Milton in the News – 1943

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | December 23, 2019

In this year, we encounter Rev. Maxfield on the road, Red Cross fundraising, a South Milton fire, a camp for sale, camps for rent, a cottage for sale, Rev. Patterson on the road, and the reopening of the Silver Slipper dance hall.

It was in this year that the tide began to turn against National Socialist (Nazi) Germany and the Japanese empire. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) held and then defeated German forces at the Battle of Kursk (July-August). The western allies defeated Axis forces in North Africa (May), began their strategic bombing of Germany (June), and invaded the Italian Social Republic, first at Sicily (July) and then the Italian mainland (September). In the Pacific, the allies began their assault on Japanese forces in the Gilbert and Marshall islands (November).

Rev. Leland L. Maxfield was the guest pastor at the Baptist church in Glenville, NY, in March.

GUEST CLERIC FOR BAPTISTS. The Rev. Leland L. Maxfield of Milton, N.H., will supply the Baptist pulpit Sunday at the 11 A.M. worship service. The Rev. Maxfield, who has served five years as pastor of the Baptist Church in Milton, holds a degree of Bachelor of Divinity from Gordon College of Theology and Missions in addition to the regular bachelor’s degree. Sunday school will be conducted at 10 A.M. Sunday with E.E. Griffith, superintendent, in charge. The union service at 7:30 will be in the Methodist Church. Union mid-week prayer service will be conducted at 7:30 P.M. Wednesday in the church. Classes in religious education will be conducted Wednesday afternoon and high school classes Friday afternoon (Post Star (Glenville, NY), March 6, 1943).

Kennett R. Kendall of Rochester, NH, reported that the local Red Cross chapter, which included Milton, had achieved its fund-raising quota.

Rochester Tops Red Cross Quota. The Rochester Chapter of the American Red Cross, which includes the towns of Strafford, Farmington, New Durham, Middleton, Milton Mills, Milton, N.H., and Lebanon, Me., has met its quota of $18,500 for the 1943 Red Cross War Fund drive, it was announced last night by Kennett R. Kendall, chairman of the drive (Portsmouth Herald, April 1, 1943).

Kennett R. Kendall, an insurance agent, aged thirty years (b. NH), headed a Rochester, NH, household at the time of the Sixteenth (1940) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Mary N. Kendall, aged twenty-seven years (b. ME), his son, Kennett Kendall, Jr., aged two years (b. NH), and his housekeeper, Sara Berry, a private family housekeeper, aged twenty-one years (b. NH). Kennett R. Kendall owned their house at 82 Charles Street, which was valued ay $4,000.

Laura M. McKeagney lost her Milton house to a fire. Her son, George A. McKeagney, a garage proprietor, had become Milton police chief in 1939 (in the aftermath of Milton and the Horne Murder – 1939). He appears to have become a NH State Trooper in the intervening years.

SOUTH MILTON, N.H. (AP). The home of Mrs. Laure McKeagney, mother of State Trooper George A. McKeagney, was destroyed by fire yesterday with damage estimated at $5,000 (Brattleboro Reformer, May 18, 1943).

Laura M. [(Gibson)] McKeagney, a fibreboard mill office clerk, aged fifty years (b. MA), headed a Milton household at the time of the Sixteenth (1940) Federal Census. Her household included her children, George A. McKeagney, a garage proprietor, aged thirty-one years (b. MA), Robert B. McKeagney, an N.Y.A. project foreman, aged nineteen years (b. MA), and her brother, Edwin J. Gibson, a she shop shoe repairer, aged sixty-one years (b. MA). Laura M. McKeagney owned their house on the Old Road, which was valued at $4,500.

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Houses for Sale 120. THREE APARTMENT HOUSE, two apartments furnished. Near yard, $4,200. Small camp, all furnished, at Milton, N.H., $1,000. Also 1941 Chevrolet Sedan, $700. Must be sold at once. Apply 26 Otis Ave., Kittery, Maine. Tel. 3657-R, between 6:30 to 7 pm. 3t m20 (Portsmouth Herald, May 20, 1943).

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT. Vacation Places. 113. STEVENS COTTAGES. Northeast pond, Milton. N.H., $14-$21. 12t j1 (Portsmouth Herald, July 8, 1943).

THE REAL ESTATE MARKET. MILTON, N.H. For sale, 7 rm. single cottage house, town water, electricity, near schools, churches, stores, depot and buses: sold on account of sickness, rents for $180 a year: pays 10% on the investment. Call Par. 1205. John S. Genter (Boston Globe, August 22, 1943).

George S. Genter, a restaurant manager, aged sixty-seven years (b. MA), headed a Boston, MA, household at the time of the Sixteenth (1940) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Mary E. Genter, aged sixty-five years (b. MA), and his brother, John S. Genter, aged sixty-nine years (b. MA). George S. Genter rented their house at 30 Penfield street, for $40 per month. (John S. Genter was a retired real estate salesman; he died in 1949).

Rev. Leroy Patterson of the Milton Mills Baptist church is here remembered in his hometown paper as a former high school football and track star.

Sunday Church Services. Undenominational. East Altoona Undenominational, services to be held Sunday, August 22, through Sunday, August 29, at 7:30 p.m. Rev. Leroy Patterson, speaker. Rev. Patterson is a former High school football and track star, later star fullback for Wheaton college. He is pastor of Milton Mills, N.H., Baptist church. The subjects for the week are: Sunday, “Beauty for Ashes.” Monday, “is One Religion as Good as Another ” Tuesday, “The Preacher Who Tried to Run Away From God.” Wednesday, “And After That … The Spokesman in This Age.” Friday, “What Wilt Thou Do at the Swelling of the Jordan?” Sunday, “It’s Later Than You Think.’ (Altoona Tribune (Altoona, PA), August 21, 1943).

The Silver Slipper dance pavilion reopened in Milton under new management after having been closed for several years.

RED’S MUSIC MAKERS OPEN SILVER SLIPPER AT MILTON. On Thanksgiving night, this Thursday, November 25, Red’s Music Makers will hold a grand opening dance at the Silver Slipper in Milton and will feature their sax team which composes one of the best dance bands in New England. This dance will be followed by a series of Saturday night dates at this well known dance hall. The Silver Slipper formerly was one of the most popular recreation centers in this vicinity and the dance fans will hail with enthusiasm its reopening under the management of Red’s Music Makers. Remember that every Saturday night you have a date at the Silver Slipper (Farmington News, November 26, 1943).

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