Milton’s Free-Will Baptist Ministers of 1882-07

By Muriel Bristol | March 2, 2019

Continued from Milton’s Free-Will Baptist Ministers of 1860-81

Scales’ History of Strafford County did not list Milton’s Free-Will Baptist ministers after Rev. Cyrus L. Plummer’s pastorate closed in July 1881. His list is here extended out to 1907.

[William H.] Waldron

This was likely a second pastorate, or even a mere supplying of the pulpit, by former minister Rev. William H. Waldron. He had been previously Milton’s very first Free-Will Baptist pastor for “about one year” in 1843-44. (At that time there was not even a church building).

Rev. Waldron appeared as Milton’s Free-Will Baptist minister in the Milton business directory of 1884.

William H. Waldron lived then on Park street in Dover, NH, in 1884, and for some years thereafter, so he would not have been a resident pastor. His second wife died in Dover in 1888.

REV. WILLIAM H. WALDRON. Rev. William H. Waldron was born in Farmington, July 16, 1817, and died in that town, July 6 [1894]. As a highly respected clergyman of the Free Baptist denomination, he had filled pastorates in Rhode Island and New York and in Farmington and Milton. He had been retired from the active ministry for several years. Rev. Mr. Waldron was a descendant of Col. John Waldron of the revolution (Granite Monthly, 1894). 

Charles E. Mason – 1885-1888

Mason, Charles E.
Rev. Charles E. Mason

Charles E. Mason was born in Monroe, ME, December 1, 1855, son of Bradstreet and Betsy Jane (Libby) Mason.

Charles Edward Mason, A.M., 1885; B.D., Cobb Divinity Sch., 1885; b. 1 Dec. 1855, Monroe, Me. Son of Bradstreet and Betsey J. (Libby) Mason. Pastor, Free Baptist Ch., Milton, N.H., 1885-88; Bangor, Me., 1888-93; Cong’l Ch., Buena Vista, Col., 1893-94; Challis, Idaho, 1894-97; Trustee, Maine Central Inst., 1888-93; Corporate Mem. of American Board, 1907-12; Pastor, Cong’l Ch., Mountain Home, Idaho, 1897= (Bates College, 1915).

He married (1st), circa 1885-86, Mary M. Files. She was born in Maine, April 11, 1851, daughter of Ruben W. and Julia A.S. Files.

C.E. Mason, of Milton, appeared among those elected to the executive board of the NH YMCA for the ensuing year at its annual convention in Dover, NH, October 2, 1886 (Boston Globe, October 2, 1886).

C.E. Mason appeared as Milton’s Free-Will Baptist minister in the Milton business directories of 1887 and 1889. (The 1889 business directory would have been prepared and published in late 1888).

Edward F. Mason, son of Rev. Charles E. and Mary M. (Files) Mason, was  born in Milton, NH, January 3, 1888.

MINISTERIAL PERSONALS. OTHER CHURCHES. Charles E. Mason was installed as pastor of the Essex Street Baptist Church of Bangor, Me., recently (Christian Union, October 25, 1888).

BANGOR, ME. The Essex Street Free Baptist church pulpit will soon be vacant, Rev. C. E. Mason having resigned to remove to Denver, Col., for the health of his family. The parish has decided to extend a call to Rev. Thomas H. Stacy of Auburn, at a largely increased salary. Bev. Mr. Mason will preach his last sermon in May (Boston Globe, April 29, 1893).

Charles E. Mason, a minister, aged forty-six years (b. ME), headed a Mountain Home, ID, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of fourteen years), Mary F. Mason, aged forty-nine years (b. ME), and his children Edward F. Mason, at school, aged twelve years (b. NH), and Edith P. Mason, aged three years (b. ID). Mary F. Mason was the mother of four children, of whom two were still living.

Mary M. (Files) Mason died in Mountain Home, ID, May 14, 1901.

NEWS FROM NEAR-BY POINTS. CONGREGATIONALISTS. A memorial service was held in memory of Mrs. Mary Mason, the wife of Rev. C. E. Mason of  Mountainhome, who had been the secretary of the Woman’s Missionary union (Idaho Statesman, October 5, 1901).

Charles E. Mason married (2nd) in Rock Springs, WY, June 30, 1903, Eleanor W. Shedden. She was born in Pennsylvania, February 21, 1872, daughter of William B. and Sarah J. (Patterson) Shedden.

