Milton in the News – 1867

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | January 28, 2019

Despite what was published in the Vermont Record, the deserving young Albert M. Johnson never got anywhere near Milton, NH. It would seem he never got to Wilton, NH, either.

WILMINGTON. Mr. A.W. Johnson of Wilmington will not go to Shelburne Falls, as was stated a week or two since in the Record, but to Milton, N.H., to engage in business as a dentist. Mr. Johnson is a deserving young man and we trust will meet with prosperity (Vermont Record (Brandon, VT), March 23, 1867).

WILMINGTON. In the Record of last week, read, A.M. Johnson will go to Wilton, N.H, instead of A.W. Johnson to Milton, N.H.; for Mrs. Abby “Hitt,” read, Mrs. Abby Witt. The bull sold by H. & C.T. Alvord to Dr. Rockwell as appeared under Brattleboro Items, was not ten years old but two (Vermont Record (Brandon, VT), March 30, 1867).

Albert Johnson, a farmer, aged twenty-one years, registered for the Civil War draft in Wilmington, VT, in June 1863. This would seem to have been a pointless bureaucratic exercise, as he had already enlisted as a private soldier in Company F of the Sixteenth Vermont Infantry regiment September 11, 1862. He received his discharge in August 1863 (Eleventh (1890) Federal Census (Veterans Schedule)).

Albt. Johnson, a dentist, aged twenty-seven years, headed a Manchester, VT, household at the time of the Ninth (1870) Census. His household included Mary Johnson, keeping house, aged twenty-four years, and Walter Johnson, aged two years. Thereafter, the Johnson family resided in Wilmington, VT, again.

Fortunately, the Milton Observer has been more accurate (to date) than the Vermont Record‘s ham-fisted type-setter of March 1867. 🙂

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Author: Muriel Bristol

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