Milton’s Dr. William F. Wallace (1849-1906)

By Muriel Bristol | January 10, 2021

William Frederick Wallace was born in Concord, NH, July 11, 1849, son of William B. and Lydia M. (Waterman) Wallace.

He received his preliminary education in the common and high schools of Epsom and the New Hampton Literary Institute. At the age of sixteen he entered the United States service in the Eighteenth New Hampshire Regiment, in Company I (Conn, 1906).

William F. Wallace of Concord, NH, enlisted in Concord, NH, as a musician in Co. I of the 18th Regiment, NH Volunteer Infantry, March 6, 1865. He was a student, aged sixteen years. He mustered out in July 1865.

… and on the expiration of his service in the army, he went West, taught school in Ohio and Kansas for several years (Conn, 1906).

W.F. Wallace of Columbus, OH, was one of the National Teachers Association members present at Cleveland, OH, in 1870.

William F. Wallace married (1st) in Miami, KS, June 27, 1875, Sue A. Heiskell. He was aged twenty-five years, and she was aged eighteen years. Rev. W.W. Bailey performed the ceremony. She was born in Paola, KS, May 31, 1857, daughter of William A. and Emeline J. (Peery) Heiskell.

(There is a bit of a mystery as to how and when they parted company. Her 1918 obituary said that she married her second husband, Hiram L. “High” Phillips, after Mr. Wallace’s death. “High” Phillips and she resided together as man and wife in Louisburg, KS, in 1880, at which time Mr. Wallace was very much alive in Fairfield, OH).

[He] commenced the study of medicine in Columbus, Ohio, in 1877, under the direction of Drs. [Lafayette] Woodruff, [John A.] Hamilton, and [Nathaniel R.] Coleman. He attended two courses of medical lectures at the University of Ohio, at Columbus, Ohio, and was graduated from the same institution, March 5, 1880 (Conn, 1906). 

C.W. [Charles W.] Higgins, a physician, aged forty years (b. OH), headed a Fairfield, OH, household at the time of the Tenth (1880) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Jennie [(Say)] Higgins, keeping house, aged thirty-eight years (b. OH), his children, Minnie B. Higgins, aged thirteen years (b. OH), Laura Higgins, aged eleven years (b. OH), Carry Higgins, aged ten years (b. OH), Walter Higgins, aged eight years (b. OH), Florence Higgins, aged seven years (b. OH), James N. Higgins, aged five years (b. OH), Loretta Higgins, aged four years (b. OH), and Drusilla J. Higgins, aged one year (b. OH), his servant, Sarah E. Burchinell, a servant, aged eighteen years (b. OH), and his boarder, W.F. Wallace, a physician, aged thirty years (b. NH). They resided at London & Circleville Street.

He commenced the practice of medicine at Lafayette, Ohio, in March 1881, and soon after removed to Bradford, N.H., where he remained for seven years; was at Milton, N.H., ten years; and is now located at Plaistow, N.H. (Conn, 1906).

William F. Wallace married (2nd) in Dover, NH, April 11, 1883, Addie M. [(Gilman)] French, he of Loudon, NH, and she of Gilmanton, NH. He was a physician, aged thirty-three years, and she was aged thirty-four years. (It was a second marriage for each of them). Frank B. Stevens, a justice of the peace, performed the ceremony. She was born in Gilmanton, NH, March 12, 1849, daughter of John S. and and Eliza P. “Betsy” (Page) Gilman.

W.F. Wallace appeared in the Milton business directories of 1884, and 1887, as a Milton physician.

He has taken an active part in health and school matters, having been a member of the local board of health and of the school board of Milton, N.H.; is a member of Grand Army Post No, 56, Milton, N.H., Odd Fellows, Knight of Pythias, Grand Templar Division, Milton, etc. (Conn, 1906).

MILTON. Dr. Wallace is about to remove to another locality on account of failing health. We are sorry to lose a most efficient physician as well as a warm and faithful friend. Dr. W was a stranger to us three years ago, but he has worked his way into the confidence of the people, as we believe he will do wherever he may go. While we regret his loss we wish him success and a returning health. Dr. Dana Jones is to be his successor, a young man well known and highly respect by all. We hope he may long be out last, for few changes can be more unpleasant for a community than a change of physicians (Farmington News, April 22, 1887).

Daughter Josephine L. Wallace died of “malignant” scarlet fever in Bradford, NH, November 19, 1892, aged six years, four months.

MILTON. Dr. Wallace is having his house repaired (Farmington News, April 13, 1894).

William F. Wallace, of Milton, NH, appeared in a list of medical students at the NY Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital in 1895 (NY Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, 1896).

He took a post-graduate course in 1896 in New York (Conn, 1906).

W.F. Wallace appeared in the Milton business directory of 1898, as a Milton physician. (Despite what the directory says, this was actually another physician with the same surname: Dr. John Wallace).

William F. Wallace, a physician, aged fifty years (b. NH), headed a Plaistow, NH, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of seventeen years), Addie M. Wallace, aged fifty-one years (b. NH), and his children, Elsie M. Wallace, at school, aged fifteen years (b. NH), and Alice J. Wallace, at school, aged six years (b. NH). Addie M. Wallace was the mother of three children, of whom two were still living. They rented their house.

