South Milton Miller William P. Tuttle (1823-1911)

By Muriel Bristol | November 13, 2022

William Penn Tuttle was born in Dover, NH, June 26, 1823, son of Joseph and Sarah (Pinkham) Tuttle.

William P. Tuttle married (1st) in Farmington, NH, December 14, 1852, Mary Varney. She was born in Farmington, NH, May 21, 1829, daughter of William and Annie Varney.

William P. Tuttle, son of Joseph and Sarah P. Tuttle, of Dover, in the county of Strafford, and state of New Hampshire, and Mary Varney, daughter of William and Anna Varney, of Farmington, in the county of Strafford, married in Farmington, December 14, 1852 (NH Genealogical Society, 1905).

Son George E. Tuttle was born in Milton, circa 1859.

William P. Tuttle, a miller, aged thirty-seven years (b. NH), headed a Milton (“Milton P.O.”) household at the time of the Eighth (1860) Federal Census. His household included Mary B. Tuttle, aged thirty-one years (b. NH), George E. Tuttle, aged one year (b. NH), and William G. Jewett, a miller, aged eighteen years (b. NH). William P. Tuttle had real estate valued at $1,500 and personal estate valued at $2,000. His household appeared in the enumeration between those of George Lyman, a farmer, aged sixty-three years (b. NH), and L.D. Hayes, a shoemaker, aged thirty-six years (b. NH).

Son George E. Tuttle died in June 1860.

William P. Tuttle, a miller, aged forty years (b. NH), of Milton, registered for the Class II military draft, in July 1863. (See also Milton Class II Draft List – 1863).

William P. Tuttle was one of the ten prominent Milton citizens who incorporated a private secondary school – the Milton Classical Institute – at Three Ponds Village in Milton, NH, in July 1867. The incorporators included also NH Governor’s Councilor (and ex-officio NH State Board of Education member) Charles Jones, Strafford Sheriff Luther Hayes, manufacturer Hiram V. Wentworth, Dr. George W. Peavey, and others.

Mary V. (Varney) Tuttle died of consumption in Milton, March 2, 1869, aged thirty-nine years, nine months, and eight days.

The City of Dover, NH, paid William P. Tuttle $3.06 for road labor in District 12, in 1869-70 (City of Dover, NH, 1870).

William Tuttle, a shoemaker, aged fifty years (b. NH), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Ninth (1870) Federal Census. His household included William R. Tuttle, works in shoe factory, aged twenty-nine years (b. NH), and Stephen Tuttle, at home, aged fifteen years (b. NH). William Tuttle had personal estate valued at $300.

William P. Tuttle married (2nd), in Windham, ME, March 28, 1872, Lydia M. Cartland. She was born in Parsonfield, ME, October 26, 1831, daughter of Charles and Miriam (Robinson) Cartland.

MARRIED. In Deering, March 28, at Friends’ Meeting House, William P. Tuttle, of Dover, N.H., and Lydia M. Cartland, of Portland (Portland Daily Press (Portland, ME), March 30, 1872).

Dover, NH, employed William P. Tuttle as one of its field drivers in 1873. A field driver was a town official authorized to round up and impound domestic farm animals roaming at large.

FIELD DRIVERS. Jesse Whitehouse, Andrew J. Bodge, Charles Kimball, William P. Tuttle, Enoch T. Foss, Dennis A. Johnson, Augustus A. Davis, Joseph H. Hodgdon, Jacob J. Drew (City of Dover, NH, 1874).

William P. Tuttle served as a member of the Dover, NH, Board of Instruction, i.e., its school board, in the years 1875-76, 1876-77, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1879-80, and 1880-81 (Dover City Council, 1882).

Dover, N.H. The bill to redistrict the city also amended the city charter so that the old School Board was unseated, and the elections will hereafter be made by the Aldermen. The new Board thus elected consists of the Rev. George B. Spalding, John B. Stevens, Jr., Dr. Charles A. Tufts, William P. Tuttle, E.C. Kinnear, H.H. Hough, C.K. Hartford, O.C. Farrar, T.J. Smith, Thomas E. Sawyer, John R. Varney and C.A. Towne. The City Government has passed an ordinance which provides that hereafter all buildings erected within certain prescribed limits shall be of brick or other non-inflammable material (Boston Globe, July 21, 1876).

DOVER QUARTERLY MEETING. Jacob K. Puritan, Tobias Meader, William P. Tuttle, Timothy B. Hussey, William R. Dennis, Samuel Buffum, Otis Meade, Ira T. Jenkins, Thomas G. Roberts (Portland Daily Press (Portland, ME), June 16, 1879).

William Tuttle, a farmer, aged fifty-one years (b. Dover, NH), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Tenth (1880) Federal Census. His household included his wife, Lydia M. Tuttle, aged fifty years (b. Parsonfield, ME), his mother, Sarah P. Tuttle, aged eighty-six years (b. Dover, NH), and his servants, William F. Cartland, a farm laborer, aged twenty years (b. Parsonfield, ME), Willard Mansfield, a farm laborer, aged thirty-five years (b. NH), and Etta Willard, housework, aged twenty years (b. Cambridge, ME). Their farm was situated on the Dover Point Road.

The grocery business has always been the leading factor in the mercantile life of Dover, and the leading grocer of the city to-day is William F. Cartland, a native of Parsonfield, Me., who came to Dover at the age of eighteen, entering the employ of his uncle, William P. Tuttle. Three years later he engaged with J. Roberts, to learn the grocery business. Subsequently, he was in employ of W.S. Wiggin, but cherishing an ambition to conduct business for himself in 1885 he bought the interest of John Kimball in firm of Kimball & Tasker, then in Freeman block, Washington street (Granite Monthly, 1900).

Strafford County purchased $6.00 worth of potatoes for its County Farm from William P. Tuttle in 1887-88 (Strafford County, 1888).

William P. Tuttle’s Dover Point wood lot appeared in an 1890 NH Dept. of Agriculture report, as an example of excellent tree growth.

On the William P. Tuttle farm in Dover, N.H., an acre in white pine grew over two hundred and thirty cubic feet a year for fifty years, the trees having been cut just half a century after the land had been cultivated for potatoes (NH Dept. of Agriculture, 1890).

Lydia M. (Cartland) Tuttle died of an abdominal tumor in Dover, NH, September 17, 1896, aged sixty-four years, ten months, and twenty-two days.

William P. Tuttle married (3rd) in Dover, NH, November 11, 1897, Hannah Coffin (Hanson) Canney, both of Dover, NH. He was a farmer, aged seventy-four years, and she was aged sixty-five years. Rev. George E. Hall performed the ceremony. She was born in Dover, NH, September 25, 1832, daughter of Samuel and Clarissa (Varney) Hanson.

William Tuttle, aged seventy-two years (b. NH), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Twelfth (1900) Federal Census. His household included his wife (of two years), Hannah Tuttle, aged seventy-one years (b. NH).

Hannah C. ((Hanson) Canney) Tuttle died in Dover, NH, November 26, 1908, aged seventy-six years.

William P. Tuttle, retired (own income), aged eighty-eight years (b. NH), headed a Dover, NH, household at the time of the Thirteenth (1910) Federal Census. William P. Tuttle owned his house on the Dover Point Road, free-and-clear.

William P. Tuttle died of senility on the Dover Point Road in Dover, NH, May 4, 1911, aged eighty-seven years, ten months, and eight days. He was a farmer, who had lived in Dover, NH, for “nearly” his whole life, his prior residence having been in North Berwick, ME. George P. Morgan, M.D., signed the death certificate.


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