Milton Businesses in 1873

By Muriel Bristol (Transcriber) | November 8, 2018

Extracted below are the Milton entries from the New Hampshire Register, Farmer’s Almanac and Business Directory, for 1873.

MILTON, STRAFFORD. Роp. 1598. N.E. from C., 40. R.R.S. [Railroad Stations], Мilton, and South Milton on Ports., Gt. Falls & Conway R.R.

OFFICERSClerk, Joseph Mathes; Treas., George Lyman; Selectmen, George Lyman, G.H. Plumer, Т.H. Roberts; Supts., C.A. Sawyer, J.U. Simes, A.H. Wentworth.

Postmasters. – C.H. Looney; South, H.H. Wentworth; West, T.F. Canney.

Justices [of the Peace]. – Charles Jones, Luther Hayes, State; E.W. Fox, Joseph Plummer, Ebenezer Wentworth, Joseph Mathes, Asa Jewett, Joseph Cook, Robert Mathes, George Lyman, G.W. Peavey, J.S. Hersey, G.W. Tasker, M.V.B. Cook, T.H. Roberts, H.H. Wentworth, J.N. Simes, B.P. Roberts, C.H. Looney; Mills, E.W. Fox, T.H. Roberts, J.U. Simes.

Churches. – Chris., D.B. Goodwin; Cong., F. Haley; F. Bap., J.F. Joy

Exp. Ag’t C.A. Sawyer. Tel. Ag’tC.H. Looney.

HotelFranklin House, Joseph Jenness. 

Literary InstitutionMilton Classical Institute, J.N. Ham, prin.

Livery StablesW.H. Huntress, W.H. Jones.

Manufacturers – boots and shoes, South, H.V. Wentworth; lumber, Luther Hayes, Scates & Lyman; Lewis Plumer, p.о. ad. ,Union. 

Mechanics – blacksmiths, H. Duntley & Son; carpenters Joseph Mathes, John Lucas, E.H. Hersom; mason, Daniel Foss; painter, G.F. Hodgdon; wheelwrights, Joseph Matthes, Daniel Jenness. 

MerchantsJ.E. Twombly, Gilmore & Whitehouse, J. Hart; millinery, Mrs. C.M. Roberts. 

PhysiciansG.W. Peavey, Frank Haley.

Mills. – PostmasterE.W. Fox. Hotel – Central House, Ira Miller

Churches – Cong., D.B. Scott, C.F. Page; F. Bap., J.S. Potter; Meth., I.J. Tibbets.

Express AgentE.W. Fox

Hotel – Central House, Ira Miller.

Livery StableIra Miller.  

Manufacturers – carriages, John Brackett; flannels, Waumbeck Manuf’g. Co.; flannels, felt cloth, piano and table covers, Edward Brierly & Son; table covers, H.H. Townsend; table and piano covers, John Meikle

Mechanics – blacksmiths, Ebenezer Osgood, Nathaniel Rines, S.F. Rines; carpenters, J.F. Titcomb, Samuel Hooper, E.S. Simes, A.B. Shaw; dyer and table cover printer, John Meikle; engraver, H.W. Dewhurst; mason, J.G. Rines; painter, G.W. Came. 

Merchants – F.H. Chesley, A.A. Fox & Co., J.U. Simes; fancy goods, Mrs. W.P. Farnham; groceries, Geo. Olney; millinery, H.A. Farnham; provision, S.A. Felch. 

PhysiciansJ.C. Buck, R. Buck.

The Boston Globe reported a Milton Mills house fire in this year:

New Hampshire. The house known as the Nathan Jewett House at Milton Mills was destroyed by fire on the 11th inst. Loss not reported. Insured (Boston Globe, October 23, 1873).

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Claremont Manufacturing Company. (1873). New Hampshire Register, Farmer’s Almanac and Business Directory, for 1873. Retrieved from

Author: Muriel Bristol

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