Milton Businesses in 1871

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | October 21, 2018

Extracted below is the Milton entry from the The New Hampshire Register and Farmer’s Almanac, for 1871.

Milton, STRAFFORDClerk, Joseph Mathes; Treas., Thomas H. Roberts; Selectmen, Charles Hayes, David Walingford, jr., Thomas H. Roberts; Supts., James W. Applebee, Frank Haley; Postmasters, Ezra H. Twombly; – Elbridge W. Fox, Mills; – John C. Plumer, South; – Thomas Canney, West; Physicians, Stephen Drew, Geo. W. Peavey; – J.C. Buck, R. Buck, Mills; Churches, F. Bap., Ezra Tuttle; Cong., Frank Haley; Cong., Caleb Page; F. Bap., D. Waterman; Meth., Ira J. Tibbets, Mills; Literary Institution, Milton Classical Institute; Merchants, Geo. M. Sayward, John E. Twombly, Mark H. Hart; Mrs. Clara M. Roberts, millinery; – Wm. C. Watson, boots and shoes; Asa Fox & Son, Asa A. Fox & Co., Bray U. Simes, John U. Simes; Geo V. Olney, groceries; Mrs. H.A. Farnham, Miss Augusta Berry, millinery; S. Lowd, provisions, Mills. Manufacturers – James Bennett, George B. Wentworth, boots and shoes; – Hiram V. Wentworth, Luther Hayes, Lewis Plumer, G.W. Wentworth; – William P. Tuttle, South, lumber; – Waumbeck Manuf’g Co., flannels, Edward Brierley, flannels, felt cloths, piano and table covers; John Meikle, dyer and table-cover painter, Mills.

Hotel, Central House, Ira Miller, Mills.

Livery Stable – Wm H. Huntress.

R.R.S. [Railroad Stations] – Milton and South Milton. Stage from Milton Mills to Union Village to connect with every train.

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Claremont Manufacturing Company. (1871). The New Hampshire Register and Farmer’s Almanac, for 1871. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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