Milton Businesses in 1898

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 21, 2018

Extracted below are the Milton entries from the N.H. Register, Farmer’s Almanac, and Business Directory, for 1898.

MILTON, STRAFFORD – Pop. 1,640. N.E. fr. C. 40 m. N.W. fr. Dover 20 m. R.R.S. [Railroad Station] Milton on Ports. Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.; for Milton Mills, Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage.

OFFICERSClerk, H.L. Avery; Treas., Ira Miller; Selectmen, S.W. Wallingford, Joseph H. Avery, Freeman H. Lowd; Board of Education, Ira A. Cook, Frank Healey, E.F. Fox; Board of Health, E.W. Fox, Mills, J.H. Rivers, M.A.H. Hart, M.D.; Postmaster, J.H. Avery; Justices [of the Peace], J.U. Simes, B.B. Plummer, E.W. Fox, C.H. Looney, Geo. Lyman, B.F. Avery, E.F. Fox, Ira Miller, Joseph Plummer, G.H. Goodwin, H.L. Avery, H.B. Scates, F.H. Cutts, F.L. Marsh, L.H. Wentworth.

Churches – Chris., D.B. Goodwin; Cong., Myron P. Dickey; F. Bap., F.E. Carver.

Exp. & Tel. Agt.John E. Fox.

HotelsRiverside House, C.H. Downs; Phenix House, F.M. Chamberlin; Milton Hotel, E.M. Bodwell. Summer Boarding Houses – S.W. Wallingford, J.L. Twombly, J. LeGallee.

Livery Stables – F.M. Chamberlain, C.H. Thurston.

Literary InstitutionNute Free High School and Library.

Manufacturers – Blacksmith, I.W. Duntley; boots and shoes, N.B. Thayer & Co. [Dam No, 14]; builders, Webber Bros., Avery, Jones & Roberts; oars and picker sticks, G.I. Jordan; leatherboard mill, Milton Leatherboard Co. [Dam No. 13], Jonas Spaulding [Dam No. 11]; lumber, Avery, Jones & Roberts, L. Plummer, p.o. ad. Union; mowing machines, horse rakes &c., B.B. Plummer, C.A. Jones; paper, Strafford Paper Co. [Dam No. 12]; soap, C.M. Wallingford; tonsorial artists, W.F. Hargraves, H. Bassett; lumber, shingles, clapboards, etc., Avery, Jones & Roberts; painters and paper hangers, F.S. Lee, J.Q.A. Tappan; dressmakers, Mrs. C.A. Edgerly, Mrs. L.B. Palmer.

MerchantsJ.D. Willey, Looney & Roberts, H.S. Mason, C.D. Jones; boots and shoes, N.G. Pinkham; groceries, W.T. Wallace; gents. furnishing and sporting goods, cigars and tobacco, C.D. Jones; drugs, C.D. Jones, F.E. Fernald; ice, Boston Ice Co., Lynn Ice Co., Union Ice Co.; jewelry, F.A. Marks; provisions, G.E. Wentworth, C.A. Horne; fish, E.G. Jordan; confectionery and cigars, E.G. Knight; hay, G.E. Wentworth, J.D. Willey; coal, H.W. Downs, J.D. Pinkham; hay and grain, W.J. Lewis; fruit, Charles Petro; Physician, M.A.A.H. Hart, W.F. [John] Wallace.

Public TelephoneC.D. Jones.

Milton Mills

Postmaster – J.W. Murray.

Churches – Adv., Joseph Spinney; Cong. ___ ___; F. Bap., Eben. Fernald; Meth., E.J. Deans

Ex. Agent – Charles Stevens.

Hotels – Central House, C.D. Fox.

Livery Stables – C.D. Fox, J.D. Hanson. 

Societies – Morning Star Lodge, K. of P. [Knights of Pythias]; Eli Wentworth Post G.A.R. [Grand Army of the Republic]; Woman’s Relief Corps [G.A.R. Auxiliary]; Miltonia Lodge, I.O.O.F. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows]; Strafford Lodge, A.O.U.W. [Ancient Order of United Workmen]; Lewis W. Nute Grange; Teneriffe Council, O.U.A.M. [Order of United American Mechanics]; Minnehaha Lodge [International Order of Good Templars]; Lakeside Lodge, I.O.G.T. [International Order of Good Templars]; Madokawando Tribe, I.O.R.M. [Improved Order of Red Men]; Minnewawa Council, D. of P. [Daughters of Pythias]

Manufacturers – Blacksmiths, J.E. Wentworth, S.F. Rines; builders, A.B. Shaw, A.A. Fox, J.F. Titcomb, E.S. Simes; doors, sash and blinds, A.B, Shaw; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g Co. [Dam No. 17]; felt cloth, Riverside Mfg. Co.; harnesses, A. Sanborn; picture frames, E. Deardin; soap, S.G. Chamberlain; woolen goods, H.H. Townsend [Dam No. 16]

MerchantsAsa Fox & Son, Ira Miller; boots and shoes, E.R. Campbell; confectionery, C.B. Ellis, E.T. Libbey, E. Knight; dry goods, G.S. Lovering, Harry Wentworth; groceries, H.A. Pettengell & Co.; fish, C.S. Lowd; furniture, E.F. Fox; jewelry, E.T. Libbey; merchant tailor, Harry Wentworth; millinery and fancy goods, Lizzie L. Hart; provisions, C.S. Lowd; stoves and tinware, Murray Bros; soda fountain and periodicals, E.T. Libbey. 

Miscellaneous – Conveyancer, claim and collection agent, E.W. Fox; job printer, E.T. Libbey; undertaker, A.A. Fox. 

PhysiciansC.W. Gross, W.E. Pillsbury; dentist, E.G. Reynolds

Summer Boarding Houses – Chas. A. Reynolds, C.S. Lowd, Cyrus Miller, J.D. Willey, C.H. Prescott, Benj. Hoyle.

Most of the Societies listed under Milton Mills were probably located in Milton, where they were listed in 1901. The Morning Star Lodge, K. of P. [Knights of Pythias], Miltonia Lodge, I.O.O.F. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows], and Minnehaha Lodge [International Order of Good Templars] were Milton Mills societies.

Some related newspaper advertisements:

A King Arthur flour company advertisement included amongst it vendors in January 1897: MILTON, NH: W.T. Wallace, Looney & Roberts (Boston Globe, January 10, 1897).

Male Help Wanted. WANTED. – A barber, good workman, American, temperate, references required. Address box 213, Milton Mills, N.H. (Boston Globe, June 18, 1897).

THE MYSTIC ORDERS. Sunrise Rebekah lodge will be instituted at Milton Mills, N.H., Wednesday afternoon by the New Hampshire grand officers (Boston Globe, March 27, 1898).

Business Chances. FOR SALE. – Gents’ furnishing goods business in a manufacturing village, established over 20 years, no competition; reason for selling, other business; $700 buys it. Address for particulars lock box 167, Milton Mills, N.H. (Boston Globe, March 9, 1899).

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