Rev. C.E. Mason of this [Mountain Home, ID] city preached at the Congregational Church in Rock Springs, Wyoming, last Sunday. His marriage to Miss Ellenor W. Shedden, the former assistant principal here, occurred Tuesday evening of this week at her home in Rock Springs. Rev. H.H. Lyman, the Congregational minister at that place, performing the ceremony (Elmore Bulletin (Rocky Bar, ID, [Thursday,] July 2, 1903).

Charles E. Mason died in Boise, ID, May 25, 1937. Eleanor W. (Shedden) Mason died in Rock Springs, WY, August 5, 1948.

George F. Durgin – 1889-1890

George Francis Durgin was born in Oxford, ME, July 19, 1860, son of Joseph H. and Emma S. Durgin.

Joseph H. Durgin, works in a shoe factory, aged forty-five years (b. ME), headed a Poland, ME, household at the time of the Tenth (1880) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Emma Durgin, keeping house, aged forty-five years (b. ME), his children, George F. Durgin, works in a shoe factory, aged nineteen years (b. ME), and Cora E. Durgin, at school, aged fourteen years (b. ME), and his father, Solomon Durgin, a brick mason, aged eighty-four years (b. ME). Both Joseph H. and George F. Durgin had been unemployed for five months of the “current year” (of which there had been only six months to that point). Solomon Durgin had the “sickness or disability” of “old age.”

West Derby. Rev. Mr. Durgin lectured at the F.W.B. church last Monday eve to a full house (Orleans County Monitor (Barton, VT), December 16. 1889).

George Francis Durgin, a minister, married, probably in Milton, ME, January 29, 1890, Helen White Stanton, a teacher, he of Milton and she of Lebanon. Rev. N.C. Lothrop performed the ceremony. (The information in the Lebanon Town Records was based, at least partly, on a bible record possessed by Miss Clara E. Stanton, of Somersworth, NH). Helen W. Stanton was born in Lebanon, ME, October 13, 1863, daughter of James and Catherine Stanton.

A Methodist Conference held at Lisbon, NH, April 28, 1890, appointed G.F. Durgin as pastor in Milton Mills (Boston Globe, April 29, 1890). In the following year he was appointed to Ludlow Centre, MA (Boston Globe, April 14, 1891).

The Brigham (U.D.) of Masons in Ludlow, MA, initiated as a member George Francis Durgin, an M.E. minister, March 15, 1892. He was “passed” there, April 19, 1892 and “raised” there, May 17, 1892. The lodge suspended his membership, November 1, 1904, but reinstated it, December 6, 1904. (Ministers lead a peripatetic life. He lived elsewhere by then). The lodge’s records mention him having a “Vets. Medal, 1942” (see below) and that he deceased May 16, 1948.

George F. Durgin, a Methodist clergyman, aged thirty-nine years (b. ME), headed a Somerville, MA, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of ten years), Hellen Durgin, aged thirty-six years (b. ME), and his boarders, Laura B. Underhill, a school teacher (b. MA), aged twenty-six years, and Florence Smith, aged seventeen years (b. Canada (Eng.)). Smith was a recent immigrant, having arrived only one year before, in 1898. They resided at 48 Flint Street.

Williamette University conferred a Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D.) upon Rev. George F. Durgin in June 1909 (Statesman Journal (Salem, OR), June 18, 1909).

CALLS STEFFENS WRONG. Rev. Dr. Durgin Criticises Writer’s Plan to Produce Better Moral Character. “Would God damn the nearly 300 babies buried In unconsecrated ground In Copps Hill?” inquired Rev. Dr. George F. Durgin, preaching at the Tremont-st Methodist Episcopal Church last night. Dr. Durgin was speaking of two types of men, Adam and Jesus. He compared the teachings of Lincoln Steffens with those of St. Paul, the teaching of the earth earthy and the teaching of heavenly immortality. “Lincoln Steffens is just now setting forth a pronounced and advanced doctrine of liberty,” said the speaker. “He would abolish all censorship of human associations, in speech, print and action. He would do away with all force. Thus he would abandon all government, abrogate all law, put down all rule and authority and this in order to bring about the rectitude of human living and the righteousness of human character. But Mr. Steffens’ liberty will never produce moral character. “Must all who know not Him remain forever of the earth earthy and end with earth? I think not. Would God damn the nearly 300 babies buried in unconsecrated ground in Copps Hill, and the ancient world, and the present ‘heathen’? Such Is not the God whom Jesus declared” (Boston Globe, December 11, 1911).

