Report of the Milton Centennial Committee

By Muriel Bristol | June 19, 2022

At my request, Rep. Bailey visited the NH State Library in Concord on a break and photographed the financial report of Milton’s Centennial celebration as printed in the Milton Town Report of 1903.

The expenditures listed in that report might be compared with the events of the day in a contemporary account of the event.

Rumford Press of Concord, NH, printed invitations, while Joseph H. Avery and Harry L. Avery supplied postage and stamps. Courier Publishing Co. of Littleton, NH, also printed something, perhaps programs. W.H. White provided a register, possibly some sort of event guest register.

Walter McIntyre (1875-1934), John Pass (c1834-1907), H. Rendell [Herman Randall (1868-1923)], and John Woodbury were paid for their labor over one or more days, likely setting up tents and other necessities and, presumably, breaking them down again. H.S. Williams (c1886-1917) was paid for the use of his tent and dishes. Teamsters H.W. Downs (1848-1916) and J.D. Pinkham (1866-1937) were paid for trucking. E.L. Wentworth (1864-1944) was paid for “watching,” perhaps acting as night watchman between the setup and the event.

Charles L. Bodwell was paid for the use of his team for one or more trips to Rochester, and Fred B. Roberts was paid for the use of his horse. Mrs. R.M. [Carrie E. (Willey)] Kimball (1866-1949) boarded invited out-of-town guests.

There was a bonfire on Mt. Tenerife on the night before the Centennial.

The Centennial day itself – Saturday, August 30, 1902 – began at dawn with bell ringing and cannon salutes. J.A. Goodwin was paid for firing thirty-three cannons, then and several other times throughout the day.

Next came field and water sports. The sports committee was reimbursed for prizes given out.

After the amusing sports of the early morning, the street parade was made from the square at the railroad station to the broad campus of the Nute high school. The parade was as follows: Marshal – Maj. Charles J. Berry. Aids – Samuel E. Drew, Fred S. Hart, Clifford Berry, Walter Holtden, Charles Mason; Hanson American band of Rochester, 32 pieces, T.J. Manning, leader; 

Hanson American BandThe Hanson American Band of Rochester, NH, gave a concert in the “upper square.” They were paid for playing at several locations throughout the day.

Teamster William G. “Willie” Hurd (1867-1939) had been paid to sprinkle water on the dirt streets, to keep the dust down. J.P. Kelley provided badges for officers, perhaps auxiliary police officers. Another supplier provided parade badges. C.S. [C.J.] Berry was paid for his services as parade marshal, and Charles Mansur (1878-1946) and his wife [Rosamond (Guptill) Mansur] were paid for their services as aides. Somersworth, NH, hotelier S.F. Greenwood (1855-1931) was paid for the use of his team.

Davis, CA - 1900A New England dinner was served for lunch. It was a ham dinner. Confectioner C.A. Davis (1855-1921), farmer W.A. Pulsifer (1862-1953), butcher L. Rines (1862-194?), butcher G.E. Wentworth (1868-1944), and the Worcester County Creamery provided food and drink (milk). Whitehouse Bros., and Joseph D. Willey provided supplies, likely including food supplies. C.D. Jones provided sundries. Mrs. [Emma (Hall)] Douquette (1872-1958), Mary Leighton, Mrs. Otis S. [Lizzie (Pattee)] Thompson, Addie Tuck (1884-) and her sister, Lilla Tuck (1889-1910), were paid for their labor. One might suppose they decorated the venues or prepared and served the meals.

After lunch commemorative ceremonies and speeches took place. Avery, Jones & Roberts had supplied lumber, perhaps for a daïs and bench seating. Former Nute principal A.T. “Thad” Smith was paid a speaker’s fee.

Leftover bread and ham were sold, as well as a set of cutlery.



Received contributions, $1.75
–for bread sold, 1.19
—-wood sold, 1.00
—-hams sold, 2.00
—-knives and forks sold, 2.00
–of treasurer of Milton, 478.16


By paid for knives and forks, $6.00
–for parade badges, 7.80
A.T. Smith, address and expenses, 50.00
–committee on sports, prizes, 12.00
–J.P. Kelley, badges for officers and expenses, 16.50
–H.S. Williams, use of tent and dishes, 20.00
–E.G. Knight, mileage, .36
–G.E. Wentworth, for 255 lbs. ham, 36.98
–L. Rines, milk, .80
–John Woodbury, 2 days labor, 3.00
–J.D. Pinkham, trucking, 3.00
–W.G. Hurd, sprinkling streets, 10.00
–J.A. Goodwin, firing 100 guns, 64.00
–C.A. Davis, bread and express, 12.25
–H. Rendell, labor, 1.00
–Whitehouse Bros., supplies, 6.08
–E.L. Wentworth, watching, 1.50

By paid H.W. Downs, trucking, .50
Avery, Jones & Roberts, lumber, etc., 15.58
–freight and express, 5.65
–W.A. Pulsifer, milk, 3.20
–Mary Leighton, labor, 1.50
–Walter McIntyre, labor, 3.75
J.D. Willey, supplies, 2.77
–Mrs. Douquette, labor, 1.00
–Rumford Press, invitations, 15.00
–W.H. White, register, 4.75
J.H. Avery, stamps, 9.53
–John Pass, labor, 2.00
–Addie and Lilla Tuck, labor, 2.00
H.L. Avery, postage, 1.75
C.D. Jones, sundries, 7.95
–G.I. Jordan, cash expenses, 1.65
–Mrs. O.S. Thompson, labor, 1.00
–Courier Publishing Co., printing, 14.00
–Worcester County Creamery, butter, 7.20
M.A.H. Hart, cash expenses, 2.55
–Hanson American Band, 89.00
F.M. Chamberlain, feeding horses, 6.00
–Reuben Page, soliciting food, 2.75
C.S. Berry, services and expenses as marshal, 8.00
–S.F. Greenwood, use of team and expenses, 12.50
C.L. Bodwell, team to Rochester, 2.00
–Mrs. R.M. Kimball, board of guests, 1.50
–Charles Mansur and wife, labor, 3.50
F.B. Roberts, use of horse and cash, 3.65

Respectfully submitted,


Historic New England. (2022). Trade card for The Rumford Press, Concord, New Hampshire, undated. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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