Milton Businesses in 1889

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 13, 2018

Here is extracted the Milton (including Milton Mills) entry from the New Hampshire Register, State Year-book and Legislative Manual, 1889.

MILTON, STRAFFORD – Pop. 1,516, N.E. fr. C. 40; N.W. fr. Dover, 20. R.R.S. [Railroad Station] – Milton, on Ports., Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.; for Milton Mills, Union, 4 m., connects twice daily by stage.

OfficersClerk, C.H. Looney; Treas., Ira Miller; Selectmen, J.H. Avery, Charles C. Hayes, Chas. Hayes; Board of Education, John U. Simes, Charles D. Jones, B.B. Plummer.

PostmasterN.G. Pinkham.

Justices [of the Peace]J.U. Simes, E.W. Fox, Geo. Lyman, M.V.B. Cook, C.C. Hayes, B.F. Avery, Luther Hayes, B.B. Plummer, E.F. Fox, C.H. Looney, John S. Hersey, State; Ira Miller, Joseph Plummer, G.I. Lowe.

Churches – Chris. D.B. Goodwin; Cong. Frank Haley; F. Bap. C.E. Mason.

Exp. & Tel. Ag’tWilliam T. Wallace.

Hotels & Livery StablesRiverside House, C.H. Downs; Phenix House, J.E. Hayes.

Literary InstitutionMilton Classical Institute, Miss Fannie L. Hayes.

Manufacturers – blacksmith, I.W. Duntley, M.B. Varney; boots & shoes, Burley & Usher; builders, P.G. Webber & Bros.; clothing, Horne Bros.; excelsior, S.M. Bragdon; flour & meal, J.H. Avery; harnesses, ___ Bealls; Leather Board Mills, John Carricabe; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates & Lyman, Wentworth & Plummer, L. Plummer, p.o. ad. Union; mowing machines, horse rakes &c, B.B. Plummer; oars, Shaw & Son; paper, Milton Manuf’g Co.; soap, C.M. Wallingford; soles, heels, etc., ___ Law.

MerchantsJ.D. Willey, Looney & Downes, Levi Lucas; boots and shoes, N.G. Pinkham; clothing and gents furnishing goods, Goodwin and Co.; fancy goods, Mrs. Ira S. Knox, Mrs. J.F. Hart; ice, Granite State Ice Company, Lynn Ice Co., Boston Union Ice Co.; jewelry, F.A. Weeks; millinery, Alta Knox; provisions, W.B. Grant.

PhysicianChas. D. Jones.

Milton MillsPostmaster – B.F. Albee.

Churches – Adv., Joseph Spinney; Cong., H.S. Ives; F. Bap., C.E. Hurd; Meth., I.G. Tibbetts.

Ex. Agent – Charles Stevens.

HotelsPrescott House, C.H. Prescott; Centennial House, Benj. Hoyle.

Livery StablesC.H. Prescott, J.D. Hanson.

Manufacturers – blacksmiths, H.J. Burrows, J.E. Wentworth, A. [ – missing section – ] Townsend.

MerchantsAsa Fox & Son, J.U. Simes, Ira Miller; boots and shoes, J.W. Hanson; confectionary, C.E. Ellis; dry goods, G.S. Lovering, B.F. Allbee, O.F. Marsh; fancy goods, M.A. Berry; fancy goods and groceries, Lewis Fox & Co.; fish, J.F. Archibald; furniture, E.F. Fox; groceries, E.J. Brierley, C.D. Fox; jewelry, E.T. Libbey; merchant tailor, B.F. Albee; millinery, Augusta Berry; millinery and fancy goods, L.F. Hart; periodicals, B.F. Allbee; provisions, C.S. Lowd; stoves and tin ware, Murray Bros.

Miscellaneous – conveyancer, claim and collection agent, E.W. Fox; job printer, E.T. Libbey; machinist, E. Osgood; undertaker, A.A. Fox.

PhysiciansC.W. Gross, M.K. Cowell, W.E. Pillsbury; dentist, E.G. Reynolds.

Summer Boarding Houses – Charles A. Reynolds, John Lewis, C.S. Lowd, J.D. Willey.

In subsequent years, the Nute High School and Library celebrated February 15 of this year as their founding, although the building was not completed and opened for students until 1891.

The Boston Globe reported the bankruptcy of a Milton Mills grocery store:

Business Troubles. Firms Forced to Assign Under Stress of Financial Storms. Pettingill & Brown, grocers, Milton Mills, N.H., have failed. They owe $4500; assets $2100 (Boston Globe, May 7, 1889).

BUSINESS TROUBLES. Financial Difficulties Reported in Various Trades. The Boston creditors of H.A. Pettingell of the firm of Pettingell & Brown, grocers, Milton Mills, N.H., held a meeting in this city yesterday at the New England Furniture Exchange. The committee reported the liabilities as $4180. Assets varied and uncertain. Mr. Pettingell made an offer of 25 cents on a dollar, and the committee recommended its acceptance. All present signed the composition paper (Boston Globe, June 6, 1889).

Meanwhile, Varney & Lane, shoe manufacturers, sought shoe workers. They were based in Lynn, MA, but had opened a Milton Mills branch during the previous year.

MALE HELP WANTED. CUTTERS wanted on grain and gl. grain piece work, at VARNEY & LANE’S, Milton Mills, N.H.; also 3 good closers-on; come ready for work (Boston Globe, May 30, 1889).

The Milton Mills shoe strike against the newly-arrived shoe manufacturing firm began in November of this year.

This was also the year of the institutional founding of the Nute Memorial Chapel, as well as the Nute High School and Library (February 15), although their completed building dedications did not occur until later, October 23, 1890 and September 1891, respectively.

Previous in sequence: Milton Businesses in 1887; next in sequence: Milton Businesses in 1892.


Tower, F.L. (1889). New Hampshire Register, State Year-book and Legislative Manual, 1889. Retrieved from

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