A Century of Milton Physicians

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | March 7, 2021

The Mitchell-Cony directory of 1907-08 provided an index of sorts to the physicians that practiced in Milton and Milton Mills from about 1820 through its publication date.

(Dr. Russell of Wakefield, NH, prior to 1820, and Dr. J. Dearborn of Milton, NH, although only briefly, have proven somewhat elusive. Details of them will be added should they become available).


PROFESSIONAL MEN. PHYSICIANS. Perhaps the earliest resident physician at Milton Village was Dr. Stephen Drew, a native of Newfield, Me., who came in the early days of the town about the year 1820, and practised until 1873, a long period of more than fifty years of activity.
Dr. D.E. Palmer came some time in the latter part of the decade 1850-1860, and remained until about 1865, when he went to Tuftonborough. Dr. G.W. Peavey, who came here from Ossipee, carried on the practice which Dr. Palmer had left, and remained about four years, at the end of which time he removed to Somersworth, where he died. Dr. Nute succeeded Dr. Peavey, but stayed only a short time. For several years there was no resident physician at the village until Dr. H.F. Pitcher came in 1879. Dr. Pitcher, after continuing in practice here about four years, went to Haverhill, where he still carries on the practice of his profession. 
The Rev. Frank Haley, M.D., who acted as pastor of the Congregational Church, was also a practising physician here about the middle of the seventies.
Dr. W.F. Wallace, Milton’s next physician, came in 1883. After about four years of practice here, he went to Bradford in 1887, in which year Dr. C.D. Jones, a native of Milton, and a graduate of Harvard, began practice here. Dr. Jones gave up his practice about the year 1891.
Dr. J. Dearborn was here a short time in the latter eighties.
Dr. M.A.H. Hart, like Dr. Jones, a Milton man, came here the same year (1891). After graduating at the University of the City of New York, Dr. Hart practised about three years in Fall River, Mass., at the end of which time he came to his native town, to begin a practice which has now grown to extensive proportions.
Dr. W.F. Wallace returned to Milton in 1893, and practised until his removal to Plaistow four years later. Dr. John Wallace, a native of Ireland, came here in 1897. Three years later he removed to Roxbury, Mass. (Mitchell-Cony, 1908).


At Milton Mills, the first physician to carry on an extensive practice was Dr. Reuben Buck, a native of Massachusetts, who lived in Acton, and visited patients in this village as early as 1830, and continued to reside here until his death. Prior to Dr. Buck’s practice here, Dr. Powers of Acton and Dr. Russell of Wakefield attended sick calls.
Dr. Jonathan S. Calef, who came from Maine, married one of Dr. Buck’s daughters and settled here not many years after the latter’s arrival. He remained for some time, going from Milton to Manchester, later to Boston, Mass., and finally to San Francisco, Cal., where he died.
Dr. John L. Swinerton, from Newfield, Maine, was in practice in this village, contemporary with Dr. Buck, remaining here about twenty five years. At the end of that time, he went to Union, where, later, he died.
Dr. Jeremiah Crosby Buck, a son of Dr. Reuben, began practice here during the latter years of his father’s residence in this locality, and continued in active practice almost up to the time of his death, which occurred about the year 1890.
Dr. Chas. E. Swasey, who had been an army surgeon during the Civil War, married another of Dr. Reuben Buck’s daughters, and began the practice of his profession shortly after close of the war. He remained here about five years, removing at the end of that time to Rochester, from which place he went to Somersworth, where he died May 30, 1907. His remains were brought to his native town and buried in the Roadside Cemetery just outside the village.
Dr. Wm. E. Pillsbury, a native of Shapleigh, Me., came sometime during the latter part of the decade 1860-1870, and remained until February, 1907.
Dr. Charles W. Gross came at about the same time, and has enjoyed a long and successful practice which he still carries on at the present time.
Dr. Frank Weeks, a graduate of the Baltimore Medical College came to this village in March, 1902, and is one of present resident physicians.
Dr. L.B. Bradford came here about the month of June, 1907, but remained only a short time.
Dr. Hugh D. Grant, like Dr. Weeks an alumnus of Baltimore Medical College, began practice at this place during the latter part of the summer of 1907, and has resided here since that time (Mitchell-Cony, 1908).

Present in this period, but not mentioned in the 1908 Mitchell-Cony list were Drs. James J. Buckley and Moses K. Cowell, doctor/pharmacist John H. Twombly, and doctor/dentist Everard G. Reynolds.

Coming shortly after the period covered by the Mitchell-Cony list was Drs. Harry E. Anderson, and Henry B. Esmond.


Mitchell-Cony. (1908). The Town Register: Farmington, Milton, Wakefield, Middleton, Brookfield, 1907-8. Retrieved from books.google.com/books?id=qXwUAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA116 

Author: Muriel Bristol

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