Milton in 1823

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | January 14, 2019

MILTON, post-town, Strafford co., in lat. 43°26′, is bounded N.W. by Middleton and Wakefield, E. by Salmon Fall river, separating it from Maine, S.W. by Farmington, and contains about 25,000 acres. The Salmon Fall river washes its whole E. boundary, a distance of 13 miles; and a branch of the same river crosses from the S. part of Wakefield, and unites near the centre of the E. boundary. Teneriffe, a bold and rocky mountain, extends along the E. part of Milton, near which lies Milton pond, of considerable size, connecting with the Salmon Fall river. This town was formerly a part of Rochester, from which it was detached, and incorporated June 11, 1802. There is a meeting-house here, but no settled minister. Pop 1232.

In a table of comparative statistics, Milton was said to have 1 Meeting-house, 7 School districts, 7 School-houses, 5 Taverns, 5 Stores, 5 Saw-mills, 4 Grist-mills, 1 Clothing-mill, 2 Carding-machines, no Bark-mill, and 1 Tannery.

And, we might add, 1 Social library.

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Farmer, James, and Bailey, Jacob B. (1823). A Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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