Milton Businesses in 1894

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 16, 2018

Extracted below are the Milton entries from the N.H. Register, Farmers’ Almanac, and Business Directory, for 1894.

MILTON, STRAFFORD – Pop 1,640. N.E. fr. C., 40 m.; N.W. fr. Dover, 20 m. R.R.S. [Railroad Station] – Milton, on Ports., Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.; for Milton Mills, Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage.

OFFICERSClerk, C.D. Jones; Treas., Ira Miller; Selectmen, G. Lyman, G.H. Plummer, C.W. Lowe; Board of Education, Ira A. Cook, Frank Healey, E.F. Fox

Postmaster – N.G. Pinkham. 

Justices [of the Peace] – J.U. Simes, B.B. Plummer, E.W. Fox, M.V.B. Cook, C.C. Hayes, C.H. Looney, Luther Hayes, Geo. Lyman, B.F. Avery, E.F. Fox, F.L. Mason, State; Ira Miller, Joseph Plummer, G.I. Lowe, G.H. Goodwin. 

Churches – Chris., D.B. Goodwin, Cong., Myron Dickey, F. Bap. J.S. Manter

Exp. & Tel. Ag’tJohn E. Fox

HotelsRiverside House, C.H. Downs; Phenix House, F.M. Chamberlin; Milton Hotel, E.M. Bodwell. Summer Boarding Houses – S.W. Wallingford, J.L. Twombly, J. LeGallee.

Livery Stables – FM. .Chamberlain, C.H. Thurston.

Literary InstitutionNute Free High School and Library

Manufacturers – Blacksmiths, I.W. Duntley, N.B. Varney; boots and shoes, Burley & Usher Co., N.B. Thayer & Co. [Dam No, 14]; builders, Webber Bros., F.B. Roberts; excelsior, S.M. Bragdon; leatherboard mill, Milton Leatherboard Co. [Dam No. 13]; lumber, L. Hayes,, L Plummer, p.o. ad. Union; mowing machines, horse rakes &c., B.B. Plummer, C.A. Jones; oars, Shaw & Son; paper, Milton Manufacturing Co. [Dam No. 12]; soap, C.M. Wallingford; carriage and sign painter, Frank P. Twombly; tonsorial artist, W.F. Hargraves.

Merchants – E.C. Hodge, J.D. Willey, A.M. Roberts, L. Lucas; boots and shoes, N.G. Pinkham; groceries, W.T. Wallace; gents furnishing and sporting goods, cigars and tobacco, C.D. Jones; drugs, B.B. Sloan, C.D. Jones; ice, Boston Ice Co., Lynn Ice Co. Union Ice Co.; jewelry, F.A. Marks; provisions, G.E. Wentworth, C.A. Horne; fish, L.S. Nutter.

PhysicianM.A.A.H. Hart

Milton MillsPostmaster – Elijah T. Libbey. 

Churches – Adv., Joseph Spinney; Cong., I.E. Stuart; F. Bap., Eben. Fernald; Meth., ___ Collen.

Ex. Agent – Charles Stearns. 

Hotels – Central House, C. &. [C.D.] Fox.

Livery Stables – C.D. Fox, J.D. Hanson.

Manufacturers – Blacksmiths, J.E. Wentworth, S.F. Rines; builders, A.B. Shaw, A.A. Fox, J.F. Titcomb, E.S. Simes; doors, sash and blinds, A.B. Shaw; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g Co. [Dam No. 17]; felt cloth, Riverside Mfg. Co.; harnesses, A. Sanborn; picture frames, E. Deardin; soap, S.G. Chamberlain; woolen goods, H.H. Townsend [Dam No. 16]

MerchantsAsa Fox & Son, Ira Miller; boots and shoes, E.R. Campbell; confectionery, C.E. Ellis, E.T. Libbey, F.S. Marsh; dry goods, G.S. Lovering, Harry Wentworth; groceries, H.A. Pettengell & Co.; fish, C.S. Lowd; furniture, E.F. Fox; jewelry, E.T. Libbey; merchant tailor, Harry Wentworth; millinery and fancy goods, Lizzie L. Hart; provisions, C.S. Lowd; stoves and tinware, Murray Bros; soda fountain and periodicals, E.T. Libbey, F.L. Marsh

Miscellaneous – Conveyancer, claim and collection agent, E.W. Fox; job printer, E.T. Libbey; undertaker, A.A. Fox. 

PhysiciansC.W. Gross, W.E. Pillsbury; dentist, E.G. Reynolds

Summer Boarding Houses – Chas. A. Reynolds, C.S. Lowd, Cyrus Miller, J.D. Willey, C.H. Prescott, Benj. Hoyle.

Although not listed as running a livery stable, confectioner Forrest L. Marsh offered to board horses over the winter of 1893-94.

HORSES, CARRIAGES, ETC. WINTER BOARD for horses, best of care; terms reasonable. F.L. MARSH, Milton Mills, N.H. (Boston Globe, October 26, 1893).

By 1900, he was an attorney in Milton Mills.

New Hampshire. A safe in the postoffice in Murray Brothers’ store at Milton Mills was blown open Wednesday morning of last week. Three men were seen leaving the store, but the robbers made good their escape. They secured about $400 in money and stamps. It is thought to be the work of the same gang that has been operating in New Hampshire and Maine for several months past and has blown safes in 12 or 15 postoffices (Bellows Falls Times, May 24, 1894).

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Home Publishing Company. (1893). N.H. Register, Farmers’ Almanac, and Business Directory, for 1894. Retrieved from

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