas Applebee, aged eighty-four years, Amos Bragdon, aged seventy-eight years, David Corsen, aged seventy-nine years, Benaiah Dore, aged seventy-five years, Jonathan Dore, aged eighty-three years, Sarah Nute, aged seventy-seven years (household of David Nute), Elizabeth Roberts, aged eighty years (household of James C. Roberts) were listed in an addendum as Pensioners for Revolutionary or military services.

169 of Milton’s inhabitants were aged under 5 years of age (89 males and 80 females), 172 were aged 5-9 years (89 males and 83 females), 180 were aged 10-14 years of age (92 males and 88 females), 132 were aged 15-19 (79 males and 53 females), 214 were aged 20-29 years of age (115 males and 99 females), 158 were aged 30-39 years of age (71 males and 87 females), 129 were aged 40-49 years of age (62 males and 67 females), 90 were aged 50-59 years of age (41 males and 49 females), 68 were aged 60-69 years of age (34 males and 34 females), 48 were aged 70-79 years of age (18 males and 30 females), 17 were aged 80-89 years of age (8 males and 9 females), and 3 were aged 90-99 years of age (1 males and 2 females). All of these were “free white” inhabitants.

531 of 1,380 Milton’s inhabitants were employed: 425 (80.0%) in Agriculture, 83 (15.6%) in Manufacture and the Trades, 20 (3.8%) in Commerce, and 3 (0.6%) in the Learned Professions and Engineering.

A NH Gazetteer of 1840 reported Milton’s Productions of the Soil as Indian Corn, 292 bushels; Hay, 2,296 tons; Potatoes, 32,622 bushels; Wool, 4,625 pounds, and Maple Sugar, 473 pounds. (Figures difficult to read).

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