Milton Businesses in 1868

By Muriel Bristol | March 15, 2020

A NH-wide business directory for 1868 (or 1868-69) has come to hand, from which the Milton entries have been extracted below. (Some revisions or additions to pre-existing articles are now possible).

POPULATION OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, According to the Census of 1860. STRAFFORD COUNTY. 31,493. Milton, 1,862.

POST-OFFICES AND POST-MASTERS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Milton, Ezra H. Twombley; South Milton, Hiram V. Wentworth; West Milton, Edward L. Goodwin; Milton Mills, Elbridge W. Fox.

LEGISLATURE. SENATE. Dist. No. 5 – Alonzo Nute, Farmington. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Strafford County. Milton. – John W. Simes, H.V. Wentworth.

COUNTY OFFICERS. Strafford County. Sheriff. Luther Hayes, Milton (South). JUSTICES. [Justices of the Peace] Milton. – Charles Jones, Luther Hayes, Elbridge W. Fox, Joseph Plumer, Ebenezer Wentworth, Ezra H. Twombly, Joseph Mathes, Charles A. Cloutman, Asa Jewett, Elias S. Cook, Joseph Cook, Robert Mathes, Eli Fernald, Asa Jewett, Daniel S. Burley, Ira C. Varney, George Lyman, George W. Peavey.

Milton Entries

Academies. Milton Classical Institute, W.D. Ewer, prin., Milton.

Blacksmiths. Duntley, Hazen, Milton; Osgood, Ebenezer, Rines, Nathaniel, Rines, Samuel F., Runnells, Alvah, Milton Mills; Goodwin, J & D.B., West Milton.

Boot & Shoe Manufacturers. Bennett, James, [of] Dover, Milton; Varney John H., Milton.

Box Manufacturers (See also Paper Box Manufacturers). Tuttle, William P., (sugar), South Milton.

Carpenters and Builders. Lucas, John; Mathes, Joseph; Simes, George E.; Swasey, George A.; Milton.

Carpet Manufacturers. Pine Valley Co., Milton.

Clergymen. Doldt, James (C.T.), Milton; Lothrop, Nathan C. (F.B.), Milton; Page, —- (C.T.), Milton Mills; Lang; Larkin A. (F.B.), West Milton.

Country Stores. Where is kept a general assortment of dry goods, groceries, agricultural implements, etc. Those who deal in but one kind of goods will be found under their appropriate headings. Hart, Mark H., Milton; Sayward, Joseph, Milton; Twombly, John E., Milton; Fox, Asa & Son, Milton Mills; Hubbard, Benjamin F., Milton Mills; Simes, Bray U., Milton Falls; Simes, John U., Milton Falls; Goodwin, Edward L., West Milton.

Grist Mills. Tuttle, Wm. P., South Milton; Horne, David, Milton Mills; Jack, Alexander, Milton Mills.

Hotels. Milton House, Wm. H. Huntress, Milton; Central Hotel, Ira Miller, Milton Mills.

Lumber Dealers. Hayes, Luther, South Milton.

Manufacturing Companies. (with kinds of goods manufactured). Milton Mills (blankets, etc.), Milton Mills.

Painters. (House, Sign, Carriage and Ornamental). Mathes, Robert, Milton; Hatch, Elijah, West Milton.

Physicians. Drew, Stephen, Milton; Peavey, George W., Milton; Swazey, Charles E., Milton Mills.

Saw Mills. Plumer, Lewis, Milton; Wentworth, Geo. W., Milton; Tuttle, Wm. P., South Milton.

Shingle Mills. (See also Saw Mills). Tuttle, Wm. P,., South Milton.

Shook Manufacturers. (See also Coopers). Hayes, L. & Co. (hogsheads), Milton.

Stables. Huntress, William M., Milton; Miller, Ira, Milton Mills; Buffum, —-, Milton.

Woolen Goods Manufacturers. (See also Hosiery). Briley, Edward (flannels), Milton [Mills]; Milton Mills (flannels and blankets), Milton Mills.

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Briggs & Co. (1868). The New Hampshire Business Directory, for the Year Commencing April 1, 1868. Boston, MA: Briggs & Company, Publishers, 25 Kilby Street

Author: Muriel Bristol

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