Milton in the News – 1881

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | March 14, 2019

In this year, we encounter a report of another major fire in the Milton business district.

Milton experienced another major fire in its business district. (Stop at the semicolon: the remainder concerns a fire in New York City).

JUST THE JUICE. At Milton, N.H., thirteen offices, bank and several stores burned, at loss of $60000, partially insured; fire on ground floor of six-story tenement house in New York, containing one hundred and twenty families, causes terrible panic, but police use clubs effectually and. drive people out, preventing awful calamity (Leavenworth (KS) Times, January 21, 1881).

This fire, which destroyed about seventeen to eighteen buildings (at a cost of $60,000), may be compared with that of 1874, which destroyed twenty-five buildings (at a cost of $97,000).

(A loss of $60,000 in 1881 may be roughly – very roughly – translated into $1,486,918 in 2019 dollars).

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Author: Muriel Bristol

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