Milton’s Dr. James J. Buckley (1877-1930)

By Muriel Bristol | February 7, 2021

James Joseph Buckley was born in Dover, NH, February 19, 1877, son of Daniel and Catherine (McCarthy) Buckley. (His parents were Irish immigrants).

He attended the public schools of his native city while taking his preparatory and pre-medical courses (Cutter, 1932).

James Joseph Buckley, of Milton, graduated from Dartmouth College’s Medical School with its Class of 1900 (Dartmouth College, 1906).

He finished his academic training at Dartmouth College, taking his medical studies at Dartmouth Medical School, from which he was graduated with his degree in the class of 1900, commencing practice in Milton, New Hampshire, the year he left medical school (Cutter, 1932).

Daniel Buckley, a cotton mill spinner, aged fifty-six years (b. Ireland), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of twenty-six years), Katharine Buckley, aged fifty-four years (b. Ireland), and his children, Daniel J. Buckley, a druggist, aged twenty-six years (b. NH), James J. Buckley, a physician, aged twenty-three years (b. NH), and Annie G. Buckley, at school, aged seventeen years (b. NH). Daniel Buckley owned their house at 664 Central Ave., free-and-clear. Katherine Buckley was the mother of three children, of whom three were still living.

J.J. Buckley appeared in the Milton business directories of 1901, and 1904, as a Milton physician. He was a physician at 16 So. Main street in 1905-06, and 1909.

James Joseph Buckley married in Manchester, NH, August 12, 1903, Minnie Eula “Eula” Hussey, both of Milton. He was a physician, aged twenty-six years, and she was aged twenty-five years. Bishop Dennis M. Bradley performed the ceremony. She was born in Acton, ME, May 23, 1878, daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte E. (Huff) Hussey. (Her father was a musician).

MILTON. Mrs. J.J. Buckley and Mrs. R.K. Webber are attending the W.R.C. convention at Concord, as delegates (Farmington News, April 8, 1904).

The Women’s Relief Corp (or W.R.C) had its origin as the women’s auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), which was a Civil War veterans’ organization.

MILTON. Mrs. J.J. Buckley has been quite ill during the past week (Farmington News, April 22, 1904).

James J. Buckley, a general practice physician, aged thirty-three years (b. NH), headed a Milton (“Milton 3-Ponds”) household at the time of the Thirteenth (1910) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of five years), Minnie E. Buckley, aged thirty-one years (b. ME). James J. Buckley rented their house.

J.J. Buckley of Milton did not have an automobile in 1906-07, but had acquired a 40-horsepower Overland automobile by 1910. He had a 22½-horsepower Overland automobile in 1912.

1910 Overland-11At their organizational meeting in Dover, NH, April 1, 1911, the Strafford County Commissioners elected Dr. J.J. Buckley as County Physician for Milton (Farmington News, April 7, 1911).

J.J. Buckley appeared in the Milton business directories of 1912, as a physician at 16 So. Main street. He was a physician at 18 So. Main street in 1917.

SOUTH WEYMOUTH AUTO PARTY IN N.H. WRECK. MILTON, N.H., Oct. 20 – An automobile owned and driven by J.T. Price, also containing Mrs. Price and Mr. and Mrs. Barraud, all of South Weymouth, Mass., skidded and turned over late this afternoon at South Milton, pinning Mr. Price under the machine. He was badly injured and Mrs. Price’s right wrist was broken. Mr. and Mrs. Barraud escaped with a severe shaking. The machine was wrecked. The automobilists were then taken to the office of Dr. J.J. Buckley for treatment. They will return home tomorrow (Boston Globe, October 21, 1917).

“He was thus engaged there [in Milton] with the exception of one year which he spent at Roxbury, Massachusetts, during which time he was on the staff of the Emergency Hospital until he entered service for the World War” (Cutter, 1932).

ROCHESTER. Dr. J.J. Buckley of Milton has passed the required examination and received the appointment of lieutenant in the medical reserves (Portsmouth Herald, July 29, 1918).

He was most enthusiastic about his service to his country during the war, and for the greater part of the period he was stationed as a lieutenant in the medical corps at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. His work there was of a highly meritorious character and it won for him the commendation of his superior officers. Returning to Milton where he had practiced for thirty [twenty] years, Dr. Buckley, in 1919, closed his practice there and located in Dover, and with the exception of the period of his protracted illness he had since practiced in that city (Cutter, 1932).

John J. Buckley, a surgeon physician, aged forty-two years (b. NH), headed a Dover household at the time of the Fourteenth (1920) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Eula H. Buckley, a music and elocution teacher, aged forty years (b. ME). John J. Buckley owned their house at 7 Hamilton Street.

James J. Buckley appeared in the Dover, NH, directory of 1921, as a physician, with his office on Third street, and his house at 7 Hamilton street.

[His] memories and associations of his term of enlistment were perpetuated through his membership in Dover Post No. 8, American Legion. He was a member of the American Medical Association and had the respect of his medical colleagues. In his fraternal life he was associated with Dover Lodge, No. 184, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (Cutter, 1932).

At their organizational meeting in Dover, NH, April 1, 1925, the Strafford County Commissioners elected Dr. James J. Buckley as County Physician for Dover (Farmington News, April 7, 1911).

Dover. Doctor Regains Health. Dr. James J. Buckley, a local physician, who recently underwent a surgical operation at a hospital in Jamaica Plain, Mass., has improved so steadily that it was reported yesterday that he is expected to return home in about a week (Portsmouth Herald, January 31, 1928).

James J. (Eula H.) Buckley appeared in the Dover, NH, directories of 1928, and 1929, as a physician, with his office in the Merchants Bank building, at 1 Third Street, (3-4), and his house at 7 Hamilton street.

