Celestial Seasonings – December 2022

By Heather Durham | December 1, 2022

Happy holidays and winter solstice my friends! Welcome to the final edition of this blog for the year 2022. There is no shortage of meteor showers this month along with a planet that will glow in the evening sky as long as Mother Nature cooperates this time.

Winter solstice is near and as for me, I am happy about it for there is so much to enjoy whether you’re inside or out. I will be out and about as much and as often as possible!

Thanks everyone and enjoy yourselves New Year’s Eve as well!

December 1. The Moon and Jupiter will rise and travel close to each other.

December 6. The December φ-Cassiopeid meteor shower will be most prolific today. Coming from the Constellation Andromeda, the best prospects for viewing will be just before dawn on the 6th, but the brightness of the Moon might interfere.

December 7. The Puppid-Velid meteor shower will occur today, but once again, with the Moon so close to being full, they might not be easily visible. Today, the full Cold Moon should be viewable. The Moon and Mars will travel close to each other and rise to the right.

December 8. Tonight brings a special opportunity to view Mars. Mars will be opposite to the Sun. It will be at its largest and brightest this evening-weather dependent.

December 9. The Monocerotid meteor shower will be on display this evening. Coming from the Constellation Monoceros, this shower should put on its best display just before dawn.

December 12. The α-Hydrid meteor shower from the Constellation Hydra will peak on this date with the best show just before dawn. However, the Moon will be at last quarter and may be a viewing hindrance.

December 14. Today brings the Geminid meteor shower from the Constellation Gemini peaking at its best at 2:00 am.

December 16. The Comae Berenicid meteor shower will put on a show tonight. This one comes from the Constellation Leo may be visible from 11:30 pm the previous evening until the break of dawn. The Cold Moon will be in its final quarter.

December 20. Today brings our December Leonis Minorid meteor shower from Leo Minor. It should begin to be visible near 20:21 and remain active until the break of dawn around 6:35. am.

December 21. Mercury will travel to its furthest extent from the Sun during which time it should be very bright. This day also brings with it the December solstice, occurring as the Sun reaches its furthest southern point in the sky, a.k.a, the first day of winter.

December 22. The Ursid meteor shower from Ursa Minor will be at its peak, close to 17:00.

December 24. Mercury will shine very brightly tonight and will be at its highest in the sky.

December 26. The Moon and Saturn will rise and travel close to each other.

December 29. The Moon and Jupiter will rise to the right and orbit close to each other. The Moon will be at first quarter.


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