PASTOR AND WIFE SURPRISED Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George F. Durgin’s Parishioners Remember Their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the wedding of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George Francis Durgin, pastor of the Bromfleld-st. M.E. church. Dr. and Mrs. Durgin were enticed to the vestry by a ruse last night and found 70 parishioners and their friends awaiting them. It was a genuine surprise. F.P. Luce in a neat speech presented the couple with a handsome set of dishes and it was some minutes before Dr. Dugan could respond. Miss Barlow of the Hook and Eye club of the Tremont-st M.E. church presented Mrs. Durgin with a large bouquet and she also responded. Rev. Dillon Bronson, Rev. Seth C. Cary, Rev. Dr. George A. Crawford and Rev. Mr. Burch made brief remarks. Vocal selections were rendered by Eunice D. Parker and Mrs. Helen K. Arey. after a collation (Boston Globe, February 1, 1920).

Pepperell. George F. Durgin returned Ludlow to Mapleshade farm, this week. He is one of four members of the Masonic lodge of that place who was honored Tuesday night at a banquet and awarded a 50-year medal (Fitchburg Sentinel, September 12, 1942).

Helen W. (Stanton) Durgin died July 15, 1944. George F. Durgin died in Boston, MA, May 16, 1948.

Aged Minister Dies in Boston. BOSTON, May 17 (AP) — The Rev. George F. Durgin, 87, retired Methodist pastor, died yesterday at the New England Deaconess hospital. He retired, in 1925 after 35 years as a minister. Dr. Durgin served churches in Milton Mills, N.H., Ludlow Center, Chicopee, Somerville and Boston. He was vice president of the East Maine conference seminary in 1914 and later president of Walden university (Portsmouth Herald, May 17, 1948).

John S. Manter – 1890-1896

John Manter was born in Cape Elizabeth, ME, January 6, 1859, son of Zebulon and Mary Manter.

John Manter, b. 6 Jan. 1859, Palmyra, Me. Son of Rev. ZebuIon and Mary Manter. Pastor, Free Baptist Ch., Milton, N.H., 1890-96; Rochester, N.H., 1896-1905; Whitefield, N.H., 1905-13; State Field Sec’y for Free Baptists of N.H., 1913. Res. Milton, N.H. (Bates College, 1915).

He married in Cape Elizabeth, ME, April 30. 1883, J. [Julia] Fannie Henley, both of Cape Elizabeth. Zebulon Manter, clergyman, of Cape Elizabeth, ME, performed the ceremony. She was born in Cape Elizabeth, November 2, 1860, daughter of Benjamin F. and Julia (Trundy) Henley.

Rev. G.F. Durgin supplied the church until Rev. John Manter came to begin a pastorate which continued more than seven years. During Mr. Manter’s residence here the meetinghouse was destroyed by fire and rebuilt on the same site shortly afterward. Mr. Manter closed his pastorate here to accept one at Springvale, Maine (Mitchell-Cony Company, 1908).

The Milton Free-Will Baptist church building burned down in December 1890. The congregation met for a time in the Burley & Usher shoe factory.

MILTON. The subscription list from the sale of pews to erect a new Free Will Baptist church amounts to about $1,000. Rev. John Manter has gone abroad to raise the rest of the necessary funds, so they can commence building as soon as the weather opens Loosen your purse strings, friends , it is a good work (Farmington News, January 23, 1891).

The new church building was up by May 1892.

MILTON. Rev. John Manter preached a good home talk Sunday, as he calls it, but had many visitors in the circle, as Rev. Mr. Osgood was attending the Y.P.S.C.E. convention and no supply came for the Congregational church. The Free Baptist church is a very pleasant house of worship and the beauty is greatly enhanced by the memorial windows. Colored glass gives a subdued, chastened light in a church that seems much more appropriate than the full glare that is admitted by common glass. The new school house has a delightful location above the new church, and will be an ornament to this interesting village (Farmington News, July 15, 1892).

J.S. Manter appeared as Milton’s Free-Will Baptist minister in the Milton business directory of 1894.

