Milton Businesses in 1867-68

By Muriel Bristol | October 15, 2018

The New-Hampshire Political Manual and Annual Register for the Year 1868 entries for Milton. The compiler gathered his information from data available in 1867.

MILTON, (Originally part of Rochester), incorporated June 11, 1802. Population, 1820, 1232; 1850, 1619; 1860, 1862.

Postmasters, Ezra H. Twombly; Mills, Elbridge W. Fox; West, Edward L. Goodwin; South, J.C. Plumer.

Selectmen – Charles Jones, George Lyman, Elbridge W. Fox.

Town clerk – Joseph Mathes.

ClergymenJames Doldt, Caleb F. Page (Mills), Cong.; Nathan C. Lothrop, F. Bap.

PhysiciansStephen Drew, George W. Peavy.

Justices – Charles Jones, Luther Hayes, State; Elbridge W. Fox, Joseph Plumer, Ebenezer Wentworth, Ezra H. Twombly, Joseph Mathes, Charles A. Cloutman, Asa Jewett, Elias S. Cook, Joseph Cook, Robert Mathes, Eli Fernald, Asa Jewett, Daniel S. Burley, Ira C. Varney, George Lyman, George W. Peavey.

MerchantsJohn E. Twombly, Joseph Sawyward (Milton); Asa Fox & Son, Bray U. Simes, John U. Simes, Benjamin F. Hubbard (Mills), dry goods and groceries.

ManufacturersMilton Mills Manufacturing Co., George H. Jones, E.R. Mudge & Co., flannels. 

Elsewhere in the directory, we find Milton’s valuation, as of 1864, and its votes in recent elections.

TABULAR STATEMENT BY TOWNS of Distance from Concord, of Vote for Railroad Commissioner, 1867; Population of 1860; Valuation of 1864; and proportion on $1000 of State Tax.

40 [Miles from Concord], Milton, 240 [Votes for Gault], 107 [Votes for Pierce], 1,862 [Population], $453,831 [Valuation], $3.50 [per $1,000 State Tax rate].

For US President, in November 1864, Milton gave 213 votes [66.8%] to incumbent Republican President Abraham Lincoln and 106 votes [33.2%] to Democrat General George McClellan. President Lincoln won the overall election.

For US Representative, in March 1865, Milton gave 247 votes [75.3%] to Republican General Gilman Marston (16 of them from the “soldier vote”), 79 votes [24.1%] to Democrat Marey (1 of them from the “soldier vote”), and 2 [0.6%] “scattering.” General Marston won the overall election.

For NH Governor, in March 1866, Milton gave 215 votes [67.8%] to incumbent Republican Governor Frederick Smythe, and 102 votes [32.2%] to Democrat John G. Sinclair. Governor Smythe won the overall election.

For NH Governor, in March 1867, Milton gave 286 votes [73.0%] to Republican NH Secretary of State Walter Harriman, and 106 votes [27.0%] to Democrat John G. Sinclair. Secretary Harriman won the overall election. (Governor Harriman would be succeeded in office after two terms by former NH State Senator Onslow Stearns).

Under the heading [N.H.] Representatives, Milton had two: Republicans Hiram V. Wentworth and John U. Simes. (Middleton was represented by incumbent Democrat Charles York).

Hiram V. Wentworth occupied House seat 2-42 and lodged during the session at the Eagle hotel in Concord. (Commuting would have been impracticable). Twenty-seven other Representatives lodged there also: sixteen Republicans and eleven Democrats. (Hiram V. Wentworth became one of ten incorporators of the Milton Classical Institute at just about this time).

John U. Simes occupied House seat 5-33 and boarded at G.L. Nutter’s boarding-house in Concord. Three other Republican Representatives, from Dover, Farmington, and Rochester, lodged there also. Wentworth served on the Manufactures committee, while Simes served on the Claims committee.

(Note: Today, Milton and Middleton share a single district with two representatives, versus the two towns having independently two and one representatives, respectively, for a total of three representatives. Increases in population have occurred since then, and have occurred in greater proportions elsewhere than in Milton and Middleton, thus occasioning reduced representation compared with that of the past. (See The Mathematical Limits of Representation)).

Next in sequence: Milton Businesses in 1868.


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