Milton Seeks a Coroner – June 1823

By Muriel Bristol | June 12, 2022

Twenty-three Milton inhabitants requested appointment of Gilman Jewett of Milton Mills as Milton coroner, June 12, 1823.

To His Excellency the Governor and the Council of the State of New Hampshire,

We, the undersigned inhabitants of the town of Milton, respectfully represent that it would be proper that some person on the great main road leading from Portsmouth to Lancaster within said town of Milton should be appointed to the office of coroner as there is not any person holding that office from Rochester to Wakefield comprising a distance of twenty miles and the person now holding said office in this town is living at the extreem part of the same. Therefore, thinking that such an appointment would be expedient, we cherefully recommend Mr Gilman Jewett as a Gentleman well qualified to fulfil the said office. Therefore, we humbly solicit that he should be appointed to that trust and we as in duty bound will pray ~

Milton, June 12th 1823

[Column 1:] Nathaniel Pinkham, Ebenezer Ricker, Jr, Samuel B. Hartford, Timothy Roberts, Isaac Worster, Wm Jones, Stephen Henderson, John Wentworth, Jr, John Wentworth, Pelah Hanscom,

[Column 2:] Stephen Drew, Joseph Walker, Thoms Wentworth, James H. Horn, David Wallingford, Jerediah Ricker, James Pinkham, Ebenezer Ricker,

[Column 3:] William Sargent, Saml Jones, Hopley Meserve, Isaac Wentworth, Joshua Jones.

The reverse side bore a title – Milton Pet. for a Coroner, Gilman Jewett, – the third column, and a notation that his appointment was “To be Postponed indefinitely.”


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Author: Muriel Bristol

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