John Manter, a clergyman, aged forty years (b. ME), headed a Rochester, NH, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Fannie J. Manter, aged thirty-eight years (b. ME), Marion E. Manter, at school, aged eleven years (b. ME), and Franklin H. Manter, at school, aged eight years (b. NH). They resided at 7 Woodman Street.

Rev. John Manter, pastor of the True Memorial Free Baptist Church, in Rochester, NH, had his house at 7 Woodman [street], in Rochester, NH, in the Dover Directory of 1905.

Julia (Henley) Manter died in Whitefield, NH, August 28, 1938, aged seventy-seven years. John Manter died in Manhattan, New York, June 8, 1940.

Fred E. Carver – c1896-c1899

Carver, FEFred Eugene Carver was born in Canton, ME, October 16, 1861, son of Melvin H. and Phebe C. (Drake) Carver.

He married (1st) in Maine, November 19, 1892, Sadie F. Bridges, both of Dexter, ME. She was born in Maine, in September 1873, daughter of Owen W. and Lydia A. Bridges.

His [Manter’s] successor Rev. F.E. Carver remained three and a half years at the end of which time he went to Fort Fairfield, Maine (Mitchell-Coney Company, 1908).

Rev. F.E. Carver was the Milton minister that found himself on the wrong end of a dispute over liquor sales in 1897. (See The Preacher and the Druggist – 1897).

F.E. Carver appeared as Milton’s Free-Will Baptist minister in the Milton business directory of 1898.

Rev. Fred E. Carver, pastor of the Free Baptist Church, had his house on Church [street], near the Baptist Church in the Milton section of the Dover directory of 1900. This was updated in the 1902 edition to reflect the fact that he had “moved to Ft. Fairfield, Me.”

Fred E. Carver, a preacher, aged thirty-eight years (b. ME, October 1861), headed a Fort Fairfield, ME, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife [of seven years], Sadie D. Carver, aged twenty-six years (b. ME, September 1873), and his twin children, Paul Carver, and Pauline Carver, both aged four years (b. ME, September 1895).

Sarah “Sadie” (Bridges) Carver died October 5, 1902. He married (2nd) in Maine, May 4, 1904, Jennie M. Anderson, he of Ft. Fairfield and she of Blaine, ME.

The William North Lodge of Masons in Dracut, MA, initiated as a member Fred Eugene Carver, clergyman, January 5, 1910. He was “raised” there March 9, 1910. The lodge suspended his membership, May 12, 1915.

Fred E. Carver, a church minister, aged forty-eight years (b. ME), headed a Dracut, MA, household at the time of the Thirteenth (1910) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Gennie A. Carver, aged twenty-seven years (b. ME), his children, Paul Carver, aged fourteen years (b. NH), Pauline, aged fourteen years (b. NH), Clyde, aged seven years (b. ME), and Eugene Carver, aged one year (b. NH), and a boarder, Jennie Speer, aged forty-two years (b. VT). The resided on Harris street, at it intersection with Vermont avenue and Stone street.

Fred E. Carver died in Portland, ME, August 29, 1948.

Charles B. Osborne – 1900-1907

Charles Benjamin Osborne, was born in Rochester, NH, October 7, 1872, son of Benjamin E. and Alice Osborne.

He married, circa 1892-93, Cora F. She was born in Massachusetts, circa May 1866.

Rev. C.B. Osborne came in January 1900 for a pastorate which he closed October 27, 1907, when he went to Franconia. Since that time the church has been supplied by visiting clergymen (Mitchell-Coney Company, 1908). 

Charles Osborne, a clergyman, aged twenty-seven years (b. NH), headed a Milton household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included Cora F. Osborne, aged thirty-four years (b. MA), Alice Osborne, aged three years (b. NH), and Muriel Osborne, aged seven months (b. NH). Malcolm A.H. Hart, a physician, aged thirty-eight years (b. NH), was their neighbor in the Milton Village part of town.

Charles B. Osborne appeared as Milton’s Free-Will Baptist minister in the Milton business directories of 1901 and 1904.

The Fraternal Lodge #71 of Masons in Farmington, NH, initiated as a member Charles B. Osborne, clergyman, May 13, 1905. He was “raised” there March 29, 1906. He transferred to the Blackstone River Lodge, January 4, 1922.

Charles B. Osborne resided in Franconia, NH, in 1910; Burrillville, RI, in 1920; Blackstone, MA, in 1930; and Grafton, MA, in 1940.

Charles B. Osborne died December 16, 1959.

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