Milton in the News – 1869

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | January 30, 2019

In this year, we encounter an apparently conscience-stricken dog and the departure from Milton of the Rev. James Doldt. (This was also the year in which the Milton Mills Methodist Church congregation organized itself).

MISCELLANEOUS NEWS ITEMS. A little girl at Milton, N.H., named Galnagh, a short time ago had two pets, a chicken and a small dog, and the three were almost constantly together. The little girl was one day feeding her pets, when the dog bit the chicken so badly that it soon died, whereupon the dog refused all food that was placed before him. He actually died of starvation (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, March 20, 1869).

James Galnah, a farm laborer, aged sixty-one years (born Ireland), headed a Milton (Milton Mills P.O.) household at the time of the Ninth (1870) Federal Census. His household included Eliza Galnah, aged fifty-two years (born Maine), and Mary A. Galnah, aged twelve years (born NH). They lived in close proximity to the household of Henderson Willey, a farmer, aged fifty-five years, who had real estate valued at $3,000 and personal estate valued at $1,400.

It would seem that Mary A. Galnagh, daughter of James and Eliza (Trask) Galnagh, was the “little girl named Galnagh.”

Milton’s Congregational minister of over twenty years transferred away near the end of this year.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Rev. James Doldt of Milton, is to supply the church in Canterbury one year and will soon commence his labors there (Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT), December 11, 1869).

The early career of the Rev. James Doldt, then of North Wolfeboro, was described in 1846:

WOLFBORO’, NORTH. Rev. James Doldt was the son of Frederick Doldt of Groton, Ms. [MA]. He was licensed by the Hollis Association, and, on leaving the Seminary at Gilmanton, supplied one year at Ossipee and Effingham. He married Eliza, daughter of Edmund Stevens of Canterbury” (Prescott, 1846).

The Rev. Doldt transferred from North Wolfeboro to Milton in (or around) 1846. He appeared in the Milton business directories of 1867-68 and 1869-70. After his 1869 departure from Milton, he “supplied” the pulpit in his wife’s home town of Canterbury until 1886 (when he resigned for health reasons and died shortly thereafter).

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