Milton Automobiles in 1909-10

By Muriel Bristol | March 29, 2020

Milton 3-Ponds’ automobile owners and drivers of 1910 were: George E. Jordan, a shoe factory cutter; Wilbur C. Knight, a machine man [a machine repairman] for United Shoe Machinery; and James J. Buckley, a general practice physician. The single motorcyclist was George N. Corson, a drug store clerk. (His Indian-brand motorcycle would have been more like a motorized bicycle than a modern motorcycle).

REO Record - PH090223
REO Advertisement (Portsmouth Herald, February 23, 1909)

Milton Mills’ automobile owners and drivers of 1910 were: Arthur M. Flye, a dry goods and grocery merchant; Asa A. Fox, an undertaker; Forrest L. Marsh, a general practice attorney; R. Seth Pike, a butcher; John C. Townsend, a farmer; and John E. Townsend, a woolen blanket manufacturer. Frank D. Stevens was a general farm laborer and, apparently, a chauffeur (without automobile), perhaps for the elderly John E. Townsend.

Marmon 32 - IS090207
Nordyke & Marmon’s Marmon Model 32 (Indianapolis Star, February 7, 1909)

Automobiles were relatively expensive items at this time. Most of those listed above had some business use for an automobile, such as deliveries or travel, or were wealthy men, or both. For example, one may imagine Milton Mills manufacturer John E. Townsend sending an automobile to pick up business associates or clients at the Union railroad station. (See also Milton Businesses in 1909).

Elmore 36-B - BG110528
Elmore Model 36-B Touring Car (Boston Globe, May 28, 1911).

The automobile registration numbers below would have appeared with the prefix “N.H.” on license plates.

Automobile Registrations, September 1, to December 31, 1909

  1.  Forrest L. Marsh, Milton

New Hampshire Automobile Registrations, January 1, 1910, to September 1, 1910

  1. 1235, A.M. Flye, Milton, 22 hp. Buick
  2. 1464, A.A. Fox, Milton Mills, 30 hp. Elmore
  3. 2141, R.S. Pike, Milton Mills, 18 hp. Buick
  4. 3100, J.E. Townsend, Milton Mills, 45 hp. Nordyke & Marmon
  5. 3526, G.E. Jordan, Milton, 20 hp. Reo
  6. 4027, J.C. Townsend, Milton, 30 hp. Peerless
  7. 4152, W.C. Knight, Milton, 40 hp. Overland
  8. 4268, F.L. Marsh, Milton, 22 hp. Buick
  9. 4532, J.J. Buckley, Milton, 25 hp. Overland
  10. 4600, J.E. Townsend, Milton Mills, 40 hp. Overland


  1. C306, George N. Corson, Milton, Indian

Professional Chauffeurs

  1. Milton – Frank D. Stevens

Asa A. Fox of Milton Mills took his friends for a drive whose route passed through Farmington.

PERSONAL. On Wednesday, Mr. A.A. Fox of Milton Mills was in [Farmington] town with a party of friends, in his automobile (Farmington News, August 24, 1906).

Some tourists stopped over at Milton Mills’ Central House on their automobile trip to Bretton Woods.

PERSONAL. A distinguished party from Brookline, Mass., were guests at the Central House Tuesday night. They included Mrs. J.M. Longyear, her two daughters and one son, Miss Margaret Glum of Columbus, Ohio, and Countess Hedda Levenhaupt of Stockholm, Sweden, and their chauffeur. They were enjoying a trip to Bretton Woods in their touring car (Farmington News, September 20, 1907).

There were no driving tests or automobile inspections at this time. Licenses and registrations were a by-mail process. Apparently, one could even learn to be a chauffeur through taking a correspondence course.

WANTED – Young men to learn automobile business by mail and prepare for positions as chauffeurs and repair men. We make you expert in ten weeks; assist you to secure position. Pay big; work pleasant; demand for men great; reasonable; write for particulars and sample lesson. Empire Automobile Institute, Rochester, N.Y. – ch-hm28-29 (Portsmouth Herald, May 29, 1909).

Wind chill was a factor when driving an open car. One would want to have a driving coat (with a turn-up collar), a cap and gloves. Goggles and a scarf would be useful too.

Automobile Toggery. We can fit you out in anything you may wish for in this line. We have a large variety and all the latest things in Coats, Caps and Gloves. Lothrops-Farnham Co., 21-23 No. Main Street, Rochester, N.H. Tel 123-3 (Farmington News, June 18, 1909).

Coastal motorists jammed Portsmouth roadways on weekends even as early as 1909.

CITY BRIEFS. It is estimated that three hundred automobiles passed through here [Portsmouth] on Sunday (Portsmouth Herald, August 2, 1909).

LOCAL DASHES. The Overland touring cars are handsome, reliable, quiet running and the equal of any $2000 car on the market. No extra charge for “fore door” bodies (Portsmouth Herald, February 13, 1911).

Here we find some Wakefield ladies out for a weekend drive through Milton Mills and Milton.

UNION. Mrs. Ernest Walker and Miss Mary Horne were given an auto ride through Milton Mills and Milton Saturday, kindness of Mrs. E.F. Hamlin (Farmington News, July 28, 1911).

Just after the 1910 registration period mentioned here, the number of New Hampshire’s automobile registrations rose from 2,100 in 1911 to 3,000 in 1912.

Interesting Items. New Hampshire registration of automobiles has reached nearly 3,000, which is about 900 over last year’s figures at the same time, and most of the auto dealers report larger sales of new cars than ever before (Farmington News, May 10, 1912).

For a rather brief description of the main route through Milton in this period (1917-18), see also Milton, Straight Thru (North), in 1918.

Previous in sequence: Milton Automobiles in 1906-07.


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