Milton Businesses in 1874

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | October 23, 2018

Note that no principal is specified for the Milton Classical Institute.

MILTON, STRAFFORD. Роp. 1598. N.E. from C., 40. R.R.S. [Railroad Stations], Мilton, and South Milton on Ports., Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.

OFFICERSClerk, Joseph Mathis; Treas., George Lyman; Selectmen, George Lyman, G.H. Plumer, Т.H. Roberts; Supts., J.U. Simes, H. Wentworth, J.F. Joy.

Postmasters. – C.H. Looney; South, H.H. Wentworth; West, F. Canney.

Justices [of the Peace]. – Luther Hayes, C.H. Looney, State; E.W. Fox, Joseph Plumer, Joseph Mathes, Joseph Cook, George Lyman, G.W. Peavey, S. Hersey, G.W. Tasker, M.V.B. Cook, C.A. Sawyer. J.Е. Twombly.

Churches. – Chris., D.B. Goodwin; Cong., F. Haley; F. Bap., J.F. Joy

Exp. & Tel. AgentF.А. Crocker

HotelFranklin House, A. Kidder. 

Livery Stable – W.H. Jones.

Literary InstitutionMilton Classical Institute, ___ ___, prin.

Manufacturers – boots and shoes, South, H.H. Wentworth; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates & Lyman; Lewis Plumer, p.о. ad. ,Union. 

Mechanics – blacksmiths, H. Duntley & Son; carpenters Joseph Mathes, E.H. Hersom; mason, Daniel Foss; painter, G.F. Hodgdon; wheelwrights, Joseph Matthes, Daniel Jenness. 

MerchantsLooney & Avery, Gilmore & Whitehouse, J. Hart; fancy goods, Mrs. Ira L. Knox; millinery, Mrs. C.M. Roberts. 

PhysiciansG.W. Peavey, Frank Haley.

Mills. – PostmasterE.W. Fox.

Churches – Cong., D.B. Scott, C.F. Page; F. Bap., J.S. Potter; Meth., I.J. Tibbets.

Hotel & Livery Stable – Central House, Ira Miller

Manufacturers – carriages, John Brackett; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g. Co.; flannels, felt cloth, piano and table covers, Edward Brierly & Son; table covers, H.H. Townsend; table and piano covers, John Meikle

Mechanics – blacksmiths, Ebenezer Osgood, Nathaniel Rines, S.F. Rines; carpenters, J.F. Titcomb, E.S. Simes, A.B. Shaw; dyer and table cover printer, John Meikle; engraver, H.W. Dewhurst; mason, J.G. Rines; painter, G.W. Came. 

Merchants – F.H. Chesley, A.A. Fox & Co., J.U. Simes; fancy goods, Mrs. W.P. Farnham; groceries, Geo. Olney; millinery, H.A. Farnham; provision, S.A. Felch. 

PhysiciansJ.C. Buck, R. Buck.

NH State Representatives for Milton were Jos. Plumer and Elbridge Fox, and for Middletown, i.e., Middleton, was Charles W. Davis. The District 5 State Senator was Edwin Wallace of Rochester.

Ezra H. Twombly, of Milton, held the office of Strafford County Register and Sealer; and Luther Hayes, of Milton, was one of nine Strafford County Deputy Sheriffs.

Tabular Statement, by Towns, of Votes for Governor in 1872 and ’73; Population in 1870; Average Valuation in 1872; and Apportionment on each $1000 of State Tax.

Milton, 222 [Votes for Straw], 131 [Votes for Weston], 10 [Votes for Cooper & scattering]; 205 [Votes for Straw], 78 [Votes for Weston], 5 [Votes for Blackmer & scattering]; 1598 [Population]; $441,955 [Valuation] 2.881 [per $1,000 State Tax Rate].

Former NH State Senator Ezekiel A. Straw (1817-1884), of Manchester, won election as NH Governor in 1872 and 1873. He was a Republican. Governor Straw did not run for a third term and was succeeded as governor by Manchester Mayor James A. Weston, whom he had twice defeated.

A Milton advertisement aimed at the emerging Summer “rusticator” market:

Summer Resorts and Hotels. In New Hampshire. BOARD – A few Summer boarders can find a pleasant home in a private family, convenient to churches, railroad, telegraph and Post Office. In a quiet and healthy little village situated between mountain and pond. For particulars address Box 30, Milton, N.H. (Boston Globe, August 7, 1874).

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