Milton Businesses in 1876

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | October 25, 2018

The Milton excerpts from the New-Hampshire Register, Farmers’ Almanac, and Business Directory, for 1876.

MILTON, STRAFFORD – Pop., 1898. N.E. from C., 40; N.W. from Dover, 20. R.R.S. [Railroad Station] – Milton and South Milton, on Ports., Gt. Falls & Conway R.R. 

OFFICERSClerk, C.H. Looney; Treas., Geo. Lyman; Selectmen, Geo. Lyman, G.H. Plumer, John U. Simes; Supts., M.V.B. Cook, J.N. Lowell, Freeman H. Lowd

PostmasterC.H. Looney; South, H.H. Wentworth; West, T.F. Canney. 

Justices [of the Peace]Luther Hayes, C.H. Looney, E.W. Fox, State; Joseph Plumer, Joseph Mathes, Joseph Cook, George Lyman, G.W. Peavey, J.S. Hersey, J.N. Sims, B.B. Plummer, B.P. Roberts. 

Churches – Chris., D.B. Goodwin; Cong., J.N. Lowell; F. Bap., E. Tuttle

Exp. & Tel. Ag’tDaniel Corkery

HotelsBen Franklin House, R. West; Tri-Mountain House, J.R. Horne. Livery Stable – Jas. R. Horne. 

Literary InstitutionMilton Classical Institute, J.P. Bickford. 

Manufacturers – boots and shoes, South, H.H. Wentworth; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates & Lyman; Lewis Plumer, p.o. ad., Union. 

Mechanics – blacksmiths, H. Duntly & Son; carpenters, Joseph Mathes, E.H. Hersom; painter, G.F. Hodgdon; wheelwrights, Joseph Mathes, Daniel Jenness. 

MerchantsIra W. Jones, J. Hart, J.E. Abbott, Jas. R. Horne; fancy goods, Mrs. Ira L. Knox, Mrs. J.F. Hart; millinery, Mrs. C.M. Roberts.

Physician, G.W. Peavey.

[Milton] MillsPostmaster & Ex. Ag’tE.W. Fox.

Churches – Cong., D.B. Scott, C.F. Page; F. Bap., A.S. McLean; Meth., James Crowley

Hotel & Livery Stable – Central House, Ira Miller

Manufacturers – carriages and wheelwright, John Brackett; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g Co.; felt cloth, piano and table covers, Edward Brierly & Son; table and piano covers, Townsend & Co., John Meikle

Mechanics – blacksmiths, Ebenezer Osgood, Nathaniel Rines, S.F. Rines; carpenters, J.F. Titcomb, E.S. Simes; harness makers, A.A. Fox & Son; harness makers, A. Sanborn & Son; mason, J.G. Rines; painter, G.W. Came.

MerchantsAsa Fox & Son, A.A. Fox & Co., J.U. Simes, J.B. Merrill & Son; boots and shoes, S. Grant; fancy goods, Mrs. W.P. Farnham; provision, C.S. Lowd. 

PhysiciansJ.C. Buck, C.W. Gross, M.K. Cowell.

The Boston Globe newspaper of 1876 contained the following news of fires in Milton Mills and Milton Three-Corners during this year:

New England by Mail. Milton Mills, N.H. – The store of Augustus Fox at Milton Mills, was destroyed by fire Tuesday might. Loss $6,000; insured in the Home, New York, for $4300. The second story was occupied by the Odd Fellows, who lost everything (Boston Globe, March 9, 1876).

NOTES. Milton, N.H. – Yesterday morning a house at Milton Three-Corners, formerly occupied by George B. Wentworth, was burned. Loss $6000 (Boston Globe, September 15, 1876).

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Claremont Manufacturing Company. (1876). New-Hampshire Register, Farmers’ Almanac, and Business Directory, for 1876. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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