Milton Businesses in 1877

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | October 27, 2018

The Milton excerpts from the New England Business Directory, 1877.


Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Towns. When the Post-Office differs from the Town, it is given immediately after the name, and preceding the Town.

Blacksmiths (See also Carriage Smiths). Duntley Hazen & Son, Milton; Osgood, Ebenezer, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Rines, Nathaniel, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Rines, Samuel F., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Boot and Shoe Dealers (See also Boot and Shoe Manufacturers). Grant, Solomon, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Box Makers (See also Paper Box Makers). Hayes, Charles H. (shoe), Milton.

Butchers (See also Provision Dealers). Hayes, John, Milton.

Carpenters and Builders (See also Ship Carpenters). Mathes, Joseph, Milton; Swasey, George A., Milton; Simes, Edward S., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Titcomb, J.F., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Carriage and Sleigh Manufacturers (See also Wheelwrights). Brackett, John, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Chair Manufacturers (See also Furniture Manufacturers). Young, Isaac C. & Son, W. Milton [P.O.], Milton.

Clergymen.  Noyes,  E.P. (B.), South Acton [P.O.], Milton Mills, N.H.; Clark, Samuel W. (C.T.), Milton; Owens, E. (F.B.), Milton; Crowley, James (M.), Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; McLean, A.S. (F.B.), Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Scott, D.B. (C.T.), Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Goodwin, Daniel B. (C.B.), West Milton [P.O.], Milton.

Country Stores. Where is kept a general assortment of dry goods, groceries, agricultural implements, & c. Those who deal in but one kind of goods will be found under their appropriate headings. (See also Grocers). Gilmore, Geo. A., Milton; Hart, John F., Milton; Fox, Asa & Son, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Fox, Asa A., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Morrill, J.B. & Son, Milton Mills [P.O.], Simes, John U., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Dry Goods (See also Country Stores; also Fancy Goods). Knox, Ida S. Mrs., Milton.

Flour and Grain Dealers (See also Produce Dealers). Corkery, Daniel, Milton.

Grist Mills (See also Flouring Mills). Hayes, Luther, South Milton [P.O.], Milton.

Harness Makers (See also Trunks, Valises, & c.). Sanborn, A. & Son, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton Mills.

Hotels. Tri-Mountain House, James R. Horne, Milton; Central House, Ira Miller, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Lumber Dealers (See also Saw Mills). Hayes, Luther, South Milton [P.O.], Milton; Scates & Lyman, South Milton [P.O.], Milton.

Masons (See also Plasterers). Rines, Joseph G., Union [P.O], Milton.

Milliners (See also Dress Makers; See also Millinery Goods). Roberts, Clara M. Mrs., Milton; Farnham, Wm. P. Mrs., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Painters, House, Sign, and Ornamental (See also Painters, Carriage). Hodgdon, George F., Milton; Mathes, Robert, Milton; Came, George W., Milton Mills [P.O], Milton.

Physician. Peavey, George W., Milton; Buck, Jeremiah C., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Gross, C.W., Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Saw Mills (See also Planing Mills; also Shingle Mills). Hayes, Charles H., Milton; Hayes, Luther, South Milton [P.O.], Milton; Plumer, C.A. & G.L., Union [P.O], Milton.

Shingle Mills (See also Saw Mills). Hayes, Luther, South Milton [P.O.], Milton; Plumer, Chas. A. & Geo. L., Union [P.O], Milton.

Stables. Horne, James R., Milton; Miller, Ira, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Teachers (See also Academies, in index). Bickford, J.P. (Classical Inst.), Milton.

Wheelwrights. Sanborn, James, West Milton [P.O.], Milton; Brackett, John, Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

Woolen Goods Manufs. (See also Hosiery; also Manufacturing Companies). Brierley, Edward & Co. (flannels, table-covers, & c.), Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Townsend & Co. (piano and table-covers). Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton; Waumbec Manuf. Co. (flannels), Milton Mills [P.O.], Milton.

A fair number of Acton, ME, businesses were using Milton Mills Post-Office addresses. They have not been included.

Claremont, Concord, Dover, Exeter, Great Falls (Somersworth), Hanover, Laconia, Manchester, Nashua, and Portsmouth all had gas-light companies. Milton and Rochester did not. They would have used candles and oil lamps.

LYNN. The News in Brief. Luther Hayes, one of the Fish Commissioners of Milton, N.H., was in town yesterday and took fifty white perch from Flax Pond home with him to stock a pond at Milton. The fish were caught by John Marion during the past three days (Boston Globe, August 24, 1878).

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Sampson, Davenport & Co. (1877). New England Business Directory, 1877. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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