Milton in the News – 1892

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | May 2, 2019

In this year, we encounter an objection to school busing (via wagon), and a Nute High school teacher on her vacations.

Alfred W. Jones was born in Randolph, MA, October 30, 1848, son of William and Sally W. (Ellis) Jones. He married in East Rochester, NH, May 3, 1870, Ella S. Kimball. She was born in North Berwick, ME, circa 1850, daughter of John B. and Sabrina Kimball.

Alfred Jones, a farmer, aged thirty years (b. NH), headed a Milton household at the time of the Tenth (1880) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Ella Jones, keeping house, aged twenty-eight years (b. NH). He appeared in the enumeration between the household of Henry Downs, a farmer, aged sixty years (b. Canada), and that of Benjamin W. Foss, a farmer, aged fifty-nine years (b. NH).

Costly Economy. Mr. Alfred W. Jones of Milton, N.H., complains of the new school law in that state. By the provisions of the law, school boards are authorized to convey children in sparsely settled districts to the village schools. Mr. Jones complains that in carrying out this law some school boards practice an improper economy in furnishing poor teams and incompetent drivers. In some cases the drivers are worse than incompetent, being men of low class, given to drink, vulgarity and profanity. He says “I would rather go back to the old law than to have our children receive more schooling and be ruined.” (New England Farmer (Boston, MA), February 20, 1892).

We shall encounter Mr. Jones again in a few years, when vulgar school-wagon drivers would be the least of his concerns.

The Nute High School had opened its doors for the first time in September 1891, with Miss Sarah L. Benson as one of its original teachers.

Here we find her returning to Milton from her Christmas break and, later, visiting Brattleboro, VT, and Heath, MA, on her summer vacation. She maintained always a permanent address at her step-mother’s Brattleboro home (while her step-mother lived).

PERSONAL. Miss Sarah L. Benson returned this week to Milton, N.H., where she is a teacher in the Nute High school (Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, VT), January 1, 1892).

PERSONAL. Miss Sarah L. Benson, a teacher in the Nute High school at Milton, N.H., has returned to Brattleboro for the summer vacation (Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro, VT), July 1, 1892).

NORTH HEATH. Miss Sarah S. Benson from Brattleboro, who is employed at school keeping at Milton N.H., is taking her vacation of a few weeks with her many friends in this vicinity (Deerfield Valley Times (Wilmington, VT), August 19, 1892).

See also Milton Teacher of 1891-95 for a more complete biographical sketch of her life.

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