Milton Businesses in 1892

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 14, 2018

Extracted below are the Milton entries from the Strafford County Business Directory section of the Dover, Great Falls, and Strafford County Directory, 1892-93.


Twenty miles N.W. of Dover. R.R. station at Milton on Ports., Gt. Falls & Con. RR. Four miles from Union, stage twice daily. It was originally a part of Rochester. Incorporated June 11, 1802. Farming and manufacturing are the principal employments. Area 25,000 acres. Population 1,640. Valuation, $857,367. Polls 450.

Apothecaries. Jones, Charles D.; Mason, Frank L.

Bands. Milton Mills Brass Band

Blacksmiths. Duntley, Ira W.; Grant, Roscoe E., Milton Mills; Varney, Bartlett; Wentworth, John E., Milton Mills

Boot and Shoe Dealers. East Lake Shoe Co., Milton Mills; Pinkham, Nathaniel G.

Boot and Shoe Mnfrs. Burley & Usher; Thayer, N.B. & Co.

Box Mnfr. Shaw, Aratus B., Milton Mills.

Carpenters and Builders. Giles, Jesse, Milton Mills; Webber, Royal K.

Clothing Dealer. Albee, Benjamin F., Milton Mills.

Confectionary and Fruit. Ellis, Charles E., Milton Mills; Lucas, Levi M.; Marsh, Forest L., Milton Mills

Contractor and Builder. Shaw, Aratus B., Milton Mills

Dentist. Reynolds, Everett G., Milton Mills

Dressmakers. Ricker, A.M. Miss; Wentworth, Cora E., Milton Mills

Dry and Fancy Goods. Lucas, Levi M.

Excelsior Mnfr. Bragdon, S.M.

Fancy Goods. Fox, Laura E., Milton Mills; Mason, F.L. Mrs.

Fish Dealer. Nutter, L. Sidney

General Stores. Fox, Ira [Asa] & Son, Milton Mills; Pettingell, H.A. & Co., Milton Mills; Willey, Joseph D.

Grocers. Miller, Ira, Milton Mills; Roberts, Amos M.; Wallace, William T.

Hairdressers. Ellis, Charles E., Milton Mills; Hall, Fred; Hargraves, William F.

Hardware Dealers. Murray Bros., Main, Milton

Harness Maker and Dealer. Sanborn, Abraham, Milton Mills

Hotels. Horace Drew, Hotel Phœnix, E. Edgerly, prop., Main; Hotel Prescott, C.H. Prescott, proprietor, Main, Milton Mills; River Side House, C.H. Downs, prop., West Lebanon road

Ice Dealers. Boston Ice Co.; Marblehead Ice Co.

Jewelry and Watches. E.T. Libby, Main, Milton Mills

Leather Board Mnfr. Carrecabe, John M.

Meat Market. Grant, Walter B.

Milk Dealer. Hayes, Rufus C.

Milliner. Fox, Laura E., Milton Mills

Painters. Hodgdon, George F.; Mills, William F., Milton Mills; Twombly, Frank P.

Paper Hanger. Hodgdon, George F.

Paper Mnfrs. Milton Mnfr. Co.

Physicians. Gross, Charles W.; Hart, M.A.H., Milton Mills; Jones, Charles D.; Mason, Frank L. 

Plumbers. Murray Bros., Main, Milton Mills

Roofers. Murray Bros., Main, Milton Mills

Saw Mills. Hayes, Luther, South M.; Shaw, Aratus B., Milton Mills

Stables. Chamberlin, Fred M.; Nutter James W.

Stage Line. Milton Mills to Union Village

Station Agent. Fox, John E.

Stationer. Pinkham, Nathaniel G.

Tailor. Albee, Benjamin F., Milton Mills

Variety Stores. Kimball, Rolfe M.; Lucas, Levi M.

Wooden Ware Manufacturer. Atkinson, Sullivan H., Milton Mills

Woolen Goods Manufacturers. Townsend, John, Waumbeck Co., Amasa Clark, agt.

The following advertisements for cloth workers appeared in the Boston Globe near the end of 1892 (and beginning of 1893).

MALE HELP WANTED. A RELIABLE MAN who thoroughly understands the business of piece dyeing to dye dress goods, flannels, etc. A man of this stamp may address JOHN A. BUGUEY, Milton Mills, N.H. (Boston Globe, November 27, 1892).

MALE HELP WANTED. WANTED. A good experienced man to run a Parks & Woolson six-quarter shear. Write at once or come to JOHN A. BUGUEY, Milton Mills, N.H. (Boston Globe, November 29, 1892). 

MALE HELP WANTED. WANTED. Boss weaver on Davis & Furber looms, must be a good manager of help, competent, steady and reliable. Man with family preferred. Address JOHN A. BUGNEY, supt., Milton Mills, N.H. (January 26, 1893).

John A. Buguey was then superintendent for the Waumbeck Company. His wife Mary E. (Keating) Buguey died in Milton Mills, NH, April 22, 1896. He and his children resided in Concord, MA, in 1900, where he was a weaving instructor at the Massachusetts State Prison there.

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Littlefield Directory Publishing Company. (1892). Dover, Great Falls, and Strafford County Directory, 1892-93. Boston, MA: Littlefield Directory Publishing Company, 12 Post Office Square

Author: Muriel Bristol

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