Milton Classical Institute – Redux

By Muriel Bristol | Match 20, 2020

Institute Bldg (3) -Detail
Institute Building, 1888

This is not a new article in itself, but serves merely to advise our readers that new information has come to hand that allowed for a significant expansion of our earlier study of the Milton Classical Institute (1867-c1889).

Prior to the Milton Classical Institute, Milton students who wanted to continue past the district or “common” school level might avail themselves of the resources at the subscription Milton Social Library – 1822.

Briefly, the Milton Classical Institute was a private secondary school that operated in the former Union church at Milton Three Ponds between 1867 and circa 1889. As such it was a precursor to the Nute High School that would establish itself corporately on February 15, 1889.

The Milton Classical Institute building was sold at auction on Saturday, August 29, 1891. Its new owner, merchant Joseph D. Willey, intended to convert it for residential use. Nute High School opened its doors (under Principal William K. Norton) on Tuesday, September 8, 1891.

Author: Muriel Bristol

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