His wife is a well-known and active participant in affairs for the advancement of women in New Hampshire (Cutter, 1932).

Dr. J.J. Buckley of Dover, NH, responded, as did several doctors, when a lineman for the Twin City Gas & Electric Company was killed while repairing an electric line in Berwick, ME, July 5, 1929 (Boston Globe, July 6, 1929).

James J Buckley, a general practice physician, aged fifty-three years (b. NH), headed a Dover household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of twenty-six years), Eula H. Buckley, a music and elocution teacher, aged fifty-one years (b. ME). James J. Buckley owned their house at 7 Middle [Hamilton] Street, which was valued at $8,000.

James J. Buckley, M.D., appeared in the 1930 Town Report of Dover, NH, as an obstetrician – since 1921 – on the staff at Wentworth Hospital. He was also the examiner of obstetrical nursing there.

DRAMATICS. On the evening of March 21 [1930], before a large and appreciative audience in the City Opera House, the senior class gave its annual play. The members of the cast did excellent work in their respective parts, “reflecting much credit on the young people, who worked hard and long, and Mrs. Eula Buckley, the capable coach, whose name connected with an amateur play assures a finished production.” The high school orchestra, under the direction of the instructor, gave an excellent musical program. The proceeds of the entertainment were used, in part, to defray the expenses of a trip to Washington, D.C. (City of Dover, 1931).

James J. Buckley died of bladder cancer at 7 Hamilton street in Dover, NH, November 4, 1930, aged fifty-three years, eight months, and sixteen days.

In Memoriam. On the fourth day of November, 1930, following a painful illness, Dr. James J. Buckley, a member of the hospital staff, was called to his eternal home. Dr. Buckley was a native of Dover, a graduate of Dartmouth Medical school, and a physician of wide repute; he was a deep student, devoted to his profession, and dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering. Dr. Buckley was elected obstetrician by the board of trustees of the Wentworth Hospital, July 11th, 1921, and held that position at the time of his death. Always kind, courteous and considerate, his presence in the sick chamber imparted a sense of security and hopefulness which helped dispel the dark mantle of incertitude within which the weak and suffering are so often enshrouded. The sympathy of the board of trustees is extended to the widow, and to all sorrowing relatives and friends. On December 8th, 1930, only a few short weeks following the demise of Dr. Buckley, his friend and colleague, Dr. John C. Lawlor, also passed to that unknown land whence no traveller returns. During the decade of his professional life in this city, Dr. Lawlor won a warm abiding place in the hearts of our people, and was rapidly coursing down the path of fame, both as a medical and surgical practitioner, when the summons came. Elected to the surgical staff on the same date that Dr. Buckley was chosen to the hospital force, he ministered to an ever growing clientele for intensive surgical treatment, his patients coming from afar to receive the benefit of his skill. In his death the Wentworth Hospital suffers the loss of a valued official, and the board of trustees, as well as the community at large, deeply mourns his passing. To the bereaved family the sympathy of our people goes forth in generous measure (City of Dover, 1931).

Mrs. Eula H. Buckley purchased graves 1 and 2, in lot 59, on Catalpa Ave., group 11, in Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover, NH, for $20.00, in 1930 (City of Dover, 1931).

Eula H. Buckley appeared in the Dover, NH, directories of 1931, 1933, and 1939, as the widow of James J., with her house at 7 Hamilton street.

Eula H. Buckley lost her November 1936 election to be the NH State Representative from Ward Four of Dover, NH, and then won in a recount, and then lost again in a second recount.

19 WOMEN IN N.H. HOUSE. DOVER, N.H., Nov. 23. (AP) A recount of votes today in ward four here gave Mrs. Eula H. Buckley (R) a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and brought the number of women in the House to 19. Mrs. Buckley’s Democratic opponent was Harold Blaisdell (Burlington Free Press (Burlington, VT), November 24, 1936).

BLAISDELL ELECTED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Mrs. Eula Buckley Loses by Only Two Votes. CONCORD, N.H., Dec. 31 (AP) Republicans lost one member of the 1937 House of Representatives and Democrats gained one today when the State Ballot Law Commission, on an appeal from a recount, declared Harold F. Blaisdell, Democrat of Dover, elected. Blaisdell was shown elected on original returns. A recount by Secretary of State Enoch D. Fuller gave Mrs. Eula Buckley, Republican, the seat. Now the commission has given Blaisdell the seat by two votes. The change decreased to 18 the number of women in the next House and changed party distribution of members to 229 Republican, 188 Democrats and one Independent (Boston Globe, January 1, 1937).

DOVER WOMAN IS FIGHTING FOR SEAT OF BLAISDELL. The legislative committee on elections asked for more time yesterday in the case of Mrs. Eula H. Buckley, Republican, of Dover who has asked for a seat in the House now held by Harry F. Blaisdell, Democrat. The fight seems to be on party lines. Chairman Hoyt of the committee explained to the House that one of the members of his group had asked to have photostatic copies made of some of the ballots and he moved that the bill be recommitted (Portsmouth Herald, January 27, 1937).

Myrtle F. Grant, a widow, aged fifty-four years (b. NH), headed a Durham, NH, household at the time of the Sixteenth (1940) Federal Census. Her household included her sister, Eva Brown, aged sixty years, and her lodger, Eula Buckley, aged fifty-six [sixty-one] years. Myrtle F. Grant owned their house, which was valued at $6,000.

Mrs. Eula Buckley appeared in the Dover, NH, directory of 1953, as having her house at 60 Central av. She appeared in the Dover, NH, directories of 1956, 1958, and 1960, as having her house at 177 Central av.

M. Eula (Hussey) Buckley died in Dover, NH, March 31, 1961.


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