DEAD FROM EXPOSURE. Hiram I. Tuxbury, Civil War Veteran, The Unfortunate. Haverhill, March 4. – The body of Hiram I. Tuxbury of Newton, N.H., was found this morning in the rear of the schoolhouse at the North Parish. Life had probably been extinct for at least three days. Dr. Wallace of Plaistow was summoned and gave heart trouble and exposure as the probable cause of death. There were no marks on the body, and fears of suicide or foul play are scouted. The deceased about sixty-five years of age, and, when found, was fully dressed. On his person were found a half-pint bottle of whiskey, $6.08 in money, several old coins and a number of letters by which he was identified. The body was found by Charles Sargent, who lives near Denocour’s brick yard in Plaistow, as he was crossing J.C. Merrill’s pasture. He saw the dead body and hastened lo N.A. Wentworth’s. In company with the latter, he returned to the spot where the body lay. It was at first thought to be the body of Pliny Mooers, Sr., who has been living at Moses B. Dow’s in Plaistow during past year. The members of the Mooer family were summoned and they also were satisfied that it was Mr. Mooer. Inquiry at Mr. Dow’s revealed the fact that that gentleman was at work cutting wood, however. J.H. Noyes of Plaistow arrived after and made an examination. It was then that letters addressed to Hiram Tuxbury, Newton, N.H., wee found. Mr. Noyes ordered the remains taken to Plaistow for further identification. Mr. Tuxbury was a veteran of the civil war and was a pensioner. A number of pension papers were also found on his body. He left his home in Newton three weeks ago, and, while friends have seen him in this city, he had not notified his wife of his whereabouts. She believed he was visiting friends in this city (Portsmouth Herald, March 5, 1902).

The two Wallace girls appear to have been among the heirs of a French family estate on their maternal side, and their father was appointed as their guardian in that matter.

PROBATE COURT. Business Transacted At The Last Term Held In Exeter. The following business was transacted at the June term of the court in Exeter: … Guardians appointed over Edna Wentworth, Plaistow, James C Merrill guardian; Alice C. Wallace, Elsie M. Wallace, Plaistow, William Wallace, guardian; F. Wiggen, Epping (insane), John A. Wiggen, guardian (Portsmouth Herald, June 12, 1903).

At its meeting in Concord, NH, May 21, 1903, the Treasurer of the NH Medical Society identified five members, including William F. Wallace, M.D., of Plaistow, NH, as being three years or more in arrears with their dues (NH Medical Society, 1903).

Milton. Dr. W.F. Wallace of Rochester was in town Tuesday (Farmington News, July 29, 1904).

William F. Wallace died of heart disease in Rochester, NH, September 5, 1906, aged fifty-six years.

Deaths. William F. Wallace, M.D. Columbus (Ohio) Medical College, 1880, died at his home in Rochester, N.H., September 5, from heart disease, aged 56 (JAMA, 1906).

Addie M. Wallace applied for a Civil War widow’s pension, October 15, 1906, based upon her late husband’s service in the Eighteenth NH Infantry.

Addie M. Wallace appeared in the Rochester directory of 1912, as a widow, with her home at 18 Silver street. Her daughter, Miss Elsye M. Wallace, appeared as having her home also at 18 Silver street. (Son-in-law William H. Wingate, a shoe operative, W. [E.G. & E. Wallace, boot and shoe mfrs.], had his house at 18 Silver street).

Addie M. Wallace, of Rochester, NH, appeared in a list of NH State Grange members that had been elevated to the rank of Six Degree at their meeting held in the Rochester Opera House, April 30, 1915.

Daughter Elsye M. Wallace married in Plaistow, NH, August 16, 1918, Rolf A. Osterman, both of Rochester, NH. He was a soldier, aged twenty-seven years, and she was “at home,” aged twenty-nine years. (She ran Ye Ragged Robin Tea Shop in Milton).

William H. Wingate, a shoe factory supply man, aged forty-eight years (b. NH), headed a Rochester, NH, household at the time of the Fourteenth (1920) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Laura M. [(French)] Wingate, aged forty-seven years (b. NH), his children, Carleton Wingate, a machine shop machinist, aged twenty years (b. NH), Gladys Wingate, a bookkeeper, aged twenty-two years (b. NH), his mother-in-law, Addie M. Wallace, aged sixty-eight years (b. NH), his brother-in-law, Rolf Osterman, a theatre actor, aged thirty-four years (b. RI), and his sister-in-law, Alsie M. Osterman, a theatre actress, aged thirty-five years (b. NH), and Alice J. Wallace, a theatre singer, aged twenty-six years (b. NH). William H. Wingate owned their house at 18 Silver Street. (Laura M. [(French)] Wingate was a daughter of Addie M. Wallace’s first marriage).

Daughter Alice J. Wallace married in Milton, November 2, 1920, Phillip A. Kimball, he of Union [Village, Wakefield,] NH. and she of Rochester, NH. He was a physician, aged thirty-one years (b. Tamworth, NH); she was in the Theatrical trade, aged twenty-seven years (b. Bradford, NH). Rev. Owen E. Hardy of Milton performed the ceremony. Phillip A. Kimball was born in Tamworth, NH, October 8, 1889, son of Samuel O. and Sarah F. (Gilman) Kimball.

Philip Kimball, a physician, aged forty-one years (b. NH), headed a Bristol, NH, household at the time of the Fifteenth (1930) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of ten years), Alice J. Kimball, aged thirty-seven years (b. NH), his child, Wallace O. Kimball, aged eight years (b. NH), and his mother-in-law, Addie M. Wallace, a widow, aged eighty-one years (b. NH). They resided in a rented household, for which they paid $20 per month. They had a radio set.

Dr. Phillip A. and Alice J. (Wallace) Kimball, their son, Wallace O. Kimball, and her mother, Addie M. ((Gilman) French) Wallace, moved from Bristol, NH, to Union village, in Wakefield, NH, before November 1933.

Addie Mary ((Gilman) French) Wallace died in Wakefield, NH, November 16, 1933, aged eighty-four years.


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